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Chapter 448

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 448: Sect Leader’s True Face

    "Xie Ying, I did not expect that you would dare to come back here. We should settle our old score at once," said Qiu Sen as he released his Monkey Demon Yin Corpses. They quickly surrounded the elder with the beady eyes.

    Xie Ying was the name of the beady-eyed elder with the Middle Stage of Golden Core Cultivation. He was infamous for being light-fingered.

    When Qiu Sen established Forbidden Grounds, Xie Ying could not control his itch to steal and pilfer for personal gains.

    Although he did not manage to break through the barrier, Qiu Sen was nevertheless infuriated.

    Xie Ying traveled everywhere after he left Yin Corpse Sect and did not return until now.

    "Qiu Sen, I haven't seen you for so many years, but this temper of yours is still so nasty. But I'm not afraid of you anymore," Xie Ying said boldly. He was full of confidence since his three allies were there.

    "Qiu Sen, the past is now ancient history. Why are you holding on to it?" Elder Mo Hua interjected. "No matter what, you two belong to the same sect, let's just forget the past," he said.

    "Young Sister Mo Hua is right," said Xie Ying as he acknowledged Elder Mo Hua with a slight nod.

    "Mo Hua, are you going against me by siding him?" asked Qiu Sen who was visibly angry.

    "Big Brother Qiu Sen, you are mistaken. How can I set myself against you? But what about Yun Jiuge, what benefits did she promise you in return for your help?" said Mo Hua with narrowed eyes.

    She did not believe that the Secret Realm would yield only some worthless ores.

    Why was Qiu Sen so helpful to Yun Jiuge? He was neither generous nor kind.

    "I've fallen in love with her, so naturally I will help her," replied Qiu Sen with a straight face.

    Yun Jiuge almost choked. Qiu Sen's excuse was so random.

    "Your choice of a lover is so extreme. You are attracted to a freak who is neither male nor female, neither yin nor yang! You should have told us earlier," Mo Hua said with a giggle. It was as if she found his choice of lover amusing.

    ‘You're the one who's neither yin nor yang and a freak!" Yun Jiuge was screaming in her head.

    She could bearly hold herself back from attacking Mo Hua.

    Zi Shang pulled Yun Jiuge's hand and told her that only his thought of her as a woman mattered. It didn't matter how the others looked at her, their opinions were of no importance.

    Yun Jiuge could only endure.

    At this time, Elder You Ming, who had not spoken thus far, lifted his eyes towards Yun Jiuge and asked, "Is this Yun Jiu who has discovered the Fiendish Corpse Secret Realm?"

    His Golden Core Cultivation suddenly shot toward Yun Jiuge, he was giving her an initial taste of his power.

    "Yes, it's me," replied Yun Jiuge as she braced herself against his attack. She succeeded in neutralizing Elder You Ming's crushing blow.

    "You do have some abilities," said Elder You Ming, his eyes lighted up with excitement.

    "How could someone who found a new Secret Realm with the Fiendish Corpse Secret Realm be without some talent?" Xie Ying said as he looked at Yun Jiuge with malice in his eyes.

    "I have already informed the Sect Leader of the Secret Realm. So ask no more. Yun Jiu, let's go," announced Qiu Sen before turning around to leave.

    Qiu Sen did not expect Mo Hua to recruit Xie Ying.

    Although Xie Ying was light with his hands, his Cultivation was not bad. The odds of the two of them winning against the four of them would be rather low.

    "Qiu Sen, the Sect Leader is not here yet. Why are you in such a hurry to leave?" asked Bai Gu as Mo Hua swiftly moved to prevent Qiu Sen from leaving.

    Qiu Sen's face was grim. Looking at their stance, he knew that they would not let the matter go easily.

    The Sect Leader usually does not get involved in such matters. He may not go against the other four elders for Yun Jiuge's sake.

    Qiu Sen did a quick assessment and then told Yun Jiuge through Mental Transference, "The situation here is really bad. You have to play by ear and watch out for yourself. But if you are willing to tell me the way to find Nangong Yue's soul, I will give you six Monkey Demon Yin Corpses to help you escape."

    Yun Jiuge replied to him, "Elder Qiu Sen, if I fall into their hands, they will certainly use the Soul Searching Technique on me. Then the matter of the treasure map and Nangong Yue cannot be concealed." The Monkey Demon Yin Corpses were not enough, Qiu Sen must back her no matter how, Yun Jiuge refused to go down alone.

    Qiu Sen's face turned even darker. What Yun Jiuge said is true, he must find a way to save her. He had to at least ensure that her soul would not fall into the hands of the others.

    "Zi Shang, how likely are we to escape?" asked Yun Jiuge, not pinning all her hopes on Qiu Sen.

    Qiu Sen was just a backup, Zi Shang was the main cast.

    "These four people have already sealed all four gates of the great hall. Mo Hua is the weakest link. We can break through from her side later," said Zi Shang. He had already sussed out an escape plan the minute they came into the hall.


    She asked Zi Shang, "What about Elder You Ming, isn't he the weaker one?" Elder You Ming's vitality was frail. He probably could not manage any big moves. Yun Jiuge thought it would be better to break through from his side.

    Zi Shang disagreed, "If you accidentally kill him, the conflict will become bigger." It was one thing to escape, killing Elder You Ming was a serious matter. Zi Shang did not want to start a feud with the Yin Corpse Sect. They might need the Sect's support in the future.

    "You're right," agreed Yun Jiuge. She realized that she was still too inexperienced.

    She guessed that Elder Mo Hua must have thought of this when she brought along the old man.

    If they accidentally caused the death of Elder You Ming, Yin Corpse Sect's would certainly hunt them down.

    "Ask Qiu Sen now when do we breakthrough," said Zi Shang. He was fully prepared.

    Yun Jiuge spoke to Qiu Sen through Mental Transference about the idea of breaking through from Elder Mo Hua's side.

    "Wait until the Sect Leader is here before you do anything. If he doesn't help you, then let's start with Xie Ying," Qiu Sen replied. He was still holding out for the support of the Sect Leader.

    If the Sect Leader stayed neutral, he would take the opportunity to beat up Xie Ying. Even if he accidentally kills the guy, it would be justified by the fight.

    "Fine, let's do that," Yun Jiuge replied. Xie Ying was also a little stronger than Mo Hua but there was not much of a difference between the two.

    Also Qiu Sen's hatred of Xie Ying might bring about unexpected benefits.

    Yun Jiuge began to stay silent and waited for the arrival of the Sect Leader.

    She had never seen the actual face of the Sect Leader. This could be her last chance of actually meeting him in person.

    "Why are you so interested in the Sect Leader?" Zi Shang asked half-jokingly.

    "It's normal to be curious. Aren't you curious too?" she asked. If Zi Shang said otherwise, Yun Jiuge would beat him up.

    "Of course, I am," replied Zi Shang. He was certainly interested. He always felt that the Sect Leader was someone that he knew.

    It would be good to meet him in person today.

    "Yun Jiu is not in a hurry. Qiu Sen, why are you so anxious? Take a seat and wait for the Sect Leader," mocked Mo Hua.

    Qiu Sen snorted and proceeded to sit next to Xie Ying. Qiu Sen glared at the man beside him.

    Xie Ying's eyes darted everywhere. When he met Qiu Sen's glare, he just smiled calmly.

    Elder You Ming made no further moves after his initial show of strength. He resumed his shallow breathing as if he was about to die.

    Elder Mo Hua and Elder Bai Gu simply moved their chairs and guarded the door.

    Yun Jiuge nonchalantly took a seat with no regard for the few elders.

    Her status was still that of a disciple and normally, disciples were not allowed to sit together with the elders.

    But every one of them was preoccupied, so no one paid any attention to Yun Jiuge's disrespectful behavior. They figured that she would soon be killed anyway.

    Several minutes later, a black Unholy Wind blew in from the outside. Like a whirlwind blowing into the great hall, the Sect Leader finally made his appearance.