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Chapter 446

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 446: The Highest State of Dual Cultivation

    Zi Shang lowered his head and kissed Yun Jiuge's forehead. Then he continued kissing the rest of her body with so much sincerity that it seemed like he was worshipping the Goddess.

    Yun Jiuge noticed that Zi Shang's long black hair was as soft and silky as satin, and it tickled her apex just like a feather.

    She couldn't help but kiss Zi Shang back.

    The two of them were very enamored, igniting their surroundings with their fiery passion.

    Yun Jiuge's hand brushed past Zi Shang's back and moved to his abdomen.

    His taut, defined abdominal muscles were titillating to the touch.

    "Don't rush," Zi Shang mumbled as he panted, blocking Yun Jiuge's small hands from going lower.

    Although it was not their first time being intimate, this time was different from previous times.

    Zi Shang wanted to be more gentle and considerate so that Yun Jiuge would have an unforgettable experience.

    "I'm not in a rush," Yun Jiuge mumbled. She winked at him amorously, then turned over and pressed her body down on Zi Shang. Her black hair came cascading down, framing her glowing jade-like skin.

    Her slender fingers circled Zi Shang's sturdy chest and abdomen, and her heart fluttered slightly.

    "Okay, it's me that's in a rush," Zi Shang commented in between gasps of his breath. His purple pupils were dull. Being teased by Yun Jiuge was unbearable, and he abandoned all thoughts of being gentle and considerate.

    He vigorously turned over and pushed Yun Jiuge under him, fiercely biting her lip. He became one with her, gently yet unyieldingly.

    The airship flew very steadily, but Yun Jiuge felt like she was a small boat bobbing in the middle of the sea, constantly being pushed by waves to the peak.

    Yun Jiuge's whole body was limp and numb. She could only cling tightly to Zi Shang to prevent her from falling into that sea.

    At the height of their sexual union, Yun Jiuge felt a rush of pleasure.

    It felt like her soul was floating in the air. Her whole body was warm, and she didn't feel like moving.

    "Let our Cores unite as one, and let our Cultivation consolidate together," Zi Shang exclaimed. Indeed, only Zi Shang would remind Yun Jiuge to practice at a time like this.

    Yun Jiuge didn't need to move too much. A warm Spiritual Force automatically emerged from her Elixir Field and flowed through her five internal organs, six meridians, and eight veins.

    Back when she was in the Secret Realm in the Hui Kingdom and had healed the Nine Stages of Fractured Bones, her Foundation was already successfully established. But she just never had the time to consolidate her Cultivation.

    This time, after having Dual Cultivation with Zi Shang, a trace of golden Spiritual Power slowly converged into a golden platform in her Elixir Field.

    On top of it was a dim-witted looking little, golden rooster, whose feathers seemed to be made out of light. It was the fledgling stage of the Phoenix.

    Yun Jiuge's Holy Blood was the true blood of the Phoenix.

    She originally thought that after her physical body was destroyed, the power of Holy Blood would also disappear.

    She never expected that the little remaining Spiritual Energy in her soul could cultivate the true Phoenix Soul.

    Although this little golden rooster was a far cry from the phoenix of her past life, as long as there was a true soul, her Holy Blood would one day be eventually restored.

    Yun Jiuge excitedly told this matter to Zi Shang.

    Zi Shang was not surprised. He said, "You're a Goddess. Isn't it normal that the Holy Blood would be restored?"

    "Well, based on that, if I can't restore my Holy Blood, am I not worthy of the title ‘Goddess' then?" Yun Jiuge replied while glaring at him.

    "Of course not! You'll always be the most honorable Goddess in my heart," Zi Shang replied, kissed Yun Jiuge's forehead. His purple eyes shone earnestly.

    "If I wasn't a reincarnated goddess, would you still love me?" Yun Jiuge asked as she began to be disobliging.

    Women in love often acted foolishly, and she was no exception. She wanted him to promise that he would still love her no matter what.

    "But you are a Goddess!" Zi Shang exclaimed, clueless about how Yun Jiuge felt. If she wasn't a reincarnated goddess, he wouldn't have waited in Wanzhang Depths for so many years.

    "Forget it, I can't seem to make myself clear," Yun Jiuge said. She stood up and got dressed.

    Although she knew she was being unreasonable, she was just in a bad mood and didn't want to deal with Zi Shang.

    Zi Shang felt helpless. He found that the more Yun Jiuge threw her temper, the more she was like a goddess.

    Thinking about this, he felt that it was easier to cajole the naively cute Yun Jiuge from before.

    Of course he didn't dare to tell Yun Jiuge this.

    Yun Jiuge finished getting dressed, opened the door and prepared to go out for a walk. But she saw that Jin Yuanwei was guarding the door.

    When Jin Yuanwei saw her coming out, he was at a loss for words.

    Previously, when Yun Jiuge used to be a man, people despised her for hooking up with her Thousand-year-old Living Corpse.

    Now that she was a woman, why did it feel so awkward?

    "Senior Jin, what's the matter?" Yun Jiuge said lightly. She didn't think that anything was wrong with frolicking in the room in broad daylight.

    "Master wants to see you. Brother Yun, no, Sister Yun, please follow me!" Jin Yuanwei answered. He turned and walked towards Master Qiu Sen's house.

    In a relaxed fashion, Yun Jiuge followed him.

    Inside the house, Qiu Sen was sitting on a large wooden chair, with his eyes closed in recuperation. His five-year-old childlike body looked very weak.

    Sometimes, Yun Jiuge wondered what kind of curse in the Secret Realm could make a man who was close to the Late Stage of Golden Core Cultivation look like this.

    "Master, Sister Yun is here," Jin Yuanwei respectfully reported.

    Qiu Sen opened his eyes. He looked arrogant and overbearing once again.

    He glanced at Yun Jiuge and then waved his hands at Jin Yuanwei saying, "Okay, you can leave. When the rest return to the Sect, remind them not to shoot their mouths off. If not, there'll be consequences."

    "Yes, I'm aware of that," Jin Yuanwei answered. He bowed and left.

    "Why are you looking for me?" Yun Jiuge asked politely.

    "Sit!" Qiu Sen said and waved his hands. A redwood stool flew to the back of Yun Jiuge.

    Yun Jiuge sat down calmly, waiting for Qiu Sen to speak.

    "How's your Yin Corpse now? Can it still fight?" Qiu Sen suddenly asked.

    "Why do you ask?" Yun Jiuge said with raised eyebrows. Qiu Sen wasn't about to turn hostile, was he?

    "There's been news from the Yin Corpse Sect. Mo Hua and Bai Gu already know what happened in the Fiendish Corpse Secret Realm, and it'll be difficult for you to return to the sect under normal circumstances," Qiu Sen explained. He had fought with Mo Hua and Bai Gu for so long and knew that they were self-serving and unscrupulous.

    Mo Hua was especially so. Previously, she had been resentful because of Yun Jiuge's Living Corpse. Now that she had information on this new Secret Realm, she would surely rally¬¨¬¨ the other Elders to interrogate Yun Jiuge about it.

    "It's not the first time they're targeting me anyway," Yun Jiuge responded. She couldn't care less about Elder Mo Hua and Elder Bai Gu.

    If they had a way to deal with her, they would not have to wait until now.

    "Don't underestimate Mo Hua. Our Yin Corpse Sect only has three Elders out in the open, but actually there are several others who have always been in seclusion. A reliable news source told me that Mo Hua has invited Elder You Ming to come out of seclusion, and they plan to kill you," Qiu Sen said. He did not know Elder You Ming well, and there was no way for him to plead on Yun Jiuge's behalf.