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Chapter 436

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 436: Fiendish Demon Fetus (3)

    "Thank you very much," Yun Jiuge said to Yu Sha with a smile. Although this ex-lover Wan Sha trapped in Yu Sha's body was rather eccentric, he genuinely loved her.

    Even though she could not reciprocate his feelings, she would remember everything he had done.

    "No need to thank me," Yu Sha replied while winking at Yun Jiuge as he always did.

    Yun Jiuge's mouth twitched. She looked away silently and pretended to observe Leng Hui and others.

    "Lady Yun, what are you planning to do?" Leng Hui asked. He could not stifle his curiosity so he walked over to Yun Jiuge.

    Yun Jiuge did not know if she could respond to Leng Hui truthfully, so she turned towards Zi Shang for advice.

    "We're going to claim the Fiendish Demon Fetus," Zi Shang said monotonously.

    "Do you really have a way to claim the Fiendish Demon Fetus from the white-skinned women?" Leng Hui asked with a trembling voice. His light gray face was flushed with both excitement and anxiety.

    "We need to give it a shot to see if it works," Zi Shang answered Leng Hui. Then he turned to Yu Sha and said, "Destroy these tubes first."

    "Alright," Yu Sha answered gravely with a nod.

    To destroy these tubes, a Cultivator in the Foundation Establishment Stage had to combine forces with the purest Demonic Flame.

    Although Yu Sha's soul was the only part of his body that transmigrated to the Canglan Continent, his Life's Origin Demonic Flame followed him.

    However, he needed to expend all of his Cultivation Energy to use his Life's Origin Demonic Flame. This would damage his current physical body to the point of being unusable anymore.

    But he was willing to make this sacrifice for Goddess.

    The most important thing was that he discovered that Goddess did not like women romantically.

    He planned to return to where he came from to gain a male body which resembled his true form to win his Goddess's heart again.

    Yu Sha closed her eyes. She used her consciousness to reach the depths of her soul to find the Demonic Flame.

    A soybean-sized black Demonic Flame appeared on her fingertips before floating into the air slowly.

    The Demonic Flame's glow flickered like the light of a weak firefly.

    Even though the Demonic Flame was tiny, the Fiendish Demon Fetus found its presence extremely threatening.

    The Fiendish Demon Fetus's blood red cocoon started to convulse. It quickly retracted its black tubes from the white-skinned women's stomachs and back into the cocoon, leaving nothing else exposed.

    "Wait a moment!" Zi Shang exclaimed as he stopped Yu Sha from attacking the Fiendish Demon Fetus and looked around warily.

    Right after that, the crystal coffins around them cracked violently, sending sharp crystal shards towards them like a rainstorm.

    Zi Shang pulled Yun Jiuge into his embrace to protect her, while Yu Sha's Demonic Flame flew to the top of the trio's heads. Yu Sha released a black Demonic Light that enshrouded them like a shield against the torrent of sharp crystal shards.

    On the other hand, Leng Hui and the others were unlucky. Although they managed to wield their longswords in time to be arranged into a Defensive Barrier Formation, the impact from the crystal shards still affected them greatly.

    Their Defense Shield shook vigorously. Their gray Spiritual Swords even started to show signs of splitting apart.

    Leng Hui's heart broke at the sight. He could not help but resent Yun Jiuge for being so selfish. That Demonic Flame could clearly block all of the attacks from reaching everyone within the Defense Shield, so why did she not help them?

    They were supposed to be allies!

    Leng Bai and Leng Mo were fully focused on using their longswords.

    In a moment of distraction, Leng Hui's longsword faltered from its original position. A hole immediately appeared on the Defense Shield and it allowed the crystal shards to pass through.

    "Eldest Brother, please be careful," Leng Mo warned as he moved to the front swiftly to shield Leng Hui.

    All of the crystal shards pierced into his back, covering it entirely such that he looked like a hedgehog.

    "Mo'er," Leng Hui mumbled as he touched his unconscious younger brother's back. Fresh blood stained his entire hand. He was so shocked that he screamed.

    Leng Bai was also shocked by the sight. Their lack of concentration caused a larger hole to appear on the Defense Shield right away.

    Fortunately, Yun Jiuge instructed her Wicked Blade to go over to the Leng Brothers to repair the hole in the Defense Shield after she heard the scream. Otherwise, the remaining two would be injured as well.

    "Thank you very much," Leng Bai said as he smiled at Yun Jiuge gratefully. Then he attended to Leng Mo's wounds.

    Although the crystal shards were sharp, Leng Mo's rugged body helped him survive the attack. But he was incapable of fighting anymore.

    Leng Bai dabbed some medicine on Leng Mo's wounds and fed him a Medicinal Pill. When Leng Mo stopped bleeding, Leng Bai breathed a sigh of relief.

    Leng Hui squatted down beside them with his head bent, feeling extremely dejected.

    "Eldest Brother, don't feel bad about this. It's not your fault," Leng Mo consoled him.

    "I know," Leng Hui said. He thought to himself, "Of course I'm not the one to blame. Ye Jiuge, Zi Shang and Yu Sha are the ones who are at fault. Although they're so powerful, they didn't help us just now and exposed us to danger."

    "They must be afraid that Mo'er would snatch the Fiendish Demon Fetus from their hands, so they must have done it on purpose."

    "We can never trust these cunning outsiders."

    "Eldest Brother!" Leng Bai said as he knitted his brows. He felt that his Eldest Brother had been acting weird since they entered the tower. He was not as magnanimous as he was before.

    It seemed that years of being oppressed had affected him.

    Leng Bai hoped that killing Qiu Shan and destroying the tower would restore his Eldest Brother's past personality.

    However, Leng Bai did not have the time to comfort his Eldest Brother now. After the crystal coffins shattered into pieces, the white-skinned women crawled out and lunged towards them with wide, blood red eyes.

    Leng Bai stood in front of Leng Mo to protect him. He commanded his longsword to attack the white-skinned women.

    The white-skinned women activated a black glow on their bodies which caused his longsword to rebound back to him.

    Leng Bai was alarmed by these white-skinned women's Defense Ability. They might not be able to kill these invincible women!

    "Come over here," Yun Jiuge called out to them.

    Zi Shang had conjured a platform on the wall and placed Yun Jiuge there.

    "Eldest Brother, let's go there quickly," Leng Bai instructed. He carried Leng Mo on his shoulder and stepped on his longsword to fly towards the platform.

    This tower had the ability to suppress the power of gray-skinned people.

    Leng Bai struggled to fly with Leng Mo's weight, almost falling off his longsword. In the end, Yun Jiuge conjured a rope using her Spiritual Energy and threw it down to pull them up to the platform.

    Leng Hui was in a much better state than Leng Bai, so he flew up to the platform on his own.

    Those white-skinned women crowded the area beneath the platform, screaming furiously at Yun Jiuge and others. Since they could not fly, they could not do anything.

    After helping Leng Bai place Leng Mo down, Yun Jiuge inspected Leng Mo's wounds.

    Since Leng Bai had tended to Leng Mo's wounds well, Leng Mo's injuries already stopped bleeding. However, he was extremely weak. After they left this place, he would have to spend some time recuperating.

    Yun Jiuge fed Leng Mo a Vitality Strengthening Pill. It would help his wounds to recover faster.

    When Leng Hui saw Yun Jiuge tuck the bottle of pills away, he could not help asking, "Lady Yun, Mo'er's injuries are too severe. Can you give us that bottle of Spiritual Medicine? I'll give you something in exchange for it."

    Yun Jiuge was taken aback by the request. In normal circumstances, she would have given this bottle of Medicinal Pills away without any hesitation, even without Leng Hui asking.

    This time however, she could not afford to be generous as she did not have many Medicinal Pills left on her.

    "Give it to him," Zi Shang suddenly spoke.

    Yun Jiuge was even more surprised to hear Zi Shang say that. He was not usually a generous person.

    But since he advised her to do so, Yun Jiuge handed the bottle to Leng Hui decisively.

    After Leng Hui took the bottle from Yun Jiuge, he opened it. When he discovered that there were only three Vitality Strengthening Pills left inside, he scowled.

    Leng Bai's heart stood still immediately. His Eldest Brother's reaction was too rude. It would give anyone the wrong impression!

    "Why? Are you unhappy about the amount that you're getting?" Yu Sha asked as she raised her brows. The longer she was in the company of this Hui Kingdom Emperor, the more she disliked him.

    "Why would we be? Lady Yu Sha, you've misunderstood my Eldest Brother. He's just worried about Leng Mo," replied Leng Bai.

    "We don't have any exceptional treasures to offer you, but if you don't mind, please accept these Arcane Weapons!" Leng Bai said. He took a Magical Bottomless Bag out hurriedly. It contained all the top-notch Arcane Weapons collected by the royal family over the years.

    He hoped that these treasures could clear the air between them.