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Chapter 431

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 431: The Tower Ordeal Becomes Beneficial

    "Let's go!" Zi Shang exclaimed as he pulled Yun Jiuge's hand and led Leng Hui, Leng Mo and Leng Bai into the tower.

    The first to third floors had been blown into pieces by the Lightning Snake Magical Whip. Zi Shang took Yun Jiuge and the others directly to the fourth floor.

    A sweet fragrance assailed their nostrils. They saw endless rows of beautiful flowers in front of them.

    The elevated Moon Spirit Flowers constantly sprinkled beautiful petals. The ground was covered with rapeseed flowers with butterflies gracefully fluttering among them. It was beautiful and fairylike.

    Yun Jiuge could not help rubbing her eyes as she said to Zi Shang in disbelief, "Is this an illusion?" She thought that the tower would be like Hell, full of evil spirits and Walking Corpses. She thought it would be eerie and weird.

    "No, it's not," Zi Shang answered perfunctorily. His eyes looked everywhere for access to the fifth floor.

    "It's surprising that Qiu Shan is such an interesting person," Yun Jiuge commented. Her opinion of him was changing.

    "Do you really think this meadow of flowers is meant for appreciating?" Zi Shang asked as he gave her a look of "You're so naive".

    "Well, tell me honestly then. Are these flowers poisonous or man-eating?" Yun Jiuge asked with a sigh. She had not seen a regular meadow of flowers for a long time.

    "They're both," Zi Shang answered while reaching his hand out. A purple mist magically transformed into the shape of a small rabbit and it hopped towards the flower meadow.

    The beautiful rapeseed flowers immediately transformed into countless small poisonous snakes which pounced on the rabbit while the Moon Spirit Flowers changed into purplish black and gave off a pungent odor. This pretty meadow of fresh flowers had morphed into a venomous paradise.

    The purple-mist rabbit exploded violently, and the field of rapeseed flowers exposed a large area of empty space.

    But soon, a large swath of black fog descended from the top of the tower and covered the empty space. It then became a beautiful meadow of flowers again.

    "These poisonous flowers are replenished by the tower's Fiendish Qi. They can't be completely destroyed," Leng Hui said solemnly.

    "Why don't we blow up this area too?" Leng Mo suggested. The explosion at the bottom of the tower earlier was too cool.

    To hell with your blasting idea.

    Yun Jiuge rolled her eyes and said, "Sure, we can blow it up. You can use your own magical weapons to do so, but don't think about touching mine." She did not have many magical weapons in the first place. If she were to do any more blasting, she would soon turn into an army of one.

    "Forget it then," Leng Mo mumbled. He was also reluctant to part with his own magical weapon. It was a long sword forged from black galvanized steel given by Imperial Grandfather to the three brothers.

    "There's no need for any blasting. These poisonous flowers are useful things. Isn't that female Scorpion of yours ready to evolve into a multicolored poisonous scorpion? Let her come out and eat the poisonous flowers — that should work," Zi Shang commented. The tower set up by Qiu Shan was scary in the eyes of these people but it was nothing to Zi Shang. It was a far cry from Wan Sha's rotten Ruins.

    However, it was possible to use them for Yun Jiuge's Spiritual Pet to gain some benefits.

    "Can the female Scorpion eat these?" Yun Jiuge asked. Her stomach churned at the thought of how the flower meadow morphed into a poisonous field earlier.

    "You'll find out when you ask her," Zi Shang said. He could not be bothered to explain further.

    "Okay," Yun Jiuge replied. She summoned the Treasure-hunting Scorpion.

    "Master, how can I be of service?" The Treasure-hunting Scorpion asked eagerly as it swayed its fat tail.

    It had not been summoned by Yun Jiuge for a long time. Other than the regular feeding of Cherry Pills, there were no extra gains to earn. It felt sad seeing its wife become thinner over time.

    "I wanted to ask you, can your wife eat this poisonous field?" Yun Jiuge spoke and pointed to the beautiful flower meadow.

    The Treasure-hunting Scorpion's small eyes inspected the area carefully and even wanted to land on the ground to get a closer look.

    Yun Jiuge hastened in fishing it back and said, "You don't have the shell layer of a poisonous scorpion. Don't risk your life." The poison was no small matter.

    The female Scorpion had been lying in the Spiritual Beast Bag. It could not stay still after hearing movements outside and swiftly crawled out of the Spiritual Beast Bag like the wind. It showed its loyalty to Yun Jiuge by saying, "Master, I can eat them. I guarantee that I'll eat the poisonous field till it's completely cleared."

    "Wife, will you get the runs if you eat so much?" The Treasure-hunting Scorpion asked its wife in concern. It was about to continue nagging until its wife shot it a dagger stare.

    "Just eat as much as you can. Don't force yourself unnecessarily," Yun Jiuge said. She looked at the light iridescent stripes on the female Scorpion's round body and felt confident in her abilities.

    "Master, rest assured that I won't let you down!" The female Scorpion exclaimed with extreme excitement. Her husband was the one who usually earned a keep to feed her. Finally, it was time for her to contribute.

    "Go ahead!" Yun Jiuge instructed as she gave the female Scorpion two Cherry Pills for encouragement.

    After the female Scorpion ate the Cherry Pills, it was full of vigor as it leapt from Yun Jiuge's shoulder. Its round body smashed a small hole in the ground as it landed.

    The Treasure-hunting Scorpion nervously looked at its wife, ready to assist if the situation turned awry.

    But the female Scorpion did not give the Treasure-hunting Scorpion the chance to do so.

    It extended its mouth wide open and the meadow of flowers immediately turned into a black mist and entered its mouth, revealing a blank thoroughfare.

    "Let's quickly go forward," urged Yun Jiuge. Zi Shang and she quickly followed behind the female Scorpion, with Leng Hui and his brothers also hurriedly following suit.

    The female Scorpion destroyed everything in its path, eating every flower that blocked its way and killing every snake that hindered it. It cleared out a large area along the way.

    Leng Hui was endlessly amazed as he followed behind Yun Jiuge, looking at the female Scorpion with envy. No wonder Yun Jiuge was an accomplished person. Even a Spiritual Pet of hers was so powerful.

    With the help of the female Scorpion, Yun Jiuge and the others easily broke through the field of poisonous flowers and found the stairs to enter the fifth floor.

    "Well done," Yun Jiuge said as she generously rewarded the female Scorpion with two big bottles of Cherry Pills.

    "Thank you, Master," the female Scorpion replied as it excitedly hugged the bottles. After gobbling all that Poisonous Gas, the iridescent stripes on its body had become incredibly distinct. Next, it just needed to enter Enclosed Cultivation and sleep for a few days before fully evolving into a multicolored poisonous scorpion.

    "Wife, you're so capable," the Treasure-hunting Scorpion said. It gazed lovingly at its majestic and powerful wife. It liked her current vigorous and lively appearance.

    "This bottle is for you," the female Scorpion spoke as it handed one of the bottles to the Treasure-hunting Scorpion. When she saw that it did not want it, she continued, "This is my first contribution, so we must share it. I'll make more contributions soon." Her husband would not have to slog so hard anymore.

    "Rest assured that there'll be chances to make more contributions later," Yun Jiuge said. She praised Mr. and Mrs. Treasure-hunting Scorpion before sending them back into the Spiritual Beast Bag. She and Zi Shang then went to the fifth floor.

    The fifth floor did not disappoint Yun Jiuge.

    It was eerie and weird. Within streams of endless black fog were figures of evil spirits and Walking Corpses flitting from one place to another.

    The black fog at the top of the tower was as dense as black clouds covering the sky, heavily weighing down on the hearts of Leng Hui and his brothers.

    As long as a little Fiendish Qi leaked out, it would be a huge disaster for Hui Kingdom.

    "How do we break through here?" Yun Jiuge asked excitedly. The poisonous field earlier had benefitted the female Scorpion greatly. Maybe there were other benefits waiting at this floor.

    "The pink Mother Legendary Venomous Insect you've been raising hasn't been able to break out of its cocoon this whole time, has it? Here comes its chance now," Zi Shang said confidently. He knew Yun Jiuge's assets inside out.

    Knowing that she had been worried about whether the Mother Legendary Venomous Insect had become a fossil inside its cocoon, he deliberately brought it up.