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Chapter 429

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 429: Zi Shang Strikes and I’ll Own the World

    The little white-skinned girl screamed. Her body quickly melted down, leaving behind only a skull with a bright red mouth.

    All of a sudden, the skull started screamed before charging aggressively towards Yun Jiuge.

    Yun Jiuge's Wicked Blades automatically rose and transformed into a long single-edged sword and ferociously struck down the skull.

    The red-mouthed skull shattered into pieces and fell into the Spiritual Flame Pond. The pieces turned into ashes as they burnt in the fire.

    The blackish pond water next to the pond evaporated instantly and turned into a black gas before soaring into the sky. The gas then flew towards Qianqing Palace and Broken Jade Pavilion.

    Leng Hui was full of anxiety. He could not wait to go help his two younger brothers.

    "Let's go and head to the next core of the formation," Zi Shang said, holding Yun Jiuge's hand.

    "Are you coming with us?" asked Yun Jiuge, She was surprised. Zi Shang often kept out of sight and rarely co-operated with her in front of other people.

    "It's too slow," replied Zi Shang as he gave Yun Jiuge a sideways glance. The next core of the formation was more difficult to solve. He was not certain when the job could be completed just by depending on themselves.

    "Then let's go right away!" Yun Jiuge said without any hesitation. She was only at Qi Refining and barely able to break a Golden Core Cultivator's Fiendish Gathering Formation.

    Zi Shang along with Yun Jiuge each dug out lots of carcasses, those of 100 dead infants, 100 dead eunuchs, and 100 dead palace maids. They were from Longzi Palace Hall, Jianlan Courtyard, and Palace Maid Hall.

    Those carcasses which were nourished by Fiendish Qi were extremely vicious. But they collapsed at the first blow under Zi Shang's powerful blow. Each one was crushed without much difficulty.

    Leng Hui followed them from behind. He had become increasingly alarmed the more that he watched.

    If he had not experienced the difficulty in the first two cores of the formations, he would still think that this Fiendish Gathering Formation was easy enough to break.

    This mysterious and handsome man was too powerful. He must have had a hand in Miss Yun's various accomplishments before.

    If he could rope him in, not only could he kill Qiu Shan, Hui Kingdom would certainly be more prosperous and the common folks' lives would get much better.

    Unfortunately, he was an outsider, and it would be too difficult to make him stay unless…..

    At the thought of that, Leng Hui's heart started racing. A flush of excitement flashed across his light gray face.

    "Burn the bones of these palace maids and then, you can go to help Leng Bai and Leng Mo. I suggest you go first to where Leng Bai is. What do you think?" asked Yun Jiuge. She saw the strange look on Leng Hui's face but did not think too much about it. She assumed that he was just worried about his two younger brothers.

    "Right." Leng Hui snapped to attention and hurriedly nodded. Leng Bai had always been weaker than Leng Mo since his early age. It was sensible that they should save him first.

    "Let's go. It will be Broken Jade Pavilion next. And once we get rid of Qianqing Palace, then we would have succeeded in accomplishing our mission," announced Yun Jiuge. He was trying to raise the spirits of the soldiers. The 300 elite soldiers had it the hardest as they would have to rush in and kill the enemies all the way.

    "Yes!" The 300 elite soldiers' morale was greatly boosted, and they answered in unison. They followed Yun Jiuge and Zi Shang and fought their way towards Broken Jade Pavilion.

    Inside Broken Jade Pavilion, Leng Bai was a spent force.

    The Walking Corpses were increasing in numbers and getting more ferocious. The Defensive Circle created by Zi Shang could no longer withstand their frenzied attack. Many of the soldiers had been dragged away and devoured by the frenzied Walking Corpses.

    Leng Bai numbly brandished the long sword in his hands. He would cut down a whole group of Walking Corpses each time the sword fell. But double the number would soon emerge.

    The color of Zi Shang's Defensive Circle became lighter, and the rune on the ground was already blurred. It was in danger of vanishing soon.

    "Your Highness, the Defensive Circle cannot hold off the Walking Corpses any longer. Staying here will only lead to death. We will cut a path out of the battle for you, then you can go and join His Majesty!" beseeched the loyal soldiers.

    Leng Bai was tempted. Nobody would want to die if they could live.

    But very soon he remembered what Yun Jiuge said, "If you want to destroy the tower, you must listen to me. Otherwise, we can forget about destroying the tower, and Hui Kingdom will be vanquished."

    Yun Jiuge gave him that command to his post in the battle. He absolutely could not leave until the final juncture.

    Leng Bai gathered up his energy and said sternly to the soldiers, "This is our battlefield. Even if I die here in the war, I would persist until the last moment."

    "Your Highness, we are dispensable but your life is precious. How can you sacrifice your life in this foul land?" implored the soldiers.

    "Forget it and do as I say, we are staying and defending. If you dare to shake the morale of the troop again, I'll kill anyone who protests," warned Leng Bai. He continued to brandish his sword and hacked the Walking Corpses. His mind was made up and he was very clear they had to carry on fighting.

    The soldiers backed down on any further persuasion. They could only continue to fight with him.

    As time passed, the Defensive Circle faded to the last layer of light fog. More soldiers were dragged away by the Walking Corpses. The remaining two hundred soldiers were now confined to the center with Leng Bai right in the middle.

    Leng Bai saw that the Walking Corpses everywhere and he felt only great despair. ‘Am I going to die here' he thought to himself.

    He had not seen the destruction of the tower nor seen Qiu Shan getting killed. He did not want to resign to this fate!

    Right then, a purple light rose from afar. It emitted a blazing sun-like glow.

    The Walking Corpses let out blood-curdling screeches, much like vampires screaming when exposed directly to the sun. They bolted around everywhere in complete chaos, looking for shade.

    In the very next moment, Yun Jiuge charged in with more soldiers.

    "Miss Yun! Big Brother!" cried Leng Bai. He shed tears of joy and relief.

    "Bai'er, you have suffered much hardship," said Leng Hui when he saw his younger brother. Leng Bai was so weak and exhausted that he could not even stand straight. Leng Hui hurried forward to comfort his poor brother.

    Leng Bai was just as emotional. He was about to tell his big brother all about the battle when someone announced in a loud voice, "Next, let's march on to Qianqing Palace!"

    Leng Bai turned to look. He saw an extremely handsome man, clad in purple clothes, standing next to Yun Jiuge. He looked cold and unfriendly but there was a noble air about him. He had the characteristics of a great leader, someone who occupied the top seat. There was something about him that made people looked up to him in awe and to pledge their allegiance willingly.

    "Miss Yun, who is this person with you?" asked Leng Bai. He was conscious that this man was not an ordinary person, and that he had to acknowledge him.

    "This is my bodyguard, Ye Zi. Leng Mo is still waiting for us to save him. We'd better pick up the pace," said Yun Jiuge as she briefly introduced Zi Shang.

    "Yes, we need to save Leng Mo, let's hurry. The situation over there is more serious than the one here. I fear that he may not be able to hold out for too long," replied Leng Bai. He quickly put away his thoughts about Zi Shang. He was afraid that if they didn't hurry, they might be collecting Leng Mo's body instead of saving him.

    As it turned out, Leng Mo proved himself to be the leader of the Rebel Army. His combat capability was much better than Leng Bai's.

    Although there were more Walking Corpses over there, none of the 300 elite soldiers had been sacrificed. Every one of them was killing with a frenzy.

    Leng Mo especially was fighting ferociously like a mad tiger. He seemed not to recognize even his brother, Leng Bai. He was yelling loudly and still attacking like someone who had gone crazy.

    "Leng Mo, look clearly, I am Leng Bai and this is our elder brother, Leng Hui!" shouted Leng Bai as he dodged the strike and held Leng Mo down.

    Leng Mo couldn't see with his bloodied eyes. He roughly pushed Leng Bai aside and continued with his frenzied attack.

    Yun Jiuge saw his state and quickly imbued Spiritual Power to the Lightning Fire Needle. Next, she jabbed the needle straight into Leng Mo's dazhui acupuncture point.

    Leng Mo's Spiritual Power within him was stopped. With a roll of his eyes, he fell with a loud thud to the ground.

    Leng Hui and Leng Bai rushed forward to check on their brother.

    "He's overly excited. He needed to be calmed down. The Fiendish Gathering Formation is broken. You'd better hurry and reorganize because we're going to tear down the tower soon," said Yun Jiuge. Soon after that, they heard a loud rumbling noise that came from the east.

    Against the backdrop of the setting sun, a tower suddenly materialized in front of everyone.

    The dark gray tower structure was like a pile of white bones. They could see dark gray human heads hanging from the eaves of the tower. With their blood-red eyes, they stared spitefully at Yun Jiuge and the others.