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Chapter 452

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 452: Zi Shang's Demon Body Recovers (1)

    "Yes, Baili Moyun will be accompanying us, so please help us, Miss Yun," Nangong Li said.

    "The two of you are only at the Foundation Establishment Stage, how do you plan on avoiding danger in the Secret Realm? If you don't explain yourselves clearly, I will not help you," Yun Jiuge said as she sat down in front of them while Zi Shang sat in the corner.

    "Miss Yun, our Sect will provide us with protective magical weapons when the time comes. Not to worry," Baili Moyun said with a smile.

    "Why are you lying to me? You have no sincerity and yet, you ask for my help? By the way, don't even think of threatening me with my identity. The Sect Leader of Yin Corpse Sect already knows of my identity a long time ago," said Yun Jiuge as she caressed Xiao Tao's furry feathers. She fed the bird a Cherry Pill.

    Xiao Tao swallowed the Cherry Pill, happily chirped, and cried, "Master is a fool !" at Baili Moyun.

    "You are a little traitorous bird, it is a waste of my effort taking you in. I should not have kept you around," Baili Moyun glared at his pet.

    You were a fool from the start, thought the litte bird. Xiao Tao was not afraid of him. He lied in front of Miss Yun, of course he was a fool.

    "Yun Jiuge, let's talk openly. Apart from the evidence left behind by the elders, we do have some support. This matter relates to our Sect's secret." Nangong Li was about to say more but then he decided to stop.

    "Look, you are the one who is begging me. If you cannot agree to my terms, there's nothing else to discuss. I shall take my leave now," said Yun Jiuge as she put down Xiao Tao. Her face was cold, and she got up to leave.

    "Don't go, sit down for a little while longer!" cried the bird.

    Xiao Tao flew around Yun Jiuge before pecking at Baili Moyun's head. "Fool! Fool" chirped the bird.

    "Please fon't leave Miss Yun. Fine, I will tell you," Baili Moyun immediately gave in.

    They do not have many hidden cards in their hands. Neither do they know how much Yun Jiuge knows about the Secret Realm's treasure map. They cannot afford the loss if they continue to lie to her, it is better that they be honest with her.

    "Well, because of Xiao Tao and Xiao Ying here, I will give you another chance. Tell me, what is the secret?" said Yun Jiuge as she sat down again. Xiao Tao quickly flew over and perched beside her arm, Xiao Ying followed and did the same.

    Yun Jiuge gave each of the birds some Cherry Pills.

    Xiao Tao tweeted cheerily, and the atmosphere in the room eased up.

    Baili Moyun sighed. He did not reveal the secret immediately, instead, he looked around and asked, "What about your highly-skilled guard, Ye Zi?"

    "He's around, but it's not convenient for him to show up," Yun Jiuge replied.

    Zi Shang had been in deep thought as soon as he came in. Yun Jiuge did not know what he was thinking so hard about. He seemed disinterested with the conversation in the room.

    "He's that Thousand-year-old Living Corpse in the Yin Corpse Sect, correct?" Baili Moyun said confidently.

    "Yes." Yun Jiuge was not afraid to admit it.

    "That's awesome, you have successfully fooled the people of Yin Corpse Sect," Baili Moyun said. He really admired her. The Yin Corpse Sect was a devilish sect, and she managed to deceive those old monsters. She was a talented and powerful individual.

    "My time is precious, I have no time for meaningless chat with you!" said Yun Jiuge.

    If not for who they were, she would not have stayed for a second longer.

    "I haven't seen you for a long time, I'm just showing my concerned for you," Baili said Moyun. He went on to say, "The Supreme Blade Sect doesn't know much about the Secret Realm's treasure map, but the Sect possessed a message left behind by the forefathers. Apparently, there is a big secret in the Secret Realm."

    "And so, what?" asked Yun Jiuge, she was calm and unaffected.

    "We, Ziyun Sect, have the same message from the forefathers too. And because Aunt Nan Gongyue had entered the Secret Realm before, we have slightly more information than them. The Secret Realm is very mysterious. The entrance is called the Cursed Entrance. The higher is one's Cultivation Level, the greater would be the effect of the curse," Nangong Li said.

    "Cursed Entrance?" Yun Jiuge frowned, just the name itself would make one uncomfortable.

    "Yes. The number of people in the teams has been increasing, so the curse is getting stronger. Back then, our Aunt, Qiu Shan, and Qiu Sen were all at the Middle Stage of Golden Core Cultivation Level but of course Qiu Shan fled. Only Qiu Sen stayed on with our Aunt, and so, they suffered the most from the curse," Nangong Li said.

    Eventually the curse took the aunt's life.

    "Is that how it works?" pondered Yun Jiuge.

    Suddenly, a few images flashed across her mind. The Earth was lifeless, there were dead plains, with no life. Not even the weed could grow. The monsters would face a tragic end, it was all very tragic and hopeless.

    "Miss Yun, what's wrong?" Baili Moyun found that Yun Jiuge's face changed.

    "I'm fine," said Yun Jiuge as she pressed against the swelling pain in her head, the images disappeared.

    "Are you having a bad headache?" asked Zi Shang. He finally came back to the present. He came to stand behind Yun Jiuge and massaged her temples with his hands.

    "Some strange images spontaneously appeared in my head, that's all. I'll tell you more about it when we return," she told him via Mental Transference. She looked up at Nangong Li and Baili Moyun and asked, "Do you have any other information?"

    "At present, we have only this much information, Miss Yun. I sincerely hope that we will get to go with your help, we will become your most loyal allies," Baili Moyun said earnestly. Then he secretly flicked a spiritual light to slap Xiao Tao's bottom.

    The bird shrieked. "Although my master is stupid, he is a good person." Xiao Tao has followed Baili Moyun for many years.

    "I'm going to help you find a way. I will give you a reply if possible, by tomorrow," replied Yun Jiuge. She got up and walked out of Zeyun Street with Zi Shang.

    "What happened just now?" asked Zi Shang, holding onto Yun Jiuge's hand.

    "A scene where death spread for thousands of miles around just popped up in my head. Does this mean a catastrophe is coming?" said Yun Jiuge. Her face was pale, a feeling of hopelessness, and chills spread across her body.

    "Even if a catastrophe happens, it is not solely your responsibility," said Zi Shang as he embraced Yun Jiuge in his arms. His heart ached for her, he had wanted to tell her so for the longest time.

    Even though she is a Goddess, even if she is the most noble and powerful woman in the Canglan Continent, she should not have to bear this heavy burden.

    Yun Jiuge breathed in the fragrance of Zi Shang's body, felt his warm embrace, and she quietly settled down. She said, "Nangong Li mentioned that if people were to enter the Secret Realm together, the power of the curse would increase. We will have to separate then."

    "Don't worry about that, save it for later," Zi Shang said. Unless it was absolutely necessary, Zi Shang had no intention of leaving Yun Jiuge's side.

    "Then let's go back and meet Yin Shili. We should also tell himthat both Nangong Li and Baili Moyun planned on coming along. Let him handle the arrangements," she said. It would be better to let Yin Shili manage this.

    Ever since she found out Yin Shili was Fan Yin's underling, Yun Jiuge believed that he would never refuse her request.

    "After this matter is resolved, we will continue with our Spiritual Retreat," said Zi Shang. He felt that danger lurked in the treasure map Secret Realm.

    He must quickly repair his demon body before they depart so that he could better protect Yun Jiuge.