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Chapter 432

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 432: Reincarnated Yin-Yang Butterfly

    "Really?" Yun Jiuge exclaimed as her eyes lit up. She did not have many pets. Her Pipi Mouse previously was possessed by Cute Little Baby's consciousness, so it did not count.

    Beside Mr. and Mrs. Treasure-hunting Scorpion, she was only left with the pink Mother Legendary Venomous Insect given to her by Jun Yichen.

    Now that she had the opportunity to hatch the Mother Legendary Venomous Insect, she was certainly willing by all means.

    "Of course," Zi Shang replied, feeling somewhat guilty when he saw Yun Jiuge so happy. The method that he taught was slightly savage. He hoped Yun Jiuge would not flip out.

    "So, what do we have to do?" Yun Jiuge asked. She could not wait to take out the Mother Legendary Venomous Insect. A gentle light was radiating from inside the pink cocoon in her fair hands.

    Zi Shang took the cocoon and under Yun Jiuge's expectant gaze, threw it over to the place with the most intense Fiendish Qi.

    The pink cocoon streaked across like a meteor in front of Yun Jiuge and disappeared into the endless darkness. The Walking Corpses and evil spirits swarmed around like sharks sensing blood and overwhelmed the insect in an instant.

    "Ahh! What are you doing!" Yun Jiuge screamed and turned around, wanting to rescue the Mother Legendary Venomous Insect.

    Zi Shang grabbed Yun Jiuge by the shoulders and said in a composed manner, "Don't be anxious. Your Legendary Venomous Insect which should have hatched long ago was just lazy to come out. If you don't give it a little push, it'll really become a fossil."

    "But you don't have to goad it this way! What if something happens?" Yun Jiuge replied.

    "If something goes wrong, I'll save it," Zi Shang answered. He would not let anything happen to the Mother Legendary Venomous Insect.

    "You'd better keep to your word," Yun Jiuge angrily responded. Her eyes anxiously stared at the center area swarming with Walking Corpses.

    The original dark black fog suddenly undulated. A small vortex appeared out of thin air and expanded continuously. The whole space throbbed violently like angry waves in the sea.

    The Walking Corpses were swept into the vortex and instantly torn to pieces before turning into black fog.

    The place where the cocoon disappeared suddenly spewed out alternating black and white rays that lit up the whole space in an instant.

    Next, a black-and-white butterfly flapped its wings and slowly flew up, circling over everyone's heads with a dizzying mist of light.

    This butterfly was roughly the size of a palm, and its left side was pure black with a fine decorative design forming a vicious male devil's head. Its right side was pure white, but resembling the face of a kind-looking woman.

    Right in the middle was a black colored body. Its head had the face of a delicate, cute girl. It was pouting its lips as if it was angry.

    "A Reincarnated Yin-Yang Butterfly?" Zi Shang thought to himself. He raised his eyebrows and transmitted a message to Yun Jiuge saying, "Ahhh, lucky you. After this Legendary Venomous Insect absorbed Cute Little Baby's Demon Qi, it actually evolved into such a rare breed."

    "What's so special about this Reincarnated Yin-Yang Butterfly?" Yun Jiuge asked, with her eyes fixated on the black-and-white butterfly.

    "As the name implies, a Reincarnated Yin-Yang Butterfly can reverse the Qi of Yin and Yang. It can even create vitality in dead areas. It's a rare treasure. But yours is still quite young, so it can only deal with these Walking Corpses," Zi Shang replied flatly.

    A fully evolved Reincarnated Yin-Yang Butterfly could create a small world in itself. It was the best Weapon Spirit to refine a miniature world but was also a favorite treasure of the powerful presence.

    Yun Jiuge's eyes lit up and she hurriedly waved to the black-and-white butterfly as she said, "My darling, quickly come to Big Sister."

    The black-and-white butterfly shot a glance at Yun Jiuge when it heard her call. It continued to pout and ignore her, still looking angry from being thrown out.

    "My darling, don't be angry. Big Sister has candies for you," Yun Jiuge cajoled as she poured out two Cherry Pills onto her hand.

    At this, the black-and-white butterfly landed satisfactorily on Yun Jiuge's hand. After it ate the Cherry Pills, it obediently rested on her shoulder. It was easily coaxed after all.

    "Darling, you'll be called Feifei from now on!" Yun Jiuge said as she tenderly touched Feifei's little head.

    Feifei flapped its black-and-white wings. It was very satisfied with the name.

    "Miss Yun, can I ask what breed your butterfly is? Where can I find one?" Leng Hui asked as he looked at Feifei with excitement.

    He had just seen with his own eyes how the small butterfly flapped its wings and the Fiendish Qi became a vortex. Those Walking Corpses and evil spirits were trapped inside the vortex and could not come out.

    If he could have such a butterfly too, then he would not have to worry about Hui Kingdom being corroded by Fiendish Qi again.

    "It's a Legendary Venomous Insect given to me by a friend. It's unlikely that there's another one in the world," Yun Jiuge replied while shaking her head.

    Jun Yichen had bred so many Legendary Venomous Insects and only produced Feifei, the Mother Legendary Venomous Insect.

    Moreover, during the process of spinning its cocoon, it was corroded by Pipi Mouse's Demon Qi. It was due to this fortuity that it developed into a Reincarnated Yin-Yang Butterfly. It would be difficult to recreate another.

    "I see," Leng Hui uttered in extreme disappointment.

    He wanted to buy this butterfly from Yun Jiuge. But when he saw how fond Yun Jiuge was of this butterfly, perhaps she would not part with this cherished pet. But he did not want to give up without asking.

    Leng Hui was thinking about how to bring up the topic when Leng Bai pulled him over and pointed to the open space that emerged after the Fiendish Qi vanished, saying, "A thoroughfare has appeared."

    A black ladder appeared in front of everyone.

    "Let's go!" Yun Jiuge said excitedly as she waved.

    The female Scorpion and Feifei had both gained benefits. It could be the Treasure-hunting Scorpion's turn in the next floor. She looked forward to this quite a bit!

    Zi Shang swept his icy gaze across Leng Hui and his brothers before he took hold of Yun Jiuge's hand to get on the black ladder.

    Leng Hui momentarily choked on his saliva. Zi Shang's gaze clearly warned them not to get any ideas.

    "Big Brother, things are already good now," Leng Bai commented. He understood his oldest brother's intentions and he also very much wanted to have that amazing butterfly.

    But he was well aware that their entire Hui Kingdom was not worth mentioning to these two foreign Cultivators. Angering them would only bring catastrophe.

    "Okay," Leng Hui answered as he helplessly suppressed his idea and followed suit in going up the black ladder.

    The seventh floor was a Labyrinth of Mirrors. Panels of incomparably smooth crystal mirrors filled up the entire space, as if there were countless figures staring back at them. It made them dizzy.

    "How can we pass through this?" Yun Jiuge asked. She looked at the densely packed reflections of herself in the mirrors and felt goose bumps.

    "Let me have a look," Zi Shang replied as he looked around to assess the situation.

    "The sixth and seventh floors are both Labyrinths. These mirrors are formed by Fantasy Qi, so breaking them won't work. The only way to get through this is to find the right passageway," Leng Hui said.

    The Labyrinth of Mirrors might have seemed simple, with the mirrors looking like they could be easily broken. But for it to appear on the sixth floor showed how complex a place it was.

    If someone inexperienced were to blast the mirrors to pieces, he would immediately be taken back to the first floor. The Labyrinth would then also start to spread from the first floor. One would be trapped inside forever if one could not find a way out. This was one of the most complex obstacles in the tower.

    "I hate walking in a Labyrinth," Yun Jiuge commented. She was most troubled by these paths that looked identical and not knowing whether to turn left or right.

    "Take your Panic Grass out," Zi Shang instructed. He had already come up with a way.