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Chapter 463

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 463: Ye Yu Is Cursed (2)

    Yun Jiuge looked over carefully and found that Ye Yu's body did not have any large wounds. But he had turned into gray stone from his thighs down.

    The moment Ye Yunzhi saw Ye Yu, she immediately threw Wu Ya onto the ground and floated toward Ye Yu's side to watch over him.

    "What is your relationship with Ye Yu?" asked Yun Jiuge, feeling really worried that Ye Yu and Wu Lan had an affair.

    It seemed that this guy Ye Yu was always tricked by women. There was Liu Yunfei before and now it was Wu Lan. His taste in women was really terrible.

    "Ye Yu and I just met by chance. When we were trapped within Five Poison Sect and about to be completely destroyed, it was Ye Yu, along with his Yin Corpse, who rushed in to take us away from there. He's the benefactor of Five Poison Sect," said Wu Lan, looking fondly at Ye Yu.

    "Since he's your benefactor, why did you order his Life's Origin Yin Corpse around like she's a foot soldier?" Yun Jiuge tersely questioned.

    "Miss, I think you've misunderstood. First of all, this Yin Corpse is not the Life's Origin Yin Corpse of Ye Yu. I've already asked him.

    "Secondly, I did not order this Yin Corpse around like a foot soldier at will. Ye Yu handed this Yin Corpse to me before he was sealed, letting me use this Yin Corpse to find a way to break the curse.

    "I stayed behind to take care of things in the base camp so it wasn't convenient for me to go out to patrol. I could only let my sister run errands outside. I was worried that she would meet with a mishap, so I gave her this Yin Corpse for her own protection, that's all.

    "In search of a way to remove the power of the curse on Ye Yu, my sister and I did not sleep every night and were constantly on the move everywhere.

    "Ye Yu was cursed at the same time as those followers on the first floor, but it has only spread to his legs at the moment. We've paid a great price too…"

    Wu Lan was still pouring out her woes when she was coldly interrupted by Yun Jiuge who said, "Since you've given Ye Yu's Yin Corpse to your sister, then you should have taught her some respect."

    "My sister is still young and sometimes speaks carelessly. I hope you can excuse her transgressions," Wu Lan replied, also aware of her sister's bad behavior. Wu Ya was disgusted by the fact that the Yin Corpse was ugly. She did not expect this to offend other people.

    "Before Ye Yu wakes up, the Yin Corpse will be in my custody," Yun Jiuge said indifferently.

    "Naturally, as it should be," Wu Lan said, even though she did not feel comfortable. However, she also had no other way since the Yin Corpse was already fully controlled by Yun Jiuge.

    "Excuse me, but I'd like to be alone with Ye Yu for a while," said Yun Jiuge, wanting to do a detailed examination of Ye Yu. It was really inconvenient with Wu Lan around.

    "Alright, I'll wait for you on the first floor. Give me a shout if you need anything," Wu Lan said and nodded thoughtfully. When she turned around to walk away, she simply took Wu Ya with her.

    "This woman is not simple. She knows when to give and take," Zi Shang said disinterestedly.

    Yun Jiuge only revealed her Early Foundation Establishment Stage Cultivation externally, and yet Wu Lan, a Golden Core Cultivator, was very polite to her. It was hard to come by.

    "I thought she was doing it on your account, wasn't she?" Yun Jiuge had become accustomed to the courtesy shown to her by the Golden Core Cultivator.

    "I concealed my energy just now, so she didn't pay attention to me," Zi Shang answered. He was in a semi-invisible state earlier in which he was visible but could not be seen through.

    "Since you've put it this way, I also feel that Wu Lan is quite sly. We'd better be careful in our interactions with her," Yun Jiuge said, nodding and then going to the sarcophagus to look at Ye Yu.

    At this time, Ye Yu's Cultivation was already close to Intermediate Foundation Establishment Stage, but because he was struck by the power of the curse, the Spiritual Power in his Elixir Field completely came to a standstill.

    "Zi Shang, what do you think of the power of this curse?" Yun Jiuge opened her Spiritual Eye and could only see a viscous gray liquid firmly blocking Ye Yu ‘s lower limbs.

    "I've never seen such a force," Zi Shang said, shaking his head. He wanted to draw some out to check but was worried about the impact on Yun Jiuge.

    Yun Jiuge also had the same concerns. The origin of the power of this curse was like a highly contagious virus. She should not randomly touch anything before setting a good Defensive Barrier.

    "But the force in Ye Yu spread more slowly," Yun Jiuge remarked, thinking of the calcified Miao people on the first and second floors. They were struck by the curse at a later time than Ye Yu, but their speed of deterioration was much faster than his.

    As for the bullsh*t that Wu Lan said about how they had paid a huge price, Yun Jiuge did not buy it for even a moment.

    At this time, Ye Yunzhi suddenly stood up and put her palms on Ye Yu's legs.

    Pure cold Yin Qi entered both his legs, and the gray power of the curse slightly retreated.

    "That's it," Yun Jiuge suddenly realized.

    Ye Yunzhi had a Yin Spiritual Body whose Yin spirit could actually prevent the spread of the power of the curse. In that case, would her own Holy Power have this effect?

    "Your Holy Power certainly has no problem holding up against the curse, but it can't be used here," said Zi Shang, seeing through Yun Jiuge's idea.

    "I'm not that stupid," Yun Jiuge mused. If she lifted the power of the curse within Ye Yu's body, then Wu Lan would request her to help lift the curse for the Miao people on the first two floors, including those people in the Five Poison Sect, in the name of a virtuous cause.

    If it had been ordinary times, it would have counted as nothing to save people.

    But her most important task this time was to find the entrance to the Secret Realm and to enter in search of Li Wei as well as clues to the Great Catastrophe. She did not have any extra bandwidth to do good deeds.

    Moreover, she did not know the current situation of Qiu Sen and Jun Yichen. Her Holy Power was limited and had to be used sparingly.

    At the first floor of the Ice Stone Building.

    After Wu Lan woke her sister up, she interrogated her about Yun Jiuge with a straight face.

    "I don't know where she came from," Wu Ya said, looking aggrieved. "The Yin Corpse, which you gave me is not useful at all. I instructed her to patrol the surroundings, but unexpectedly she ran to Five Poison Sect and even lured those two people over."

    Wu Lan asked repeatedly but had no way of obtaining any clues from her sister about the origins of Yun Jiuge and Zi Shang. Then she changed the subject and asked, "What did you do to that Yin Corpse. Why were they so angry?"

    "I didn't do anything!" Wu Ya cried, looking sullen. She only shouted that the Yin Corpse was an ugly thing. It was no big deal!

    "You'd better pay more attention in the future. This is Ye Yu's Yin Corpse after all, and not the Legendary Venomous Insects you've raised," Wu Lan said harshly.

    "I know, elder sister. You've to be careful of those two people, especially that woman who is extraordinarily strong. She may look like she only has Foundation Establishment Cultivation, but she hides her skills well. She subdued me with one strike. I still don't understand how I fell into her hands!" Wu Ya said uneasily.

    "Are your Multicolored Parasitic Butterfly and Ox-head Parasite useless against her?" Wu Lan asked in surprise. Although her sister failed to live up to expectations, she grew up training Legendary Venomous Insects. Ordinary Early Foundation Establishment Stage Cultivators would not stand to gain by touching her.

    "They were useless. She wasn't afraid of those Legendary Venomous Insects at all," Wu Ya replied, shaking her head. Her invincible Legendary Venomous Insects were even afraid of the woman.

    "Well, it's good that she's strong. No matter what, she's a friend of Ye Yu, and that makes her our friend," Wu Lan said. She was now running short on help. A strong person was still better than a useless person.