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Chapter 453

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 453: Zi Shang's Demon Body Recovers (2)

    It was a dark night, there were neither the stars nor the moon in the sky. Yin Corpse Sect was also quiet.

    Yun Jiuge and Zi Shang arrived at Yin Shili's Cave Dwelling and called him out with a Communication Talisman.

    "Aren't you in Spiritual Retreat, why are you here so late at night?" asked Yin Shili.

    "I need to take two people with me when I go to the treasure map Secret Realm this time," Yun Jiuge said. She did not want to hide anything from Yin Shili and proceeded to tell him about Nangong Li and Baili Moyun.

    Yin Shili paused for a while before he asked, "Are you certain there is no issue with these two people?"

    "I'm not sure, but I intend to bring them along. If they have some connection to the treasure map Secret Realm, they could be of help, and they seem to have more information than we do," replied Yun Jiuge. She went on to tell him about the secret that Nangong Li shared with her. And, finally she said, "We may have to go separately when the time comes."

    "To think that there was such a thing," Yin Shili said. He frowned and asked, "If we bring our own Yin corpse along, is it considered an additional member?"

    "I don think so," replied Yun Jiuge. Yin Corpses were not living creatures, they were magical weapons, and so the curse should not affect them.

    "I will recognize you as my master then, and I shall enter the Secret Realm with you," Yin Shili said solemnly.

    He promised the Powerful Presence that he would wholeheartedly protect Yun Jiuge.

    The Secret Realm seemed like a very dangerous place, he could not let Yun Jiuge go alone.

    "Other Yin Corpses may be fine, but I'm not sure about you. After all, you are no different from people now," said Yun Jiuge. She shook her head and refused to accept his offer to serve.

    Several emotions played across Yin Shili's face, he was different from other living corpses because he had the Heart of the Heavens and the Earth, perhaps he could take it out.

    "Don't say something stupid like taking out your Heart of the Heavens and Earth. It is easy to get normal Yin Corpses, but one in a million to have someone as capable and smart as you. After all, you are the Sect Leader," Yun Jiuge said. Yin Shili was cut out for a bigger agenda.

    "Do you need me to help you find an obedient and useful Yin Corpse?" Although Yun Jiuge's words moved Yin Shili, he felt that he should still do something for her.

    "No, I have a lot of treasures. I just need you to help me hold on to Qiu Sen and ensure that Nangong Li and Baili Moyun can come along," Yun Jiuge said. The departure was only a month away, even if Yin Shili could help her find a good Yin Corpse, she had no time to subdue it with proper training.

    "Alright, if you need anything, tell me. I will take care of your needs," said Yin Shili. He used to think that Yun Jiuge was a greedy person.

    Now he felt that she was just too polite, she did not ask for anything. He didn't get a chance to prove himself to her.

    "Rest assured, I don't regard you as an outsider. It's getting late, I should go," Yun Jiuge waved her hand and turned to leave. Then Zi Shang said to her, "We shall have our Spiritual Retreat once we return. Let him contact Nangong Li and Baili Moyun."

    He did not want Yun Jiuge to be distracted by such things.

    Yun Jiuge agreed that it was better to let Yin Shili deal with the matter.

    She sent a message to Nangong Li and Baili Moyun respectively and gave their Communication Talismans to Yin Shili before she left.

    When they returned to the Cave Dwelling, Zi Shang carefully laid out various Defensive Barriers. It was as if he was afraid they could be attacked.

    "Aren't you being too careful?" Even if someone intends to attack them, Yin Shili will be the first to stop them.

    "I'm going to restore my demon body with Dual Cultivation, the sound of the activity may be too loud, besides there is nothing wrong with early preparations," he said. After Zi Shang finished putting up the Defensive Barriers, he began to set up the Silence Barrier.

    "You mean you want to do the Cultivation for the entire month?" asked Yun Jiuge. Although she likes Dual Cultivation with Zi Shang, doing it for a whole month is too much!

    Moreover, she is not from Hehuan Sect.

    Even if she is from Hehuan Sect, it would be illogical to practice Cultivation every day.

    "Of course we're doing it," Zi Shang insisted. He looked at Yun Jiuge after completing the Silence Barrier and went on to say, "Originally I thought that there was no chance to recover my demon body. But since your Holy Blood has been restored, my demon heart has begun to form again, don't you want to help me?"

    Zi Shang had abandoned his flesh and crossed the lines, before finally fusing with a purple unicorn python's body.

    Although this purple unicorn python was also a rare demon, its body was very strong.

    Now that Zi Shang had the opportunity to restore his demon body, he certainly did not want to miss out on such an opportunity.

    To restore his demon body, he needed to borrow Yun Jiuge's Divine powers via Dual Cultivation, he needed her cooperation.

    Yun Jiuge replied, "Of course I want to help you." Ever since Yun Jiuge had recovered memories of her past life, her guilt over Zi Shang escalated.

    Dual Cultivation was nothing, if need be, she would even go through hell for him, without a second thought.

    "Then, let's go to bed!" Zi Shang was just waiting for her to say yes. He swept her into his arms and placed her on the bed.

    These two persons took off their clothes and begun Dual Cultivating.

    This time, Zi Shang was not as gentle and considerate as before. He teased her continuously until she could take no more and as he rubbed her acupuncture points by following the Dual Cultivation Rules, he went straight into her.

    In their embrace, they came together as one, their spiritual powers flowed within one another.

    That was how they carried on for the entire month. They were doing it continuously, night and day. If they got thirsty, they would drink Spiritual Dew. If they got hungry, they would eat some Fasting Pills. The effect of their cultivation was skyrocketing.

    Demonic patterns started to appear on Zi Shang's handsome face.

    Before the cultivation, his demonic patterns were purplish-black. They were gorgeous with a snake-like pattern. A sharp, stubby purple horn was on his head.

    This time, the demonic patterns began to change color, turning his whole body a mysterious black. The snake patterns began to lengthen and evolved, rolling around like waves, rippling with a strange demonic incomparable radiance.

    The sharp purple horn gradually disappeared, and two black, deer-like horns began to grow on his forehead instead. They seemed to contain unlimited power and made him look extremely fierce.

    As Zi Shang was changing, the Tiny Golden Chick in Yun Jiuge's Elixir Field was also evolving.

    Its golden fluffy feathers began to shine and its small tender beak became a lot harder. The most important thing was the eyes. They were clear and transparent, as if they could see everything in the world.

    Yun Jiuge tried to see with her Spiritual Eye, it was much better than before. She could see the movement of spiritual power around her.

    As they were Dual Cultivating, they released a lot of pure spiritual power all of which were secretly absorbed by Cute Little Baby.

    "Little Grass, eat more, this is good stuff," Cute Little Baby gave the all pure spiritual power to the Fiendish Demon Fetus.

    The current Fiendish Demon Fetus no longer looked like its previous Baby form.

    Now, he looked like a one-year-old, with big eyes, a pointy nose, a small mouth, soft black hair, pale white skin, and looked almost like Yun Jiuge.

    The Fiendish Demon Fetus could now walk steadily, and the black Fiendish Demon Qi danced between both of its hands. It looked exactly like a little devil.

    Fortunately, the Magic Cauldron itself was a Demonic Weapon, thus complementing the Demon Qi. Had it been a Spiritual Weapon, it would probably have been destroyed.

    The Little Grass swallowed the spiritual power in big gups as Cute Little Baby fed it. Then it sat down, crossed its legs, and began to meditate. It could not wait to grow up and protect the master.

    Its growth rate was rapid, but it was far slower than Zi Shang's metamorphosis.