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Chapter 447

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 447: Get Out of Bed and Turn Hostile

    "What's so special about Elder You Ming?" asked Yun Jiuge. She had not been at Yin Corpse Sect for long, nor had she heard of the Elder's name.

    "There's nothing special about him except that he's very experienced and very old," Qiu Shen said with a sarcastic smile on his face.

    Although Elder You Ming had a Middle Stage Golden Core Cultivation, he did not have long to live.

    Such people would become eccentric, thinking that they were about to die. To live a little longer, they would hang on to any bit of hope of doing so.

    Mo Hua took advantage of this and mentioned that Yun Jiuge had discovered the Secret Realm, which enabled the change of one's physique. He meant to mislead Elder You Ming into thinking there was a possibility of increasing his lifespan.

    Elder You Ming fervently wished to extend his lifespan. He would try anything. The new Secret Realm could be worth looking into.

    "Elder Qiu Sen, what would be your advice?" asked Yun Jiuge.

    Qiu Sen replied, "The three elders, Mo Hua, Bai Gu, and You Ming are now allies. If your Life's Origin Yin Corpse is not injured, then the three of us can join forces to fight against them." This was the reason why Qiu Sen asked about the state of Yun Jiuge's Life's Origin Yin Corpse.

    If Yun Jiuge's Yin Corpse had been seriously injured in the Secret Realm and lost his power, he alone would be no match for Mo Hua and the others. He could only sacrifice Yun Jiuge then.

    "I can assure you that my Life's Origin Yin Corpse is fine. There's no problem at all," said Yun Jiuge. Zi Shang was not only in great form, but he was also exceptionally strong. There would be no problem for him to take on two opponents.

    Zi Shang heard Yun Jiuge's inner voice. He quietly reached out to touch her.

    Yun Jiuge shook off his hand. She was still upset from the earlier discord and chose to ignore him.

    Although Zi Shang was hurt, he chose not to provoke Yun Jiuge further.

    "In that case, go ahead and make the necessary preparation. When you get off the Airship later, go straight to the great hall and explain the matter of the Secret Realm clearly," said Qiu Sen. He wanted to resolve the issue quickly. As long as the Sect Leader agreed with Yun Jiuge's version of the event, Elder Mo Hua and the others would not be able to cause trouble.

    "Thank you, Elder Qiu Sen, for your advice. I'll go get ready now," said Yun Jiuge. She got up to take her leave, and went back to the previous ghost's house with Zi Shang.

    Lang Ya, who was in the house, quickly left after collecting his Magical Bottomless Bag. He tactfully left them alone in the house.

    "What do you need to prepare?" Zi Shang asked.

    "I'm going to prepare some Magic Talismans and Spell Discus to facilitate our escape just in case," she said. If Elder Mo Hua became too aggressive, then she would not stay in Yin Corpse Sect.

    "I'll help you prepare," said Zi Shang politely.

    "Yes, you can prepare them. Make more Flying Runes and Hallucinatory Runes," ordered Yun Jiuge tersely.

    As long as Yun Jiuge no longer ignored him, Zi Shang was ever willing to produce whatever Runes she asked for. He would diligently make not just Flying Runes and Hallucinatory Runes, but also Shock Wave Rune for her.

    While Zi Shang was busy preparing the Magic Talismans, Yun Jiuge took stock of her treasures.

    She had one Magic Cauldron. Cute Little Baby was a Weapon Spirit with skills only for farming and pill production, and not for combat.

    And she had the Fiendish Demon Fetus but it was still at the infant stage. It could incite envy, but it could not fight as yet.

    If the Fiendish Demon Fetus was seen by the elders of Yin Corpse Sect, they would be even more determined to kill her.

    The White Bone Monkey gathered Yin Qi for use.

    Feifei, the Mother Legendary Venomous Insect, was strong at converting death energy.

    The multicolored poisonous scorpion's fighting ability was good. But the Treasure-hunting Scorpion loved its wife. It would follow and obstruct the multicolored poisonous scorpion from fighting. She might as well forget about it.

    As for the set of Wicked Blades, Yun Jiuge used them effortlessly after she entered the Foundation Establishment Stage. But once she advanced into the next level, they would no longer be sufficient for her use.

    She had a pair of Thunderstorm Wings, a magical weapon for escape. Even though it was somewhat damaged, it was still useful.

    The White Bone Flame was also in her possession. After the Nine Stages of Fractured Bones Poison was expelled, she was able to freely use the White Bone Flame. It was a good weapon to use during critical moments.

    As Yun Jiuge took stock of her treasures, she found that the magical weapons she had were too few. Her inventory was poor as compared to before.

    Although she did not have to use magical weapons in the past, her body of Holy Blood was her most powerful weapon then.

    It seemed that she had to undergo more Dual Cultivation with Zi Shang to cultivate the Elixir Field's Phoenix True Soul.

    Yun Jiuge glanced at Zi Shang, who was busy drawing the Runes. She decided to forget the cultivation for now.

    An hour later, Zi Shang handed over to her a thick stack of Magic Talismans that he had drawn up. The Airship had also arrived.

    The disciples, who were patrolling the mountain, opened up the protective formation, thus enabling the Airship to land.

    "Elder Qiu Sen, the Sect Leader has ordered that you bring Junior Yun Jiu to the great hall now for the debriefing," said the disciples who were on duty. They were Mo Hua Peak's disciples. They were all around the Airship. It was as if they were keeping watch over Qiu Sen and Yun Jiuge in case they would run away.

    "I know," replied Qiu Sen without any expression on his face. He turned to Yun Jiuge and said curtly, "Let's go!"

    Yun Jiuge followed Qiu Sen, and they flew to the great hall. They saw disciples of Mo Hua Peak and Bai Gu Peak along the way. They were looking at both of them in a strange way.

    "Elder Qiu Sen, will Elder Mo Hua and Elder Bai Gu and their disciples start the fight with us?" Yun Jiuge could not help but ask Qiu Sen.

    She needed an escape plan if a fight would be inevitable. The situation could turn chaotic by then.

    "Not to worry, they won't have the guts," said Qiu Sen, shaking his head.

    No matter how obedient the disciples of Mo Hua Peak and Bai Gu Peak were to Mo Hua and Bai Gu, they could not change the fact that they were first and foremost the disciples of the Yin Corpse Sect.

    As long as the Sect Leader was around, they would not simply make trouble.

    If the Sect Leader ordered the attack, then all the disciples of the Yin Corpse Sect would obey.

    Yun Jiuge was protected by the Sect Leader before. Qiu Sen believed that the Sect Leader would not give such an order. This was the reason why he had the confidence to bring Yun Jiuge back.

    Seeing how Qiu Sen seemed unperturbed, Yun Jiuge began to calm down.

    No matter what would happen, Zi Shang would protect her.

    Furthermore, she still had Holy Blood. But it would be a waste of Holy Blood to use it for the fight here.

    It was her trump card and not to be used unless it was necessary.

    Yun Jiuge walked into the great hall. She saw that Elder Mo Hua and Elder Bai Gu were already there.

    Elder Mo Hua noticed that Yun Jiuge had changed back into a woman. Her expression changed instantly.

    Although the Hehuan Sect engaged in sapphism, Elder Mo Hua preferred only men. At the thought of the man whom she once fancied, was now a woman, she felt rather disgusted.

    Elder Bai Gu lifted his brows, but he did not show any other reaction.

    Apart from Elder Mo Hua and Elder Bai Gu, there were two more Cultivators in the great hall.

    One was a white-haired old man. He looked gaunt and all shriveled up as if he was near the end of his life. This man was Elder You Ming.

    The other was a sneaky-looking middle-aged man. He was tall and thin. He was of the Middle Stage of Golden Core Cultivation. He was eyeing Yun Jiuge's body with his beady eyes.

    Although they knew that Elder Mo Hua would invite Elder You Ming, they were not expecting this other person.

    Yun Jiuge looked at Qiu Sen and saw him staring hard at the shifty-looking middle-aged man. His whole body seemed all tensed up. It was as if his enemy was in front of him.

    Yun Jiuge had a feeling that things were now out of Qiu Sen's control. This other elder was an unexpected variable.