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Chapter 433

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 433: Calling For Yu Sha

    "What's it going to be used for?" Yun Jiuge asked warily. She did not let her guard down against Zi Shang just because she received benefits in the previous two floors.

    "You've to use it if you want to get through," said Zi Shang.

    "But I'm going to use it to refine a medicine!" Yun Jiuge answered. She was somewhat reluctant because the Panic Grass had been cultivated through absorbing the physique of Liu Tian'er. It was very precious.


    "Just get Cute Little Baby to help you plant another later," said Zi Shang. Other than developing a Spiritual Nature after being nourished by Liu Tian'er's body, the Panic Grass's Medicinal Nature was still the same.

    "Okay!" Yun Jiuge agreed and eventually took out the Panic Grass. With the Herb Soul Seed extracted, the Panic Grass was just a gray seed.

    Zi Shang pinched the seed and imbued it with Spiritual Power.

    The seed gave off a brilliant flash and quickly sprouted from the ground to grow a slender gray leaf.

    An extremely frightened face clearly emerged on the leaf.

    Zi Shang placed the Panic Grass on the ground, then took out a strand of black hair to put into the mouth of the Panic Grass.

    After swallowing the hair, the Panic Grass let out a mournful screech of immense pain.

    Once the Panic Grass stopped screeching, it immediately withered to death.

    "So, it's over?" asked Yun Jiuge, looking at the lack of activity in the Labyrinth of Mirrors. She felt very baffled.

    "Yes," Zi Shang replied.

    "In that case, are we able to go through now?" Yun Jiuge asked again.

    "No," replied Zi Shang, shaking his head.

    "Then why did you take the Panic Grass?" she asked. "Don't tell me it was just to listen to it screech? Don't screw around with me!"

    "Naturally it has its uses," Zi Shang secretly said to Yun Jiuge through mental transmission. "I used the Panic Grass to call for Yu Sha. That lass is best at navigating Labyrinths, so we'll wait for her to come over and lead us."

    "So that strand of hair just now is Yu Sha's?" asked Yun Jiuge. She recalled Zi Shang once telling her about the clever capability of the Panic Grass.

    No matter how long one had been apart from a person and even if they were no longer in the same space, one could still call on that person.

    "That's right," Zi Shang said while nodding. He then tilted his chin toward the mirrors as he continued, "She's here."

    They saw a fuchsia figure flashing among the mirrors. It turned out to be Yu Sha.

    Her hair was messy and her clothes were tattered. She looked like she was about to fall apart. She rushed toward Zi Shang and started berating, "Go f**k yourself. How dare you use the Panic Grass to call me! Are you doing this on purpose?"

    "There's no other way except this," Zi Shang replied. But in fact, he did it on purpose.

    The reason Panic Grass was named so was because the person who was summoned would suffer a strong mental attack. If the mind were not stable enough, that person would likely be scared to death straightaway.

    "Bullsh*t, you clearly did it on purpose to mess with me," said Yu Sha as she became angrier. Zi Shang was obviously trying to kick her out so that he could have Goddess to himself.

    "So what if I'm messing with you?" said Zi Shang, lifting his eyebrows. She could retaliate if she had the ability to!

    "You…" Yu Sha's face was contorted from the fury.

    "Don't be angry, Yu Sha. You know what he's like," Yun Jiuge hurriedly comforted Yu Sha while glaring at Zi Shang.

    "I'm fine," replied Yu Sha, instantly soothed by Yun Jiuge's concern. She wanted to step forward to take Yun Jiuge's hand. Goddess was still the best.

    "If you're fine, then hurry up and get us out of here," said Zi Shang as he brusquely swatted Yu Sha's hands away.

    "Ahem, Yu Sha, do you have a way to get us out of this Labyrinth?" asked Yun Jiuge. She quickly stepped forward to sooth the tension lest Yu Sha became infuriated.

    "Even if I don't, I'll figure it out," Yu Sha said to Yun Jiuge, showing her loyalty. She continued, "I'll not hesitate to do anything for you, come hell or high water."

    "There's no need to walk on fire or tread water. We just need you to lead the way ahead," answered Yun Jiuge. She still could not get used to the feeling of being pursued by a beautiful girl, even if the core of this beautiful girl was a man.

    "This way," Yu Sha replied. As she led the way, she recounted to Yun Jiuge her own tragic situation after being caught.

    Actually it was not that tragic. She just escaped into the Labyrinth on the sixth floor the moment she entered the tower, that was all.

    Although the Labyrinth of Mirrors was set up by Qiu Shan using Fiendish Qi, he had never been inside. As he was too lazy to deal with Yu Sha, he allowed her to stay inside.

    Leng Hui was secretly taken aback as he listened to Yu Sha.

    This light gray-skinned girl in front of him wore a palace maid's dress and looked similar to Hui Kingdom people. He did not expect that she came from elsewhere.

    Most frightening of all, she was able to master the secret of this Labyrinth of Mirrors, something which Qiu Shan could not even do.

    There was more to this Yun Jiuge than meets the eye. Although she only had Qi Refining Cultivation, each of the persons around her was more powerful than the one before.

    If he could keep her, then those people would remain with her!

    How could he make her stay? Leng Hui began to indulge in flights of fantasy again.

    Leng Bai and Leng Mo put their focus on the Labyrinth of Mirrors and did not realize that their elder brother's mind was getting increasingly strange.

    The sixth floor was the Labyrinth of Mirrors, and the seventh floor was a more complex Spiral Labyrinth. But under Yu Sha's guidance, everyone still successfully passed through.

    Once they walked out of the Labyrinth on the seventh floor, there were dark and long hallways surrounded by black walls overhead.

    Yun Jiuge walked right in the middle with Zi Shang on the left and Yu Sha on the right.

    Leng Hui, Leng Bai, and Leng Mo followed behind them.

    "Yu Sha, since you've been in this tower for so long, have you ever seen my Herb Soul Seed?" Yun Jiuge asked. She then used mental transmission to give an account of how she once saw the Herb Soul Seed in her dream.

    "I've been staying in the Labyrinth not daring to go out, so I haven't seen your Herb Soul Seed," Yu Sha said. In fact, Yu Sha once wanted to slip out to check on the situation in the tower, but Qiu Shan had placed Shadow Surveillance at the exit of the Labyrinth. She would immediately be captured once she went out.

    She ended up staying inside the Labyrinth to keep her physical body safe.

    "Oh," Yun Jiuge mumbled, a little disappointed. But when she thought about how there were still two floors left, she was hopeful about finding the Herb Soul Seed.

    "What's on the seventh floor?" Zi Shang suddenly turned and asked Leng Hui.

    Still thinking about how to make Yun Jiuge stay, Leng Hui stared blankly before realizing that Zi Shang was asking him something. He quickly replied, "It's where Qiu Shan placed white-skinned women."

    "Are those white-skinned women still alive?" Yun Jiuge asked in response.

    "I don't know," Leng Hui answered with a shake of his head. He only obtained sporadic information from Qiu Shan. He had never personally been to the seventh floor.

    "Hopefully they're still alive," said Leng Mo, looking all torn. He had close physical relationships with those white-skinned women before. He very much hoped that they were still alive.

    As long as they were alive, he would help them settle down properly regardless of the circumstances.

    Amidst this conversation among themselves, they walked to the end of the hallway and came face to face with a towering gray stone door. A lifelike white-skinned woman with a serene expression was carved on top of it.

    She was naked and held a deathly pale baby in her arms.

    The baby looked at the crowd with inky black eyes. Its small mouth split open to reveal a black formless mass of unspeakable terrible evil inside.