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Chapter 438

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 438: Memories of A Past Life

    Yun Jiuge felt like she was going to die. Her thoughts gradually drifted away, and a gentle voice suddenly rang in her ears, "Goddess, God's candidate has been waiting in the Main Hall. Do you want to go take a look now?"

    God? What's going on?

    Yun Jiuge opened her eyes and found that the blood-red cocoon was gone. The tower was also gone. In place of it was a magnificent palace.

    She leaned against a soft couch carved out of Spiritual Jade, wearing a gorgeous robe woven from phoenix feathers and adorned with a reflected soft glow from the South Pole star.

    The person who called out to her was a tall and handsome man with ram-like curved horns. His black hair was wavy like Water Plants. His narrow and long eyes were fully black, his lips were quite alluring. He wore a black armor and his palms were covered with black scales.

    Woah, wasn't this Wan Sha's True Appearance? She had seen it in the Labyrinth before.

    Yun Jiuge was going to ask Wan Sha what was going on when she involuntarily answered, "I know. Let's go take a look together!"

    Then she got up and walked forward. Wan Sha followed faithfully by her side.

    Two rows of exceptional and handsome men, each with their own merits, stood along the White Jade Main Hall.

    At the forefront stood a stunningly handsome man with a slender and straight body. His hair was dark like a raven's feathers and his handsome face was fair as jade. A seven-inch long sharp, purple horn grew in the middle on top of his head, reflecting a mysterious light.

    His pair of purple eyes were filled with incomparably demonic charm. His petal-like lips were like a blooming devil's snare flower.

    He was beautiful, formidable and terrifying. The arrival of the Demon Emperor was nothing compared to this. He was Zi Shang.

    Yun Jiuge saw Zi Shang and was suddenly agitated. Why the hell are you here too? Quick tell me, what is this damn place?

    Unfortunately, Zi Shang could not hear her voice. Both his devilishly charming purple eyes were staring at her feverishly.

    Yun Jiuge had known Zi Shang for so many years. But this was the first time she had seen him with such a vivid expression.

    "What's your name?" Yun Jiuge's cold voice rang out in the Main Hall.

    "My name is Zi Shang," Zi Shang said with an elegant smile. Feelings of adulation, infatuation, possession, conquest and other emotions flashed across his eyes, making him appear alluring and full of vitality.

    "So, it's you," said Yun Jiuge as she extended her fair fingers. A strong golden light fell on Zi Shang.

    This was the memory of her past life!

    Yun Jiuge awoke in a flash. She did not expect to obtain the memory in such a way.

    She had always been very curious about her past life. Now she could take the opportunity to fully understand how sordid her past life was.

    Yun Jiuge began to carefully watch her memories, which seemed to have sensed her mood and began playing from the beginning.

    In her past life, Yun Jiuge was the Lady of Holy Blood. Not only did she have the Holy Power and ability to predict the future, she also inherited the wealth and power of the Celestial Palace. She was the continent's most powerful and noble woman.

    When she reached the age of copulation, all the various major clans began to launch fierce tussles to send their strongest and most attractive men to the Celestial Palace for her selection.

    Yun Jiuge took a fancy to Zi Shang at the first glance and got between the sheets with him that very night.

    Zi Shang was not only strong, but also unusually gifted in that aspect. He was very compatible with Yun Jiuge and of course, he became her appointed husband.

    Just as the Celestial Palace began to prepare for their wedding, Yun Jiuge suddenly predicted that a Great Catastrophe was coming, and that only a Child of Life could stop the Great Catastrophe.

    Yun Jiuge reckoned that her child was the Child of Life.

    In order to conceive the Child of Life, Yun Jiuge began to copulate frantically with Zi Shang. But unfortunately, she did not succeed.

    She decided that her destiny with Zi Shang was insufficient and he did not deserve to be the father of the Child of Life. So, she expanded her Harem and chose the strongest warriors from all the major clans to try them as lovers. Even her own guard, Wan Sha was overpowered.

    Unfortunately, she still failed to conceive the Child of Life even after persisting to the end.

    The Great Catastrophe soon arrived. That day, blood-red clouds roiled in the sky over the Celestial Palace. Heaven and Earth rumbled and howled in grief. A hole actually appeared in the blue dome of heaven.

    To delay the arrival of the Great Catastrophe, she could only use her corporeal body to mend the heaven.

    After sacrificing her physical body, her soul would have to undergo reincarnation to be able to obtain the technique to prevent the Great Catastrophe.

    Her believers had not called Yun Jiuge the Goddess for so many years in vain.

    At the critical moment, she swiftly used her body to mend the heaven and her soul underwent reincarnation.

    However, when her soul underwent the process of reincarnation, something accidentally went wrong. In the end, she went to a different space-time and became a chief special agent who was exceptionally well-versed in medicine and poisons while armed with fierce methods.

    It was not until the tragic death of Ye family's first daughter in Wanzhang Depths that her soul returned to the Canglan Continent. After which, she met Zi Shang who had been waiting for her for a thousand years. Then they began a series of entanglements filled with sadomasochism and mixed feelings.

    "Jiuge, Jiuge…" Zi Shang's anxious voice came from both afar and near, as if it had come from the space-time of a thousand years later.

    Yun Jiuge wanted to respond but was trapped immobile within the memories.

    "Jiuge, open your mouth quickly," Zi Shang cried again.

    Yun Jiuge opened her mouth in a daze and felt a lump with a strange smell slide into her throat.

    After she subconsciously swallowed it, her Cognitive exploded with a blast, as if her whole being had fallen to the ground after a burst of fireworks.

    "Jiuge, Jiuge…" Zi Shang's voice became much clearer this time.

    Yun Jiuge could even hear Cute Little Baby screaming, "Master, please don't die… I don't want to be sealed for another 1,000 years… Ahh…"

    "Shut up!" Yun Jiuge chided. She had a headache from Cute Little Baby's cries. "Too noisy!"

    "Master, it's great that you're alive. Wonderful," Cute Little Baby continued to exclaim.

    Yun Jiuge gave up trying to stop it.

    She opened her eyes and saw Zi Shang looking at her worriedly as he said, "You're alright!"

    "I'm fine," Yun Jiuge murmured. She dimly recalled the memory of that high-spirited and unusually haughty Zi Shang.

    He was meant to celebrate a wedding with herself and stand with her with his head held high at the top of the Celestial Palace to receive worship from the believers.

    But because of the oracle, he ended up as a big laughingstock.

    "What's wrong with you? Why are you looking at me like that?" asked Zi Shang, touching his face. Was there something on it?

    "I've been too foolish and conceited before," Yun Jiuge remarked, remembering the stupid things she had done in her past life. She felt terribly ashamed.

    Just for the sake of a flimsy prediction, she became crazed with wanting to conceive the Child of Life, and even made such a stupid mistake in expanding her Harem.

    "You did it for the common people of the world," Zi Shang replied with a sad look.

    Yun Jiuge in the past life had trampled on his self-esteem and pride. How could he not hate and resent her?

    But when he saw how Yun Jiuge used her body to mend the heaven during the Great Catastrophe and her soul underwent reincarnation, his heart still felt crushed.

    In the end, he gave up everything to follow her. Even if she hurt him again, he would be without regret.

    "I lost my mind in the past and lived only for people of the world. In this lifetime, I'll only live for you," Yun Jiuge said, slowly emphasizing each word.