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Chapter 434

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 434: Fiendish Demon Fetus (1)

    "There's no problem with this door, is there?" asked Yun Jiuge as she took a closer look. Although she did not find anything unusual on the door, the carving of the child on it made her feel deeply uncomfortable.

    "There's no problem. Just open it," Zi Shang said and reached his hand out. His light purple glowing palm slowly pushed the huge stone door open.

    A strange smell with a fishy twang wafted out, resembling very much like a labor ward.

    Yun Jiuge sealed her nose and walked in. The scene inside made her feel extremely repulsed.

    She saw hundreds of crystal coffins placed in there, each with a white-skinned woman laid inside, fully naked.

    Their bellies protruded sharply. Red colored tubes were extended from their belly buttons, interweaving as they extended upward.

    At the top of the room was a huge blood red cocoon, glowing with a scarlet luminosity. The figure of a baby curling up inside could be faintly seen.

    "Is this a Fiendish Demon Fetus?" Yun Jiuge asked Yu Sha hesitantly. "Hasn't it been said that a Fiendish Demon Fetus is extremely difficult to breed?"

    "That's right," Yu Sha answered while looking at the blood red cocoon in shock.

    She did not expect Qiu Shan to be so talented to have actually bred a Fiendish Demon Fetus.

    Yun Jiuge was about to carefully observe the blood red cocoon when she heard a spate of vomiting sounds coming from behind.

    It turned out to be Leng Mo, whose whole body had turned cold from the horror of seeing these white-skinned women's tragic appearance. He could not help throwing up.

    Leng Bai patted his brother's shoulder and felt extremely glad that he was infertile, so he was not forced by Qiu Shan to be a stud horse. Otherwise he would be the one vomiting now.

    "This Fiendish Demon Fetus will be fully formed soon. We must quickly destroy it. If not, once it emerges from its incubation, there will be a huge disaster," Leng Hui said in horror.

    Yun Jiuge did not object and immediately wielded the Wicked Blade to chop the cocoon.

    With a bang, the Wicked Blade ricocheted off the cocoon.

    Yun Jiuge immediately felt a numbing pain coming from her arm.

    "Don't mess around," Zi Shang said as he held Yun Jiuge back. With a snap of his fingers, he shot out a stream of Spiritual Light toward the Fiendish Demon Fetus.

    Spiritual Light was sucked in as soon as it came into contact with the Fiendish Demon Fetus.

    "An Injurious Reflection indeed," said Zi Shang, revealing a rare grave expression on his handsome face.

    "Injurious Reflection? What's that?" Yun Jiuge asked.

    "It means all the harm you do to him will be reflected back on yourself. If you kill him, you yourself will get killed too," Yu Sha answered first without waiting for Zi Shang to reply.

    He admired Qiu Shan more and more to have actually bred such an abnormal fetus. Injurious Reflection was the most aggravating technique a Fiendish Demon Fetus could have.

    "What should we do?" asked Yun Jiuge, touching her arm which was still in pain. She did not doubt Yu Sha's words.

    Yu Sha did not speak further. The best way was for him to go up and kill the Fiendish Demon Fetus.

    He had entered Canglan Continent to be at the side of Goddess after much difficulty. He was unwilling to be sent back when he had not won over the Goddess's affection.

    At this time, Leng Hui took the initiative to come forward and calmly said, "I'll kill it."

    "No, I'll do it," Leng Bai spoke as he hurriedly stepped forward.

    "I'll do it," Leng Mo interjected. He suddenly pushed Leng Bai aside and shouted, "Don't fight me over it. I'll pay for the sins I've committed."

    These white-skinned women were sent here because of him, so he should be the one to end it all.

    Yu Sha kept silent. If someone wanted to voluntarily sacrifice their life, he was happy to stand aside and watch.

    Yun Jiuge nervously looked at Zi Shang, who was deep in contemplation.

    Did he already guess that something like this would happen, and so he insisted on bringing Leng Hui and his brothers along?

    Zi Shang returned his attention to the situation and said calmly, "We can't kill the Fiendish Demon Fetus."

    "If we can't kill it, won't it become a scourge?" Leng Hui asked in astonishment.

    "I've my own ways," Zi Shang replied. He did not say more, but Yu Sha somewhat guessed his idea. He asked Zi Shang through mental transmission, "You want to claim the Fiendish Demon Fetus?"

    "Yes," answered Zi Shang. It would be a pity not to claim such a rare find for Yun Jiuge's control.

    "What are you going to do?" Yu Sha asked again through mental transmission.

    Zi Shang's gaze shifted toward Yun Jiuge. More specifically, his gaze was on her stomach.

    "Are you crazy?" Yu Sha questioned with eyes widened. Was Zi Shang thinking of doing what he thought he was?!

    "Jiuge has been poisoned by the Nine Stages of Fractured Bones Poison. She's only expelled two stages of toxins so far. The Great Catastrophe is coming. There's no time for her to slowly detoxify," Zi Shang answered quietly.

    The reason why the Goddess was reincarnated was to find a way to deal with the Great Catastrophe.

    But now Yun Jiuge was really too weak, and the Nine Stages of Fractured Bones Poison was the most important factor limiting her development. They had to find a way to expel the poison at once, and the Fiendish Demon Fetus was the best opportunity.

    "But it's too risky to do so. What if an accidental mistake happens?" Yu Sha strongly objected.

    It took 1,000 years for the Goddess to reincarnate this round. How long would it take for her to do so the next time?

    He would rather take it slow than risk losing his Goddess, for they could not afford to wait another 1,000 years.

    Zi Shang was silent for a moment and said through mental transmission, "The choice is hers. I think she'll agree."

    Although Yun Jiuge appeared very weak and her character was softer than the Goddess persona in her previous life, deep down she was still equally competitive and ambitious.

    If there was a chance to completely expel the Nine Stages of Fractured Bones Poison, she would not let it go.

    "What are you two mumbling about?" Yun Jiuge could not help asking.

    These two people had been making eyes at each other while communicating through mental transmission. Did they think she was dead?

    "Come over, I've something to say to you," Zi Shang said as he beckoned Yun Jiuge to one side and set up a Silent Shield. He even had Yu Sha stand guard on one side.

    "What the hell?" Yun Jiuge commented, a little displeased.

    Mental transmission was good enough. Setting this up made it obvious that he was afraid of the three Leng brothers eavesdropping. It was not conducive for unity.

    "I've a way to claim the Fiendish Demon Fetus as well as expel the toxins from your body," Zi Shang said earnestly.

    "What is it? Tell me quickly," Yun Jiuge asked hurriedly with her eyes all lit up.

    "Have you seen these women's navels?" Zi Shang asked, not answering Yun Jiuge's question immediately. Instead, he pointed toward the white-skinned women.

    "I saw them. What's the problem?" Yun Jiuge answered in a puzzled manner.

    "These white-skinned women have Demon Attracting Bodies. Qiu Shan made use of them to convert the Fiendish Qi into pure Demon Qi which was then imparted into the Fiendish Demon Fetus. If we remove all these tubes, the Fiendish Demon Fetus must look for other sources of Demon Qi to be fully formed," Zi Shang continued to speak.

    Yun Jiuge widened her eyes and responded, "Don't tell me you want to sacrifice Yu Sha?"

    Hey, wait a minute, what's it got to do with me? I'm not the one who's poisoned.

    Yu Sha looked distressed eavesdropping on the side. She felt that the Goddess was not very clever in this life but somehow she inexplicably wanted to protect her. What was she to do?!

    "No, although Yu Sha's soul is of a Devil race, her physical body is still human and unable to meet the needs of the Fiendish Demon Fetus. Only you can attract it," said Zi Shang, no longer talking in circles. He finally spoke directly of his plans.