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Chapter 425 - Bao’er’s Fiendish Demon Fetus (2)

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 425: Bao’er’s Fiendish Demon Fetus (2)

    Leng Mo was taken aback when he heard what Yun Jiuge said. He directed his gaze over to Bao'er who was sleeping soundly on the big bed.

    He had a vague recollection of dragging a palace maid to Lihua Garden to have sex with him when he was under the influence of the pill. Could she be that palace maid that he dragged over then?

    Leng Mo was well aware that he hurt numerous women over the years under Qiu Shan's control. However, he would never be able to make it up to those women. Every single one of them had been taken to the high tower after they had sex with him. He did not even know if they were dead or alive. The only person who managed to survive was this palace maid before him named Bao'er. Leng Mo swore to himself that he would treat her well from now onwards.

    "Please don't worry, Lady Yun. I'm willing to bear all responsibilities and take care of her from now on," Leng Mo told Yun Jiuge solemnly.

    "We'll talk about those things at a later time. The most important thing to deal with right now is Qiu Shan," she said. It was not the time to discuss how Leng Mo was going to make it up to Bao'er. That would be an issue that the two would have to settle among themselves.

    "Okay," said Leng Mo as he quickly collected himself. He asked, "What do you want us to do?"

    Yun Jiuge said, "I want the two of you to stand here while holding onto these two Purple Lightning and Evil Repelling Talismans. The moment I do a hand gesture, I want both of you to shout, ‘Big brother, save us!' in the most pitiful manner." Yun Jiuge had come up with several plans to deal with Qiu Shan, and using the voices of the people closest to Leng Hui to awaken his soul was a very integral part of those plans. As for the Purple Lightning and Evil Repelling Talismans, they were gifts that she intended to give to Qiu Shan, and she hoped they would come in handy later.

    Leng Bai and Leng Mo stood at the spots that Yun Jiuge had assigned to them. Once they were ready, they stared at Yun Jiuge nervously and waited for her to commence her plan.

    Yun Jiuge made her way to the side of the bed and placed the fake Demonic Pill that she had refined earlier into Bao'er's mouth.

    Bao'er's throat moved slightly as the pill was swallowed. Her stomach then began to swell.

    A cloud of black fog quickly enveloped her stomach and then a wave of terrifying Fiendish Qi was released into the air.

    Before long, the roof of the Chuxiu Palace was shrouded in thick gray fog. The presence of heavy gray fog was one of the signs that the Fiendish Demon Fetus was beginning to take shape.

    Qiu Shan was busy tracking down his prey, Yu Sha, who had escaped from his clutches, when he noticed something was amiss. He turned to look at the Chuxiu Palace from his high tower.

    Qiu Shan knew that Leng Mo had failed to have sex with the white-skinned woman even though he took his Demon Attracting Pill. He also knew that Leng Mo ran away from the room when the effects of the pill began to surface. He certainly did not care about the palace maid that had suffered as a result.

    Did that palace maid somehow conceive the Fiendish Demon Fetus?

    Qiu Shan became extremely excited about the possibility of what he thought had happened.

    It had been 100 years since he came to this damned place. He had always wanted to nurture a Fiendish Demon Fetus and to bring it to the outside world with him. But, he had never succeeded in creating one all this time.

    The Fiendish Corpse Secret Realm was going to close soon. If he did not leave the Secret Realm soon, he would have to stay in this place for another 100 years.

    Qiu Shan did not have the patience to wait for another 100 years. That was why he had been desperately trying to create the Fiendish Demon Fetus all this while.

    He did not expect that a white-skinned woman would be able to conceive the Fiendish Demon Fetus naturally. A Fiendish Demon Fetus that was created through natural means was going to be the best vessel that any cultivator could use in this world.

    Qiu Shan decided to forget about his prey that had escaped. Instead, he turned around and flew quickly towards Chuxiu Palace.

    He did not barge straight into Chuxiu Palace. Instead, he carefully made his rounds around the place to check if a trap had been set up.

    Yun Jiuge had cast the Cognitive spell which enabled her to observe what was going on outside the palace. She noticed that Qiu Shan was pacing back and forth in front of the Chuxiu Palace, and he seemed to be on his guard.

    She knew that she had to entice him into the palace, and so she quickly jabbed the Lightning Fire Needle into Bao'er's stomach. The black fog within Bao'er's stomach immediately led out a cry that sounded just like that of a baby's.

    Qiu Shan threw caution away when he heard the cry and immediately charged into Chuxiu Palace.

    He had only just stepped into the inner palace when a ray of light flashed in front of him. A sort of screen appeared before his eyes a moment later. It began to show scenes of the people of Hui Kingdom being terrorized and annihilated by the black-robed envoy.

    The people of Hui Kingdom were left without homes and they wept in front of their destroyed homes. Many villages became deserted and the land became barren over time. It was very tragic.

    Qiu Shan was a cold and merciless man, and he viewed the people of Hui Kingdom as disposable. He did not feel anything when those scenes flashed before him. He found them utterly boring.

    But suddenly, he felt an inexplicable pang pulling at his heart. Leng Hui's soul that had been suppressed all this time became lively again, and began to rise to the surface.

    "Damn it," cursed Qiu Shan through gritted teeth. He used all of his might to suppress Leng Hui's soul energy. If not for the fact that killing Leng Hui's soul would cause his body to rot, he would have killed him a long time ago.

    Yun Jiuge noticed that Qiu Shan was behaving oddly, she quickly raised her hand and gestured to Leng Bai and Leng Mo.

    Both brothers cried for help in unison, "Big brother! Save us!"

    Leng Hui's soul that had been suppressed by Qiu Shan was awakened once again. This time, Leng Hui managed to push away Qiu Shan's soul and spoke in his voice, "Xiao Bai, Xiao Mo, where are you?"

    "Big brother!" Leng Bai and Leng Mo exclaimed in delight. They wanted to run out to welcome their brother, but Leng Hui's soul was quickly suppressed by Qiu Shan once again.

    "You better behave yourself! Don't be so certain that I would not kill you, I can always find another body to take over," threatened Qiu Shan.

    "I want the two of you to continue shouting. Tell your brother about the things that had happened after he was gravely injured, such as what happened to your father and the Grand Preceptor," Yun Jiuge urged Leng Bai and Leng Mo.

    Leng Bai immediately shouted, "Big brother, our father was killed by that demon Qiu Shan when he tried to save you!"

    "The Grand Preceptor was also killed by Qiu Shan! The Fiendish Qi Plague that happened 100 years ago was all Qiu Shan's doing. He has set up a formation at the Grand Preceptor's house and is planning to ruin Hui Kingdom once again," Leng Bai continued.

    "Big brother! The Hui Kingdom is on the verge of destruction. You are the only one who can save all of us!" Leng Mo yelled.

    The shouts from both Leng Bai and Leng Mo stirred Leng Hui's soul again. Leng Hui shouted furiously, "Damn you, Qiu Shan! Get out of my body right now!"

    "Zi Shang, do it now!" yelled Yun Jiuge.

    Zi Shang slid towards Leng Hui like a ghost and slapped his hand onto Leng Hui's Baihui Acupoint.

    Right at this moment, Leng Hui was battling with Qiu Shan for control over his body. He was almost about to be killed by the infuriated Qiu Shan when a surge of powerful energy entered his soul.

    Leng Hui gained immense power instantly, and Qiu Shan was kicked out of his body at once.

    Yun Jiuge noticed that a ball of thick black fog burst out of Leng Hui's body. She could barely make out an ugly, contorted face of a man within it. She knew right away that the ball of fog must be Qiu Shan's soul.

    She brandished her Wicked Blade at Qiu Shan's soul at once, but his soul energy repelled the attack.

    That was to be expected. Yun Jiuge did not possess a high enough cultivation to deal with the soul of a cultivator in the Core Formation stage right now.

    Qiu Shan hated Yun Jiuge for her trickery, but the most important thing right now was to find a new host. He immediately turned around and pounced at Leng Mo.

    However, when he got close to Leng Mo, a stroke of purplish lightning flew at him out of nowhere.

    Qiu Shan could not evade the light in time and was struck by it. He let out a cry of pain before he flew out of Chuxiu Palace and back to his tower.

    Yun Jiuge wanted to chase him down, but she was stopped by Zi Shang.

    "Don't push the enemy too far," said Zi Shang as he shook his head. Qiu Shan had been in the palace for a long time, so Zi Shang was certain that he must have laid countless traps over the years. If they were not careful, Yun Jiuge might just fall into one of those traps if she chased after him blindly. They needed to get rid of all those traps before seeking him out at the high tower.

    "Alright, I understand," Yun Jiuge said although she was reluctant to give up the chase. Still, she must follow Zi Shang's lead and so, she stopped in her tracks. She turned around and looked at Leng Hui who stood in the middle of the spell formation.

    When Leng Hui regained consciousness, he cried and hugged his two younger brothers tightly as he said, "Your big brother is back. You'll be fine with me around now."

    "Big brother… Big brother…" cried Leng Bai and Leng Mo with tears of joy. They were behaving like two young boys.

    "Now is not the time to rejoice yet. We still have a lot to do," said Yun Jiuge. Although she did not want to say things that would dampen their mood, they were not out of the woods yet. They would soon have to make their way towards the tower before Qiu Shan recovers from his injury.