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Chapter 440

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 440: You Don't Deserve To Know My Name

    "Qiu Shan, if you've anything to say, we can always discuss things nicely. Let her go first," Yu Sha said calmly. She saw the black Fiendish Qi wrapped tightly around Yun Jiuge and became anxious all over.

    "Let her go? Do you think I'm a fool?" Qiu Shan bellowed.

    Back then, he and his fellow brother Qiu Sen got injured while stealing treasures in the Fiendish Corpse Secret Realm. With a broken body, his soul fell into this Secret Realm that was weak in Spiritual Energy.

    He suffered through many ordeals over hundreds of years before he finally got a chance at revenge.

    As long as he could find a way to control the Fiendish Demon Fetus, he would be able to seek revenge and wipe out the Yin Spiritual Mountains.

    "You with the surname Zi, are you not going to find a way to save Jiuge?" Yu Sha exclaimed to Zi Shang in exasperation. If not for her body which was falling apart, she would have rushed in to rescue Yun Jiuge.

    "Don't worry, Jiuge will be fine," Zi Shang spoke as he stared at the bundle of black Fiendish Qi anxiously. Earlier on he seemed to have smelled the scent of Holy Blood.

    "Do you think I dare not kill her?" Qiu Shan said angrily, thinking that Zi Shang was taunting him.

    He raised his right hand and the tower started shaking furiously. Massive clusters of black Fiendish Qi swept all around, overwhelming Yun Jiuge like a huge wave.

    "On the count of ten, if you don't agree to my demands, I will kill her then take out her soul and interrogate it slowly," threatened Qiu Shan, like how a cat would taunt a mouse.

    "How dare you!" Yu Sha shouted. She dashed over selflessly but was held back by Zi Shang.

    "Take a careful whiff — is this smell familiar to you?" Zi Shang asked solemnly.

    "What smell?" Yu Sha replied. Most of the energy channels in Yu Sha's body had been largely damaged, causing her five senses to be less acute than before.

    "The smell of your master," Zi Shang said succinctly.

    "Master?" asked Yu Sha, who was stunned. Her only master was Goddess. Unless Goddess had been awakened?

    She focused carefully and seemed to smell a majestic and exquisite fragrance.

    The fragrance smelled like it had been formed from Supernatural Ice over thousands of years, making one's entire soul shudder.

    "Do you still want to rush forward now?" Zi Shang asked. Upon seeing that Yu Sha had come to her senses, he released his grip on her.

    "No," Yu Sha answered while looking at Qiu Shan sympathetically.

    Poor fellow, he didn't know how terrifying an entity he had caught.

    How dare he threaten Goddess — he really did not know the severity of his actions.

    "Hmph, the two of you — do you think that by acting secretive you can fool me?" Qiu Shan muttered, not taking Zi Shang and Yu Sha's conversation to heart.

    He decided to teach these two a lesson. He waved his hands and the black Fiendish Qi wrapped around Yun Jiuge slowly began to tighten.

    "Filthy scum, how dare you provoke me!" A cold, stately voice rang out. A celestial-like sound echoed across the tower.

    "Who is it?" Qiu Shan questioned. He couldn't figure out who the extra person was and looked around nervously.

    By this time, Yun Jiuge, whom he thought was still struggling in his cage of Fiendish Qi, had now changed in appearance.

    There seemed to be burning flames at the center of her eyebrows, and the Phoenix Feather Flower was as eye-catching as the Phoenix Nirvana. Streaks of red patterns spread continuously from her forehead downwards.

    The face of a demon that had been deeply poisoned slowly faded away.

    Her face was as white as jade.

    Her black eyes were completely devoid of all emotion.

    Her lips were extremely pale in color, giving her a pure and holy appearance.

    Red-and-gold-colored light feathers formed wings that spread behind her, illuminating the surroundings with a divine light.

    "You! Who are you!" Qiu Shan mumbled as he shook.

    "You don't deserve to know who I am," Yun Jiuge spoke as her indifferent gaze fell on Qiu Shan.

    He involuntarily shivered. He felt like a base person now, not worthy of raising his head to look at Goddess, and much less worthy of even crouching at her feet.

    Yun Jiuge lifted a finger and Qiu Shan's soul automatically flew upwards. He looked at her with utmost respect and admiration. He even allowed Yun Jiuge to examine his soul's consciousness.

    "Treasure map, Secret Realm, Qiu Sen… interesting," said Yun Jiuge. After looking through his soul's consciousness, she tapped her finger lightly and Qiu Shan turned into a wisp of green smoke. It drifted towards the Herb Soul Seed that was still struggling in the blood-red cocoon.

    After engulfing the consciousness of the Fiendish Demon Fetus, the power of the Herb Soul Seed was greatly reduced. It faced great difficulty in breaking through the cocoon yet it could not ask its master for help.

    Just as the energy of the Herb Soul Seed was diminishing further, Qiu Shan's soul suddenly flew over. It transformed into its purest form and entered into the Herb Soul Seed's body.

    With one vigorous motion, the Herb Soul Seed then finally broke through the blood-red cocoon and crawled out.

    "Master, master," cried the Herb Soul Seed. It huffed and puffed while crawling towards its master but found that its legs had no more strength.

    "Why do you look like this?" Yun Jiuge thought to herself as she silently looked at the round little fat boy in front of her.

    His small black eyes were constricted into two lines by the fats around them and his cheeks sagged downwards. Even his nose was not visible. The fatty flesh on his body resembled the folds in stacks of tires.

    She was unable to reconcile this excessively fat appearance with the legendary devastating Demon Fetus.

    "Master, don't look at me like this. I'll become very powerful when I grow up," the Herb Soul Seed quickly assured.

    It was still in the initial stages of integrating the consciousness of the Fiendish Demon Fetus into its demon body.

    When it fully absorbed the power of the Fiendish Demon Fetus, it would become the master's most powerful fighter.

    "Master, master, let Little Grass accompany me in the Magic Cauldron!" Cute Little Baby shouted impatiently.

    The Herb Soul Seed had been cultivated by him, and he regarded it as his son. He felt a sense of responsibility towards the Herb Soul Seed.

    "Go inside!" Yun Jiuge exclaimed. She tapped her finger and Little Grass was absorbed into the Magic Cauldron.

    The two little fat men hugged each other and struck up a warm conversation. Cute Little Baby was full of love and completely immersed itself into the role of a senior.

    After Yun Jiuge settled the Herb Soul Seed, her gaze shifted slightly and fell on Yu Sha.

    The gaze was noble and elegant, yet it carried a sense of nervous tension. It made one in awe of her.

    "Goddess!" Yu Sha uttered. She was flushed with excitement and immediately knelt down on one knee, gazing at her respected master admirably.

    "From today onwards, you'll resume your identity as my Celestial Palace Guard Leader. I order you to return and command the Devil Race. Prepare to face the upcoming catastrophe," instructed Yun Jiuge. She reached out towards Yu Sha, and a golden ray fell into her Baihui Acupoint.

    Yu Sha's flesh broke into countless pieces, revealing the true soul of Wan Sha.

    Lovers of the Goddess were not allowed to serve in her Celestial Palace. Back then, when Wan Sha joined Yun Jiuge's harem, his identity as her Guard Leader was revoked.

    Now that he resumed his title, it meant that he was no longer a member of Yun Jiuge's harem.

    "Yes, I'll return to the Devil Race now," Wan Sha answered calmly. He was a loyal guard of the Goddess above anything else. Being her lover came after that.

    Although his identity had changed in an unexpected turn of events, he still unconditionally obeyed all the orders of the Goddess.