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Chapter 437

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 437: Fiendish Demon Fetus (4)

    "Pfft, who cares about your stupid weapons. Keep them for yourself!" Yu Sha scoffed.

    At first, Yun Jiuge wanted to take the Magical Bottomless Bag from Leng Bai. However, she retracted her hand silently after Yu Sha expressed her contempt, so that Yu Sha would not feel humiliated.

    "They couldn't care less about our Arcane Weapons. You should stop licking their boots," Leng Hui said sourly.

    "Eldest Brother," Leng Bai said, angered by Leng Hui's attitude. They needed Yun Jiuge, Zi Shang and Yu Sha's help, so they could not afford to offend them.

    After Leng Hui was chided by his younger brother, he fell silent and started to watch over Leng Mo half-heartedly. His eyes drifted to the blood red cocoon from time to time.

    Yu Sha could not be bothered to argue with him. Her utmost priority now was to neutralize the poison in her Goddess's body.

    "Let's start!" Zi Shang instructed as he looked at Yu Sha.

    Yu Sha commanded his Demonic Flame to fly towards the blood red cocoon.

    Yun Jiuge stared at the small, black flame nervously.

    When the blood red cocoon sensed that danger was approaching, it started to pulsate.

    It shot black tubes out of its body immediately. The black tubes attacked the Demonic Flame in an attempt to extinguish it.

    The Demonic Flame evaded the tubes nimbly, before attaching itself onto the blood red cocoon with a thump and burning it entirely.

    The fire spread from the base to the rest of the tubes, turning them into ashes.

    The cocoon emitted a childlike scream which reverberated throughout the entire area. The sound exerted an immense impact on Yu Sha.

    Yu Sha's face was ghastly pale as she gulped a mouthful of blood.

    This Fiendish Demon Fetus's retaliation was extremely powerful. It had caused Yu Sha's attack to rebound on her. Outwardly she might have looked fine to others, but her insides were completely scorched.

    This time, she would have no choice but to return to where she came from.

    Yun Jiuge was unaware that Yu Sha was seriously hurt.

    As soon as she saw that those black tubes were burnt into ashes, she tore off a piece of her clothes at the belly button area and bit her finger. After that, she drew a Rune in the shape of a circle on it.

    Since the Fiendish Demon Fetus had lost its source of nutrition, it was on the edge. The moment it caught a whiff of something that smelled even better than the blood it drank in the past, it started to jerk around in excitement.

    Yun Jiuge would be lying if she said that she was unperturbed by the sight.

    However, they were at a decisive moment now. She would not be able to back out from the fight. She could only see it through to the end.

    "Don't be afraid," said Zi Shang as he wrapped an arm around Yun Jiuge's shoulder and pulled her closer to him.

    When the blood red cocoon discovered that there was an unpleasant smell mingling with that sweet scent, it started to feel irritated. It wanted to move closer to Yun Jiuge, yet it hovered in its position not daring to go forward.

    Leng Hui had been staring at the blood red cocoon fixedly. When he saw that the blood red cocoon was not moving at all, he asked, "Lady Yun, what is the blood red cocoon doing? How do you plan to claim the Fiendish Demon Fetus?"

    "It's none of your business. If you utter another word, I'll push you off this platform myself," Zi Shang said to Leng Hui as he looked him dead in the eye.

    Leng Hui felt his heart pounding heavily. He was very scared of Zi Shang, but when he thought of how the Fiendish Demon Fetus, which originally belonged to them, would end up in Yun Jiuge's hands, he could not help but feel jealous and angry.

    "Eldest Brother, please stop talking!" Leng Bai urged Leng Hui anxiously.

    This platform was their last defense against the white-skinned women. If Zi Shang really pushed the Leng Brothers off, the white-skinned women would rip them into pieces.

    Leng Hui stopped speaking grudgingly. However, his eyes were still glued to the blood red cocoon and Yun Jiuge.

    Yun Jiuge ignored him, while Yu Sha moved closer to Leng Hui quietly to keep a closer watch over him.

    The blood red cocoon was still in a dilemma. It moved slightly closer to Yun Jiuge before withdrawing to its original position. It felt so frustrated that it wanted to explode on the spot.

    "What the hell is this Fiendish Demon Fetus doing?" Yun Jiuge wondered. She spent so much time waiting for it to move that she started to feel annoyed. This Fiendish Demon Fetus was really taking its own sweet time. She would rather have it attack her right away!

    "It doesn't dare to come over because someone as powerful as Zi Shang is around," Yu Sha replied gleefully. The Fiendish Demon Fetus was extremely sensitive to anything that posed a threat. Even if Zi Shang suppressed his murderous intent, he still made the Fiendish Demon Fetus feel scared.

    "Move aside," Yun Jiuge said as she pushed Zi Shang away unhesitatingly.

    Zi Shang stepped backwards without any protest.

    When the blood red cocoon saw that Zi Shang had moved away from Yun Jiuge, it went forward immediately.

    If Zi Shang stopped walking, it would also stay in place.

    "Tsk, what a smart little fellow," Yu Sha said in astonishment. When the Fiendish Demon Fetus was in its early stage of growth, it only had the strong urge to kill and nothing else. However, the Fiendish Demon Fetus in front of them now was quite sharp. She felt that it was good enough to serve the Goddess.

    "You should just move further away!" Yun Jiuge told Zi Shang.

    At this rate, they would not be done with the Fiendish Demon Fetus even by dawn. They did not have much time left.

    Zi Shang glowered at her before vanishing slowly into thin air.

    Yun Jiuge looked around nervously, not being able to see Zi Shang anywhere at all.

    On the other hand, the blood red cocoon noticed that the terrifying person had disappeared, so it rushed towards Yun Jiuge excitedly.

    Yun Jiuge was completely tensed up. She stared at the blood red cocoon as it moved towards her.

    She even saw a faintly visible face of a baby inside the cocoon. It was grinning at her.

    According to Zi Shang's plan, she would draw the Spiritual Energy Imbuement Rune on her belly button. The Fiendish Demon Fetus would then mistake the Nine Stages of Fractured Bones Poison as Spiritual Blood and suck it out of her body.

    Yun Jiuge never expected the Fiendish Demon Fetus to act differently. Instead, it latched onto her left arm and sank its teeth into her skin.

    "Ouch!" Yun Jiuge screamed. She could feel her blood coursing out of her body.

    Her face was as white as a sheet, while her legs buckled under her. She fell down and landed straight on her buttocks.

    Right after that, the blood red cocoon turned dark red. It started shaking more and more vigorously, looking as if something was going to crawl out of it.

    "Jiuge!" Yu Sha shouted worriedly. She wanted to go save her.

    "Don't- don't come over," Yun Jiuge stuttered.

    "How are you feeling right now? Are you alright?" Yu Sha asked as she paced back and forth anxiously.

    Yun Jiuge did not have the energy to answer Yu Sha.

    She was fully focused on communicating with Cute Little Baby, "Are you sure that the Herb Soul Seed is in the Fiendish Demon Fetus's body?"

    "I'm absolutely certain about that. Moreover, the Herb Soul Seed has merged with the Main Soul of the Fiendish Demon Fetus. Put in more effort into awakening it," Cute Little Baby said happily.

    Back then, it wanted to nurture the Herb Soul Seed so that Mistress could have a Flying Corpse as a lackey. It never occurred to Cute Little Baby that the Herb Soul Seed would subdue the Fiendish Demon Fetus, allowing the Mistress to have another servant.

    That was the Fiendish Demon Fetus!

    It was the most wicked being across Heaven and Earth. An encounter with it depended purely on luck. It would be even more impossible to bring it to heel!

    "I've reached my limit. I don't have the strength to do anything else," Yun Jiuge said, feeling dizzy. Her breathing became labored.

    She could clearly feel the Fiendish Demonic Fetus draining her Life Energy away as it drank her blood. Luckily, the Nine Stages of Fractured Bones Poison in her blood also flowed out of her body.

    "If I end up dead, then so be it. I still have the Soul Retrieval Wood anyway," Yun Jiuge thought to herself.

    She closed her eyes slowly while her weak body dropped onto the ground.