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Chapter 435

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 435: Fiendish Demon Fetus (2)

    Zi Shang's plan was to destroy all the tubes that provided nourishment to the Fiendish Demon Fetus, then use Yun Jiuge's blood to attract the Fiendish Demon Fetus over, so that it could suck out the Nine Stages of Fractured Bones Poison.

    It sounded easy in speech, but executing it was extremely dangerous. After all, the Fiendish Demon Fetus was not their pet, so it would not listen to them obediently.

    And even if the Fiendish Demon Fetus behaved obediently and sucked out the Nine Stages of Fractured Bones Poison, Yun Jiuge could lose her life if they were not careful. Her body already had heavy injuries.

    "There's the Soul Retrieval Wood inside the Magic Cauldron. Even if you meet with a mishap, I can still revive you," Zi Shang said. This was the most important part that he was counting on.

    "But I'm unable to contact Cute Little Baby!" exclaimed Yun Jiuge. How would they get the Soul Retrieval Wood if the Magic Cauldron did not appear?

    "Give a shout with your consciousness. If he still doesn't show up, then tell him to get lost and be someone else's Weapon Spirit," said Zi Shang, calmly suggesting this idea to Yun Jiuge.

    "Will it work?" Yun Jiuge asked, looking doubtful.

    "Try it and you'll know," Zi Shang replied. He knew Cute Little Baby's dithering nature too well.

    When the Flying Corpse exploded previously, the Magic Cauldron helped block the impact but it was not fundamentally damaged. Yet, Cute Little Baby hid himself in fear of being scolded.

    "I'll give it a try then," Yun Jiuge uttered. She held low hopes as she roared inside her consciousness, "Cute Little Baby, get your ass here. If you still don't come out, you can get lost and be someone else's Weapon Spirit!"

    As soon as Yun Jiuge's voice fell, a familiar wail rang out.

    "Master, I've waited for you for 1,000 years. How can you abandon me?" wailed Cute Little Baby as it timidly appeared in Yun Jiuge's subconscious mind, looking slightly aggrieved.

    This Cute Little Baby actually pretended to be dead.

    Yun Jiuge gnashed her teeth in anger and wished she could whoop his ass. But she suppressed her temper at the thought of the Soul Retrieval Wood.

    "Where's the Soul Retrieval Wood?" asked Yun Jiuge as her consciousness entered the Magic Cauldron.

    "Here it is," Cute Little Baby answered as it shuffled eagerly towards Yun Jiuge with the Soul Retrieval Wood.

    The Soul Retrieval Wood had now grown considerably from its previous height about the size of a person. Hazy smoke circulated around the branches, carrying with it an enigmatic force.

    "Master, I've been taking good care of it!" Cute Little Baby said with a fawning smile.

    "How sensible of you," Yun Jiuge remarked. On the account of Cute Little Baby's diligence, Yun Jiuge was not going to pursue the earlier matter of how it pretended to be dead and caused her worry.

    "Heh heh!" Cute Little Baby giggled a little. It felt secretly relieved at dodging a crisis.

    "By the way, were you able to find the Herb Soul Seed?" Yun Jiuge asked again.

    The Herb Soul Seed had been grown by Cute Little Baby. Perhaps the two of them might have a special connection.

    "I can't find it," replied Cute Little Baby, hurriedly shaking its head like a rattle drum.

    Before, it had been pretending to be dead while hiding in the depths of Yun Jiuge's subconscious mind. It did not know that the explosion of the Flying Corpses was destined to happen. It thought that something had gone wrong with the Herb Soul Seed.

    "Search thoroughly for it when you've the time. Notify me immediately when there's news," Yun Jiuge instructed. She always thought there was a relationship between the Herb Soul Seed and the Fiendish Demon Fetus. But she could not feel its tangible presence.

    "Got it," Cute Little Baby answered docilely. But it did not have the intention to find the Herb Soul Seed.

    If the master remembered again how she was deceived by him, then he did not want to cause trouble for himself.

    Yun Jiuge exited the Magic Cauldron just as Zi Shang's voice sounded, "Did you find the Soul Retrieval Wood?"

    "I found it… It's ready to be used at any time," replied Yun Jiuge.

    "Okay. Then just do what I say," Zi Shang whispered in her ear, giving some instructions.

    Yun Jiuge nodded repeatedly after she heard them and then said with regret, "I previously misunderstood that you brought the three Leng brothers to be sacrificed for killing the Fiendish Demon Fetus."

    "Ha ha, they're not actually capable of killing the Fiendish Demon Fetus," replied Zi Shang. Although Yun Jiuge did not guess correctly, she was not too far off. The three brothers would have another role later on.

    In the distance, the three brothers, Leng Hui, Leng Bai and Leng Mo, were examining the crystal coffins and looking for a way to crack them.

    "These crystal coffins are made of Supernatural Ice and cannot be shattered," said Leng Mo who had tried several times without succeeding.

    Leng Hui was distracted and kept glancing at Yun Jiuge and the others.

    "Elder Brother, stop looking," Leng Bai said as he tugged at him.

    Yun Jiuge had obviously set up the Silent Shield to avoid them. Why did she give them a reason to misunderstand?

    "Everyone came here in order to get rid of the Fiendish Demon Fetus and kill Qiu Shan. Why did they have to sneakily hide at the side and have their own discussion?" said Leng Hui who felt disgruntled.

    Although he had been a bystander when they crashed through the barrier previously, he very much wanted to contribute at this critical juncture.

    "They've their own ideas!" said Leng Bai, who also felt uncomfortable being excluded by Yun Jiuge and the others. But they were too weak to do anything about it!

    "Why do you care so much? As long as they can help us deal with Qiu Shan, that's all that matters," said Leng Mo, not taking it to heart.

    "Speaking of Qiu Shan — we've already charged in here and yet he hasn't shown his face. Don't tell me he's plotting something?" asked Leng Bai. Since Qiu Shan had painstakingly bred the Fiendish Demon Fetus, he did not understand how Qiu Shan could let it be destroyed.

    "He was severely injured previously when we conspired against him. It's highly possible that he's recuperating on the ninth floor," Leng Hui guessed.

    "How can there be no action on his part even if he is recuperating from his injury?" asked Leng Bai, still feeling that something was not right.

    "Probably he's confident that no one can neutralize the Fiendish Demon Fetus!" replied Leng Hui as he looked up at the blood red cocoon in the air.

    His younger brother, Leng Mo and the white-skinned women had created such a magical thing together.

    Strictly speaking, it could be considered a descendant of their Leng family. It would be good if the Fiendish Demon Fetus could recognize Leng Mo as its father.

    With such a strong guy in their Hui Kingdom, they would not need to worry about an invasion from the outside.

    While Leng Hui was thinking, he could not help but look at Yun Jiuge and Zi Shang. He wondered secretly to himself whether they had a way to let the Fiendish Demon Fetus acknowledge its master.

    But even if they did, they would not tell them. After all, the Fiendish Demon Fetus was a rare treasure!

    But Miss Yun clearly had so many treasures. Why would she rob them of the Fiendish Demon Fetus? This was the fruit of his younger brother's labor!

    Leng Hui's train of thoughts spiraled. The look in his eyes also became twisted and frantic.

    Yu Sha stood guard at the edge of the Shield. After she felt Leng Hui's gaze, she said to Yun Jiuge and Zi Shang inside the Shield through mental transmission, "The expression in the eyes of that Hui Kingdom Emperor doesn't look right!"

    He had seen this type of gaze many times. It belonged to incompetent and fiercely jealous people.

    "Let him be," Zi Shang responded to Yu Sha. Then he said to Yun Jiuge, "Are you ready?"

    "Yes, I'm ready," replied Yun Jiuge as she took a deep breath. The look in her eyes was extremely resolute.

    Zi Shang removed the Shield and then nodded to Yu Sha, saying, "Let's get started!"

    "Jiuge, have you decided?" asked Yu Sha to Yun Jiuge. Her beautiful eyes were full of concern.

    "I've made my decision," replied Yun Jiuge, firmly nodding her head. She had to seize this opportunity to completely get rid of the toxins from the Nine Stages of Fractured Bones Poison.

    "Okay, no matter what your decision is, I'll support you," said Yu Sha in a pledge of loyalty.