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Chapter 430

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 430: Zi Shang’s Jealousy

    "We can't even take a break!" said Yun Jiuge as she looked up at the white-bone tower in frustration.

    If they could not get into the tower before sunset, the tower's Fiendish Qi would sweep across the entire Hui Kingdom the next day and turned it into hell on earth.

    "We don't need a break," said Zi Shang. He was calm and collected.

    "What do you think is happening to Yu Sha now? Will she be killed by Qiu Shan?" asked Yun Jiuge. She was genuinely worried about Yu Sha.

    "Yu Sha is just a vessel for Wan Sha. Even if she meets with a mishap, it doesn't affect him at all," replied Zi Shang. He did not care for Yun Jiuge's concern over his rival in love. So he put in a good word for Wan Sha by saying, "If Canglan Continent was not so poorly, it would not have been possible for Wan Sha's physical body and soul to come. He's more than capable of crushing the tower."

    "If Wan Sha couldn't come, what about you?" asked Yun Jiuge. Cute Little Baby said to her before that Zi Shang was the most powerful of all her lovers.

    "I naturally have my way," replied Zi Shang without actually explaining.

    He would not tell Yun Jiuge that he had destroyed his Cultivation, sealed his physical body, and abandoned his clan to track her reincarnation. He had endured the pain of a thousand cuts to come to Canglan Continent and also come to possess a Purple Horned Python's body.

    In searching for her, he unified all the demons but still could not find any clues for 1000 years.

    It was not until a demon prophet helped him, using 500 years of his power to establish his divine trigram, and told him that his destiny was in Lei Kingdom. He went to Lei Kingdom and waited for another 100 years.

    Because his soul had been fused with the python, he could not recall his past life when he initially met Yun Jiuge. Instinctively he had signed a Contract with Yun Jiuge and thereafter did everything possible to get close to her.

    It was part of his unspeakable past that was best buried and forgotten.

    "Yes, yes, yes, you're awesome," said Yun Jiuge. She thought that he was trying to keep her int he dark again, so she decided not to pursue the matter any further.

    She turned around to look at the crowd and saw that Leng Mo was gathering the soldiers to go into the tower. She said, "Only five of us need to enter the tower. It's better to let the soldiers stay behind and straighten out the imperial palace. We must dig deep into the ground and excavate everything that Qiu Shan buried. The soldiers will only impede our progress."

    It was extremely dangerous inside the tower. It would be better if the elite soldiers stayed behind.

    Yun Jiuge was even thinking that it would be better not to let Leng Hui and his brothers go into the tower.

    Although their Cultivation was at the Foundation Establishment Stage, they were no match for Qiu Shan.

    Apart from Zi Shang, it would be dangerous for anyone else to enter the tower.

    But Zi Shang insisted that the three brothers could go into the tower. He said they served another purpose.

    But he did not divulge what exactly was that purpose. He told Yun Jiuge that she would know eventually.

    "We will follow and do whatever Miss Yun says," said Leng Hui. He was confident of Yun Jiuge's decision and felt that her very command came from the mysterious expert, Ye Zi.

    Leng Mo had no objections either. Destroying the tower was important but so was organizing the imperial palace.

    Is the Lightning Snake Magical Whip still around?" Zi Shang asked Yun Jiuge.

    "Yes, it's here. Do you want to use it?" replied Yun Jiuge. When she was at the Yin Corpse Sect, she had sealed the Lightning Snake Magical Whip and kept it in the Magical Bottomless Bag.

    "Well, I'll be needing it later," said Zi Shang. It was not as if they could just march into the tower, it would not be easy at all to enter. He would need great firepower then.

    Zi Shang was not going to waste his Demonic Power, so he planned to use her Lightning Snake Magical Whip. She did not need it anyway.

    "Here, you can have it," said Yun Jiuge as she handed it over. She did not know his exact plan but she trusted him.

    Zi Shang took the whip and wrapped it around his hand. Then they set off towards the tower.

    The tower looked scary from afar. Up close, they saw that the Fiendish Qi had condensed into a thick fog. The fog was blustering wildly.

    The entire tower was closed off. There was no door and not a single gap in which they could enter.

    "But I had seen a door the last time that I was here. It had disappeared!" said Leng Bai. He was surprised as he had dispatched people to keep an eye on the tower plus he had often come by himself. He was certain that there was a door to the tower previously.

    "It must have been sealed off by Qiu Shan," said Leng Hui as he glanced at Zi Shang, but he turned and asked Yun Jiuge instead, "Miss Yun, what must we do to get in?"

    "We just have to open it," replied Yun Jiuge simply. She was confident of Zi Shang's fighting capabilities.

    "Step aside," Zi Shang told everyone except for Yun Jiuge who stood next to him. He uncoiled the Lightning Snake Magical Whip.

    The fine and supple whip turned into a fierce beast in his hands. The beast started to thrash the tower.

    There was an explosion and the tower shook. The human heads that were hanging under the eaves started to howl. A black Qi charged towards Zi Shang.

    "Draw up a protective spell now!" he shouted. Zi Shang expected Leng Hui and his brothers to be alert and helpful.

    "Yes!" Leng Hui, Leng Bai, and Leng Mo wielded their magical weapons at the same time. Made of the same material, their three long gray swords were used to cast a powerful Defensive Barrier into the air.

    Yun Jiuge stayed close to Zi Shang and kept a watchful eye all around. She knew that Zi Shang did not trust anyone other than herself.

    The Lightning Snake Magical Whip rose dramatically once again. This time it turned into two serpents. One black and the other white with purple lightning all around their long bodies. They looked like mythological beasts.

    Yun Jiuge watched in amazement. The long whip had never wielded such power in her hands. Zi Shang was magnificent.

    Seeing how the Lightning Snake Magical Whip was attacking, she thought that the whip was going to take down the tower by itself.

    Yun Jiuge guessed correctly. The black and white serpents shook their heads and swung their tails and tightly coiled around the tower. Then there was an explosive blast!

    The tower shook violently. Three levels of human heads in the tower were all blown to bits,

    Yun Jiuge trembled as she reached out only to catch fragments of the Lightning Snake Magical Whip.

    "Look, it's opened," said Zi Shang. He pointed to a big hole which was blown up/

    "That was my Spiritual Weapon! How dare you! You sacrificed the whip without discussing with me, how could you?" shouted Yun Jiuge. She was rather upset.

    "I'll replace it with something better when we go back," said Zi Shang. It was only a magical weapon smithed from the bones of Snake Demon. He could easily find a replacement for it.

    "That was my first Spiritual Weapon!" argued Yun Jiuge. That weapon was significant to her. Yun Jiuge was furious it was destroyed.

    "You will have your first Treasure Weapon, Immortal Weapon, Godly Weapon in the future," Zi Shang replied, rather sarcastically.

    He knew that the Lightning Snake Magical Whip was Yun Jiuge's first Spiritual Weapon. It was also a gift from Dongfang Que.

    In the past, he didn't care since he had lost his memory. But now, he would no longer allow Yun Jiuge to treat a Spiritual Weapon given by another man as a treasured object.

    "If you don't get me a satisfactory replacement, I'll kick your ass! You can bet on that!" fumed Yun Jiuge. She could not come up with anything more than a verbal threat.

    "As you wish. Now the most important thing is to enter the tower without further delay. It is getting dark." said Zi Shang. It might be too late if they did not get into the tower right away.

    "Then hurry up!" said Yun Jiuge as she stopped bickering with him.

    After the dust and fragments from the explosion settled at the bottom of the tower, they saw the big black hole. It looked like the mouth of a monster and it was waiting for the arrival of offerings.

    Leng Hui felt the hair on his head stood on end. He had entered the tower countless times before when he was possessed by Qiu Shan.

    Although he could not remember what he saw previously, he could still feel the horror that he had experienced.