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Chapter 456

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 456: The Secret Of The Ziyun Sect

    "If that's not what you mean, then what exactly do you mean? Let me tell you something — I've a method to call out the soul of Nangong Yue, but revealing it depends on how sincere you are," Yun Jiuge said, throwing out another bait.

    "Really?" Baili Moyun asked. He was pleasantly surprised but then felt that something was not right. He said, "Then why don't you tell this to A'li? Aunt Yue is from the Ziyun Sect, and if you want to get something in return, you should go find him!"

    "If I did you this service, and you returned the favor in turn to the Nangong family, wouldn't it be a win-win situation? It just depends how willing you are!" Yun Jiuge transmitted to him. Her head started to hurt. Baili Moyun was so thickheaded, it was annoying!

    Baili Moyun didn't say anything. Although he wasn't a very meticulous person, he took the time to consider this, as a true disciple of the Sect should have.

    At this time, Zi Shang transmitted to Yun Jiuge, "Why are you so interested in the Nangong family?"

    "Because I suddenly recalled something. Do you remember how when we were tracking Si Youyue, and after Nangong Li left, he transformed into Wanli Mingxuan?" Yun Jiuge said. She had been very impressed by his Transformation Technique.

    She was also a master at changing appearances, yet even if she ate the Form Illusion Herb and turned into a man, she still wasn't able to change her style of talking and doing things.

    But Nangong Li was able to turn into another person completely. She found this strange, so she wanted to find out more.

    "I'll find an opportunity to ask Nangong Li," Zi Shang replied. He intended to use his Demonic Eye to ask everything that Yun Jiuge wanted to know.

    "That's not necessary. If we can sound them out, then we do so. If not, it's okay. It's still more important for us to go to the Secret Realm," Yun Jiuge said. She had good relations with Nangong Li and Wanli Mingxuan and didn't want to make things too tense.

    "Okay," Zi Shang said. Nangong Li was just a Cultivator at the Foundation Establishment Stage, and Zi Shang could crush him with just one finger. He would just follow along with what Yun Jiuge wanted.

    While Yun Jiuge and Zi Shi were transmitting, Baili Moyun was also talking to Nangong Li. He said, "Miss Yun wants to exchange information about your Ziyun Sect with me."

    "Why would she want to do that?" Nangong Li asked. His face was expressionless, but inwardly, he was extremely puzzled.

    "I don't know. So should I give her any information?" Baili Moyun asked, leaving this decision up to Nangong Li.

    He didn't want to be at odds with his best friend after he had just returned to the Secret Realm.

    "You should give her some information. Tell her that the Ziyun Sect does indeed know that Aunt Yue is with Qiu Sen, and the reason why we didn't bring her body back was not to alarm anyone. After all, Qiu Sen was the only one who came out of the Secret Realm alive, and we hope that he'll go in again," Nangong Li said.

    Although Nangong Li was very unhappy with how the Sect was using Aunt Yue as bait to entice Qiu Sen, it was not easy for him to change the decision of the Sect.

    "Okay, I know what to do then," Baili Moyun answered. With the approval of Nangong Li, he transmitted to Yun Jiuge, "Okay, I'll exchange some information with you. Actually, the Ziyun Sect deliberately put Aunt Yue's body with Qiu Sen. Their purpose was to make use of him."

    "I bet it's not just that!" Yun Jiuge said. She looked at the crowd behind, and transmitted mockingly to Baili Moyun, "You and Nangong Li spent so much time just to mislead me. How insincere this is! I won't help you in the future anymore."

    "Miss Yun, I'm not from the Ziyun Sect. Wanting me to give you information about them puts me in a difficult spot. If you want information about the Supreme Blade Sect, I promise that I can even get the sword scores of the Sect Leader for you," Baili Moyun said. The Sect Leader of the Supreme Blade Sect was also known as the ‘Invisible Sword', and the sword scores were blank stones on which he wrote his sword's intentions. Everyone in the Supreme Blade Sect had one.

    There were several inside Baili Moyun's Magical Bottomless Bag, and he often gave them away as favors.

    "I'm not interested in your Supreme Blade Sect. Since you've such a good relationship with Nangong Li, I'm sure you can guess what's going on with Nangong Yue!" Yun Jiuge said. If the soft approach didn't work, she would just have to use the hard approach. She added, "I'll give you one last chance. If you still don't give me any useful information, we'll go our separate ways. Let's see how you fare in the Secret Realm!"

    "Miss Yun, how can you bear to take away Xiao Tao and Xiao Ying's master?" Baili Moyun begged for mercy.

    "It's easy to find cultivators, harder to find good parasites. Don't worry about them. At most, they'll be masterless wild parasites. This way, they'll have more freedom," Yun Jiuge said. Baili Moyun saw Yun Jiuge's change in attitude and became slightly afraid.

    He glanced at the four Golden Core Cultivators in front of him, with Zi Shang standing in the middle. After thinking for a while, he finally decided to give Yun Jiuge a useful piece of information. He said, "Actually, I've always suspected that a part of Aunt Yue's soul may have returned to the Ziyun Sect."

    "Really?" Yun Jiuge asked. This news was beyond her expectations.

    If a part of Nangong Yue's soul had returned to the Ziyun Sect, then why did the Ziyun Sect hide this information and not look for Qiu Sen?

    Whether it was a body without a soul or a soul without a body, they were both very dangerous.

    If Nangong Yue's soul could return to her own body, it would be beneficial for her in terms of self-nourishment. It was better than being in the wild.

    "This is just my conjecture," Baili Moyun quickly explained.

    Over the years, the elders of the Supreme Blade Sect had paid close attention to the Ziyun Sect, but Baili Moyun did not know the specific reasons.

    "Your conjecture is rather reasonable. Do you think that Nangong Li brings Nangong Yue's soul along with him wherever he goes?" Yun Jiuge asked. If she could call out Nangong Yue's soul to ask her questions, many things could be solved.

    "Miss Yun, don't mess around with us. This is just my conjecture. If A'li finds out about this, I'm dead," Baili Moyun replied. He regretted shooting his mouth off. If this brought any harm to A'li, it would be terrible.

    "Don't worry, I'm just casually asking some questions. If I really wanted to mess around with you, would the two of you still be standing here?" Yun Jiuge said. She was rather friendly with Baili Moyun and Nangong Li.

    Otherwise, she would have already tied them up and forced them to confess.

    "Heh! I knew that Miss Yun was righteous enough. Otherwise, the two of us would not have dared to follow you!" Baili Moyun said, quickly trying to gain her favor.

    "But your Sect is really strange. They sent only both of you, Cultivators at the Foundation Establishment Stage, here? They should have at least sent a Golden Core Cultivator!" Yun Jiuge continued to ask.

    "Never mind, I'll just be honest with you. In fact, our Sect not only sent us but also sent a few Golden Core Cultivators to follow the Tianxiang Sect, Danyang Sect, Qiqiao Sect, and Wuliang Sect to enter the Secret Realm through another path. But I don't know what path that is," Baili Moyun began to spill the beans.

    Sooner or later, Yun Jiuge would come to know of this, so there was no need to hide it from her.

    Yun Jiuge was shocked. If the Six Major Righteous Sects had all gone in, then what about the four remaining devilish sects? And in addition to this treasure map, what other paths could they enter the Secret Realm by? Things had become even more complicated.