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Chapter 445

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 445: Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder (2)

    "We need to find him to get the answer," Yun Jiuge said. She believed that Li Wei must have divined something before he left her.

    "What's that catastrophe all about?" Zi Shang asked. He had previously asked about Yun Jiuge's past life, but unfortunately Yun Jiuge herself was not very clear about it at that time.

    "I'm not sure either," Yun Jiuge said as she shook her head helplessly. "At that time, I used my physical body to patch up the Heavens and my soul was about to be reincarnated. Then I caught a glimpse of the Heavens, but I didn't have time to fully see what it was. I could only seal this glimpse in a Secret Realm, then get Li Wei to pass the map and the key to my reincarnation."

    "That treasure map is the map that you left behind," Zi Shang replied, finally understanding.

    "It's not the original — it's just a rubbing of it. But, it can still be used to find the Secret Realm," Yun Jiuge said. Even Qiu Sen's trio of laymen could find it, not to mention her, the owner of the treasure map.

    "What's the situation like in the Secret Realm? Is there anything we need to pay attention to?" Zi Shang questioned. After seeing Qiu Sen's tragic ending he felt the need to prepare early.

    "Ahh, about that…," said Yun Jiuge as she scratched her face. Feeling slightly embarrassed, she continued, "I don't quite remember. Back then, I just randomly found a Secret Realm to seal it. I didn't probe into the situation inside."

    Zi Shang's sense of relief was too premature.

    "It's okay, we'll know once we get there," said Yun Jiuge. No matter what, it had been personally sealed by her, so she could rely on her intuition to some extent!

    Yun Jiuge was quite confident of herself anyway.

    "Forget it, let's talk about this later. You should rest first!" Zi Shang said as he touched Yun Jiuge's hair. In the Hui Kingdom, she was constantly tense and had not rested for a long time.

    "Accompany me," Yun Jiuge requested, taking Zi Shang's large hand. This airship was very big, and every disciple had their own room to meditate in.

    It would take another four hours to return to the Yin Corpse Sect, which was enough time for them to be affectionate.

    "You really want me to accompany you?" Zi Shang asked. His handsome face was full of tenderness, and there was a sea of warmth in his deep-set eyes.

    "Yes, really," answered Yun Jiuge. She hooked Zi Shang's palm with her fingers and fluttered her eyes at him. They hadn't been affectionate for a really long time.

    Thinking of how she used to spar with demon Zi Shang in her past life, she became emotional.

    Zi Shang's skills were really good, and he had many moves that she had not seen before!

    "The poison in your body has been removed," said Zi Shang. This moment of affection was not merely a pretense for practicing skills like in the past. This was for real.

    "My Nine Stages poison has been removed, but your poison hasn't," Yun Jiuge said. She hugged Zi Shang's neck and kissed him.

    At this moment, they became very passionate.

    Zi Shang rapidly rushed into a room with Yun Jiuge. He chased out Lang Ya who was meditating inside, then closed the door and laid out various defensive spells. The whole process took less than two seconds.

    Yun Jiuge lay on the bed in the room and chuckled. She never thought that Zi Shang would be so impatient.

    "What's so funny? I'm a man too," Zi Shang replied. With a serious expression, he lifted Yun Jiuge to one side and threw away the bedding.

    She didn't know where he had gotten the red flowery silk bedding from.

    Zi Shang made up the bed and sprinkled some red Spirit Flowers on the side. It now began to look like a bridal chamber.

    Yun Jiuge originally just wanted to be casually frisky with Zi Shang, but seeing him so serious, she felt a little embarrassed.

    "Shall I take a bath first?" Yun Jiuge asked. Although she used the Body Cleansing Talisman every day, she still felt that she needed a bath to feel clean.

    "I'll wash your hair," Zi Shang said. He liked the feeling of Yun Jiuge's fine black hair passing through his hands.

    "Okay," Yun Jiuge replied. She was happy when someone was willing to serve her.

    Zi Shang took out the Black Bone Panther Wooden Basin that he had previously made for Yun Jiuge and put in Spiritual Water to warm.

    Yun Jiuge slowly took off her clothes. After entering the wooden basin, she leaned her head back and closed her eyes comfortably.

    Zi Shang spread out her hair and combed it into a smooth finish before starting to rub her down.

    The two were very warm and affectionate in the room but Lang Ya, who had been thrown out, felt very displeased.

    He had been meditating smoothly but ended up being an innocent sufferer of this disturbance. The worst part was that his Magical Bottomless Bag had been left inside. He wanted to go in to find it but he dare not knock on the door. How annoying!

    "What's going on? Why are you just standing there?" asked Mo Jingyuan who happened to be looking for him.

    Lang Ya sighed and told him how he had been thrown out.

    "Hahaha!" Mo Jingyuan laughed unsympathetically and then wrapped his arm around Lang Ya while walking toward his own room. He said, "Come and sit with me first. Senior Yun Jiu won't care a hoot about you."

    "You should call her ‘Sister' now," Lang Ya retorted softly.

    "Oh yes, Sister Yun Jiu now," Mo Jingyuan answered. He thought of Yun Jiuge's curvy figure, and then lowered his voice to ask Lang Ya, "Do you really think that little Secret Realm can make people change gender?"

    "Why, do you also want to try it?" Lang Ya asked, squinting at Mo Jingyuan.

    Truth be told, Mo Jingyuan was very good looking, with pretty eyes and full lips. He had a heroic spirit and charm about him.

    If he turned into a woman, he would also be beautiful. Lang Ya felt that he could accept it if Senior Mo became like that.

    "I'm very satisfied with my little friend and I don't want him to disappear. You can try it — I guarantee that you'll like it too," Mo Jingyuan said while looking seductively at Lang Ya.

    He liked men because he liked the feeling of subduing someone of the same sex. If he had to be suppressed as a woman, what was the meaning in that then?

    "Senior Mo really likes to joke around," Lang Ya mumbled amidst feigned laughter.

    Everyone knew that Senior Mo was trying to make advances on Lang Ya. But as long as he did not give consent, Senior Mo would not fool around with him, so he still dared to follow him into the room.

    "Okay, I won't joke around with you anymore," Mo Jingyuan replied. He stopped smiling and said solemnly, "Seriously, how do you feel about what Senior Yun Jiu, err, Sister Yun Jiu I mean, said about the Secret Realm?"

    "I think that Sister Yun Jiu is holding back. The Secret Realm should have some valuable items other than a non-renewable resource like gray iron ore. But there's probably not much of it, otherwise, she wouldn't still be in the Qi Refining period. It's a pity that the method needed to enter that Secret Realm is too dangerous," Lang Ya explained.

    Lang Ya was also interested in this undeveloped little Secret Realm. But when he thought of how one needed to detonate the Bloody Fiendish Pearls of Flying Corpses in order to enter, he became completely uninterested.

    Yun Jiuge had a Golden Core Cultivation Level Thousand-year-old Yin Corpse to save his life, but he didn't have such good luck.

    "Hmm, what you say makes sense," Mo Jingyuan said. He thought about the terrible scene of the Flying Corpse exploding, and his interest that had arisen also quickly disappeared.

    Although the Secret Realm was intriguing, they might die going in there. It would be better to let the Sect find a way!

    If their Sect could create a landmark at that small Secret Realm, then they would have a chance to enter it in future.

    He could only report the realities truthfully to his master, Elder Mo Hua. He had no ability to kill Yun Jiuge anyway.

    At this time, Yun Jiuge had already wiped her body dry and washed her hair. Her pristine body lay still on the large, red bed as she stared affectionately at Zi Shang. Things started to heat up.