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Chapter 454

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 454: Getting pregnant before the marriage, Here comes the Fertilised Egg

    With under a month of hard work, the demonic patterns on Zi Shang's face formed the shape of a dragon, and the antlers on his forehead made him looked malevolent yet magnificent.

    Both Yun Jiuge and Zi Shang were beginning to feel the strain of their Dual Cultivation. The Tiny Golden Chick inside Yun Jiuge, however, had not changed physically. She felt that something was amiss but she could not pinpoint what it was exactly.

    "Shall we take a break?" said Yun Jiuge as she pushed back against Zi Shang's chest, they had been practicing for so long, her hips were about to break.

    "Just one more time," said Zi Shang. He could feel that his demon heart was close to being completely formed, only a tiny bit was left.

    He kissed Yun Jiuge's arm and took the opportunity to press down. He kissed her passionately and swept her away like a storm, enveloping her with his whole body.

    Yun Jiuge felt that she was floating away, drifting further and further away, as if she was reaching the Heavens soon.

    When Zi Shang reached the end, his eyes began to turn red, his breathing became erratic and his Dragon Qi filled the entire cave dwelling.

    The small cave-dwelling shook to the point that the ground and the mountains rumbled. If they had not placed the Silence Barrier and Defensive Barriers, the cave-dwelling would have collapsed.

    Yun Jiuge felt extremely dizzy and quickly reached out to wrap her arms around Zi Shang's neck.

    Zi Shang held Yun Jiuge's head firmly and kissed her, a warm and energetic breath entered her Elixir Field.

    Yun Jiuge shivered and the Tiny Golden Chick in her Elixir Field burst into flames. It was going berserk inside her body, and finally achieved Nirvana. As it was reborn, it turned into a white egg in her body.

    Zi Shang squinted his eyes. The Dragon Qi had finally condensed into a demon heart and was beating in his chest.

    "What's going on?" asked Yun Jiuge. She almost kicked Zi Shang away.

    "What?" Zi Shang had just recovered his demon heart, and his eyes were still red, he was not sure of what had happened.

    "Look for yourself," said Yun Jiuge as she patted her stomach with a heavy hand. She went on to ask, "Why is there an egg inside me all of a sudden?"

    Zi Shang was confused as he looked at Yun Jiuge's stomach, her stomach was still white and smooth.

    "Open your demon eyes and look inside," yelled Yun Jiuge as she kicked Zi Shang angrily. This guy had turned stupid after practicing so much.

    Zi Shang quickly opened his demon eyes and saw a tiny white egg in Yun Jiuge's stomach. It was only as big as a baby's fist and extremely beautiful. It was simply adorable.

    He could not resist touching Yun Jiuge's stomach, but he could not feel anything different about her tummy. It was still even and soft although he pressed down on her flat tummy.

    "Stop touching my tummy! What the hell is going on?" shrieked Yun Jiuge. She was mad as hell. Her Little Phoenix had become an egg, how could she practice the Holy Blood now?

    "I don't know either. Can you try to use your Holy Blood now?" Zi Shang asked.

    Yun Jiuge proceeded to stick out her thumb, and a golden flame came out. Underneath that flame was a White Bone Flame, it was burning with a faint glow.

    "Is that the Holy Flame?" asked Zi Shang as his eyes lit up. Only the Goddess possessed this golden flame!

    "The Holy Flame?" echoedYun Jiuge. Somehow, this flame seemed very familiar to her. She felt as if it naturally came out of her body.

    Suddenly, the Lightning Fire Needle in the Magic Bottomless Bag flew out, with a faint golden light flashing behind it. It flew around Yun Jiuge like a little happy bird.

    "This needle isn't so ordinary anymore," said Yun Jiuge. She used the Lightning Fire Needle as a tool for acupuncture in the past. But now, the Lightning Fire Needle was like a little happy child, Yun Jiuge was delighted.

    With a wave of her hand, the needle turned into a stream of light and shadow. It moved around the house without stopping, bringing forth waves of golden light. It was very beautiful.

    "Your Lightning Fire Needle is finally alive," Zi Shang said. He remembered his Goddess standing on the top of the cloud as millions of needles rained down. It was like watching a shooting star chasing the sun, the entire earth was shining brightly.

    "This egg seems to be all right," said Yun Jiuge. She could feel that the power of the Holy Blood in her body was very rich. She felt that it was even stronger than before.

    "Could it be that the Little Phoenix attained Nirvana and was reborn?" Zi Shang said. He had no previous experience in this area.

    "Maybe," she replied. Since it seemed to be doing fine, she got lazy of thinking about it. She figured that this Little Phoenix came out on its own, and her Holy Blood was still there, so everything should be fine.

    "Let's go. Let's quickly get out. We will be leaving tomorrow, I'm sure that they are all getting anxious," said Yun Jiuge. She looked up and saw that their Cave Dwelling was filled with Communication Talismans, all she had to do was pick one at random, and ask when they would depart.

    Zi Shang's demon heart had been successfully cultivated. Now, he could restore his demon body at any time.

    His grandeur could be veiled now, that is, he could completely hide his presence without having to turn invisible, he could get away effortlessly without getting any unnecessary attention.

    "I will send them a message and ask where is the meetup," Yun Jiuge said as he summoned a Communication Talisman and sent it out.

    Yin Shili ‘s reply was quick. They would be gathering at Spider Street, the farthest location from the Yin Corpse Sect.

    This matter was a top-secret, and so they must not let others know about it, not even Jin Yuanwei of Qiu Ren Peak.

    Yun Jiuge packed up everything and went to Spider Street with Zi Shang.

    The Spider Street was operated by a Golden Core Cultivation Level Demon Spider and a lone cultivator. The streets there were made up of spider silk. White spider silk could be seen everywhere.

    As soon as Yun Jiuge entered the street, white spider silk floated over, floating about as if to attract her.

    Zi Shang got rid of them by simply flicking his fingers. The white spider silk immediately burnt and turned to ashes.

    "Is someone following us?" asked Yun Jiuge, she felt that someone was watching her.

    "This spider silk is used for surveillance. But it's fine, it's just a small spider," Zi Shang said. He didn't think highly of the Golden Core Cultivation Level Demon Spider.

    Just as Yun Jiuge was about to ask Zi Shang about Yin Shili, a small white spider the size of a thumb floated in front of her.

    It carried a yellow Communication Talisman. Yin Shili's voice automatically came out of the talisman, "Are you here yet?"

    "Well, you came through at the right time!" answered Yun Jiuge as sh grabbed the sparkling white little spider, playing with it in her hand.

    The little spider squeaked, it was frightened by Zi Shang's eyes. Then it stayed quietly in Yun Jiuge's palm without moving.

    "The Golden Core Cultivation Level Demon Spider of this Spider Street is my friend. We are waiting for you in Zuixiang Building, hurry up and come over," Yin Shili said.

    "Alright, we will be there soon," replied Yun Jiuge. She flicked the little spider away. As long as the Golden Core Cultivation Level Demon Spider was not an enemy, she was fine to let it loose.

    "Zuixiang Building is over there," he said. Zi Shang's Cognitive swept over the area once, and he already had the Spider Street's area mapped out.

    Yun Jiuge followed Zi Shang into the Zuixiang Building and saw that Yin Shili was seated in the middle. Baili Moyun and Nangong Li were seated to his right.

    Seated on the left was Qiu Sen and a beautiful woman in a red dress.

    The woman's black hair was braided and tied up in a bun. Her eyelids were painted a faint lavender color, her lips were as red as blood, she was incredibly alluring.

    When Zi Shang and Yun Jiuge came in, her eyes glued onto Zi Shang like spider silk on his body.