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Chapter 439

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 439: Zi Shang, I Only Care About You In This Life

    Yun Jiuge felt that she was simply a moron in her past life.

    As the saying went, ‘The rise and fall of a country depends on every ordinary citizen'.

    With so many races and mighty powers, it would be enough if everyone endured the catastrophe together. But she had foolishly sacrificed herself to restore the Heavens.

    More importantly, even if she did so, it was still useless. The catastrophe was only delayed and not resolved. In the future, the Heavens would still fall apart, and disaster would still be imminent.

    In this life, she had a tattered body. Aside from having fond memories of her past life, her advantage of having Holy Blood was now gone. It would be impossible for her to use her physical body to restore the Heavens.

    In such a situation, Yun Jiuge felt compelled to spread the word about the world's catastrophe. They had to mobilize and combine all forces possible for resistance.

    If her identity as a goddess could still be used, she was willing to lead this movement. But if she had to sacrifice herself, then it was out of the question. In this life, she would never let Zi Shang down.

    Zi Shang looked at Yun Jiuge, dumbfounded.

    The former her was a goddess on a pedestal. She was out of reach even though they slept on the same bed. She belonged to the people — she did not belong to a demon like him.

    He was not qualified to monopolize her, and didn't dare think of doing so either.

    But now, Yun Jiuge said that he was her entire world. Was he dreaming?

    "It's not a dream. It's exactly what you think it is," Yun Jiuge said as she held Zi Shang's neck and kissed it fervently.

    This man deserved to be cherished by her.

    Zi Shang held Yun Jiuge in both arms and kissed her back passionately. His long-standing wish was finally fulfilled. He was so excited and couldn't wait to push Yun Jiuge down and get it on.

    "Ahem!" Yu Sha angrily muttered and coughed until his saliva almost landed on them.

    At this point, Yun Jiuge realized that she was still on the high platform. Yu Sha's eyes were almost about to emit flames while Leng Hui and Leng Bai were staring at them in shock.

    Yun Jiuge pretended to calm down and pushed Zi Shang away. She stood up and asked, "How's the Fiendish Demon Fetus?"

    "After sucking your blood, it will break out of its cocoon soon. Try calling out to it," Zi Shang replied smoothly.

    "Okay, let me try," Yun Jiuge said as she closed her eyes and began to call out to the Herb Soul Seed.

    "Master, master! I'm here. I thought I was going to be eaten by that monster earlier. Fortunately, Master saved me," said the lively voice of the Herb Soul Seed as it drifted out from its blood-red cocoon.

    "Can you control the Fiendish Demon Fetus now?" Yun Jiuge asked.

    "Of course. That Fiendish Demon Fetus was originally unconscious, and I've completely swallowed it. I'll be able to come out to meet you soon," replied the Herb Soul Seed excitedly.

    "Then hurry!" Yun Jiuge opened her eyes and saw the blood-red cocoon pulsating in a steady rhythm. The baby inside waved its little hands vigorously, trying to break out.

    "How is it?" Zi Shang asked.

    "It's going very well, the Fiendish Demon Fetus is ours. Now we can give it a name. How about calling it Little Grass?" Yun Jiuge said with a smile.

    "Okay," Zi Shang answered as he nodded. He felt that this name was very appropriate for the Fiendish Demon Fetus.

    "Miss Yun, have you really claimed the Fiendish Demon Fetus?" Leng Hui asked while looking at Yun Jiuge with excitement.

    "That's right. When it breaks out of its cocoon, we can go to the ninth level to kill Qiu Shan," said Yun Jiuge with full confidence.

    "That's great! Brother, did you hear that?" Leng Hui exclaimed frantically while hugging Leng Bai and patting his back.

    "I know. Elder brother, please calm down," Leng Bai muttered. He felt as if his brother was strangling him uncomfortably, and his back had a piercing pain.

    "I can't calm down," Leng Hui said. He shoved Leng Bai away and rushed towards Yun Jiuge like a flash of lightning.

    Yu Sha had been monitoring Leng Hui's movements and suddenly threw out a black rope to trap him while saying, "Qiu Shan, stop hiding! Come out now!"

    "What do you mean?" Leng Bai asked in shock.

    "What an idiot — you don't even realize it. Qiu Shan has been hiding in Leng Hui's body all along. He's never been driven out," Yu Sha said with pity while looking at Leng Bai.

    "That's impossible!" Leng Bai refuted. He didn't believe her as it was clearly his brother's scent by his side all this while!

    "So you've discovered this long ago," Leng Hui muttered. His eyes were red as he spoke in a deep voice, "I spent countless efforts cultivating this Fiendish Demon Fetus. I won't let you snatch it away."

    Then, Fiendish Qi erupted and surged from his body. He broke free of the rope, turned into a ferocious black tiger and dashed towards Yu Sha.

    Yu Sha's cultivation level had decreased greatly after using the Demonic Flame earlier so he couldn't resist the attack by the Fiendish Qi. He immediately shouted, "Zi Shang, quick save me!"

    Although Zi Shang didnt want to save him, he didn't want Yun Jiuge to think that he was heartless. He reluctantly drifted over to Yu Sha and shot a ray of Spiritual Light to destroy the black tiger.

    After the ferocious tiger disappeared, more Fiendish Qi fell from the top of the tower and turned into countless black crows which surged forward. They were all blocked by Zi Shang.

    The two sides fought fiercely, causing the entire tower to shake.

    Yun Jiuge didn't care about the battle between Zi Shang and Qiu Shan.

    She focused on watching the struggling Herb Soul Seed planted in the blood-red cocoon, wondering whether to help it.

    But breaking out of a cocoon was an important trial for any living thing. If she interfered she might cause more trouble. She continued to watch first.

    "Miss Yun, can you find a way to rescue my elder brother?" Leng Bai pleaded with Yun Jiuge. His face was so pale that it seemed translucent.

    "I can't guarantee that. Let's wait until they finish fighting!" Yun Jiuge replied as she shook her head. Previously, they had tried their best to help Leng Hui escape Qiu Shan's clutches but eventually failed.

    It showed that Leng Hui's Soul was not strong enough, definitely not as good as the Grand Preceptor. This time, it would be difficult to save him.

    Yun Jiuge had no intention to care about these things for now.

    She wanted to save all the women in the world, and it was more important that she quickly leave this place and mobilize all major races to resist the catastrophe.

    "Miss Yun, you managed to claim the Fiendish Demon Fetus. You must have a way to save my elder brother," Leng Bai begged Yun Jiuge as he knelt. "I only have one brother, please save him!"

    "Didn't I say that…" Yun Jiuge mumbled. She didn't expect Leng Bai to be so persistent. Just as she was about to drive him away, he suddenly burst into a cloud of black Fiendish Qi that enveloped Yun Jiuge's entire body.

    Leng Bai grabbed Yun Jiuge and flew to the top of the tower. Leng Hui, who was fighting with Zi Shang, instantly became a rotten corpse.

    "Put Jiuge down immediately!" Yu Sha roared. He just got hustled by Qiu Shan.

    "If you comply obediently and tell me how to control the Fiendish Demon Fetus, I'll not only let you leave this place but also personally send you back to the Fiendish Corpse Secret Realm via a Teleportation Array," said Leng Bai with a sly smile as his pale translucent face started to change. Finally, it turned into a handsome man.