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Chapter 466

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 466: The Ability to Devour

    "Yes, that's right. The fattest one," Yun Jiuge confirmed with a nod.

    Before Wu Lan could say anything, all the black eagles in the eagle sanctuary became agitated.

    "She, she, she… she actually chose that greedy monster?"

    "Thank heavens, someone's finally going to claim that abominable fat eagle."

    "What the hell, where did that fat eagle come from? Squats in our area and grabs our food every day. I just showed a little resistance and it almost beat me half to death. I feel really wronged," a tall, black eagle said aggrievedly.

    "Miss Yun, this black eagle is way too fat. Why don't you choose another? Do you see the one on the left side with Intermediate Foundation Establishment Stage? It has the highest Cultivation stage in our eagle sanctuary and it's also very obedient," Wu Lan kindly suggested to Yun Jiuge.

    Yun Jiuge looked at the black eagle with the Intermediate Foundation Establishment Stage. It was the one who felt aggrieved earlier.

    It could feel Yun Jiuge watching it attentively. It immediately raised its head and stuck out its chest, pacing back and forth in a circle along the branches on the cliff.

    Then it spread its wings and flew around in the air, seemingly warning the other black eagles with a look in his eyes. But it dared not approach the fattest one.

    "Well, to each his own. Everyone likes different things. I just feel a connection with this particular one, so I chose it," replied Yun Jiuge as she smiled.

    "Well, so be it then!" Wu Lan also knew that the devilish sect Cultivators had always been strange. Their interests and preferences were different from ordinary people. Perhaps she really thought that the hefty eagle was powerful!

    "So, can I give it a Slave Mark now?" Yun Jiuge asked. As long as she could give the hefty eagle a Cognitive Slave Mark, she could claim it.

    "Of course. It's yours now," Wu Lan said, giving her a look of "As you wish."

    "Oh my God, she's serious. Everybody, quickly run, lest the greedy monster shows its might," the big black eagle screamed in horror. A group of other black eagles suddenly scattered.

    Wu Lan was also somewhat confused about the situation. She saw Yun Jiuge snap her fingers with a serious expression as she shot out a light purple Spiritual Light toward the hefty eagle.

    The hefty eagle, which initially shrunk its neck while dozing, abruptly opened its eyes. Those little eyes which were obscured by the fatty flesh now flashed with a piercing glow.

    It opened its fat wings and flapped around to swat away Yun Jiuge's purple Spiritual Light.

    True enough, it did have a Golden Core Cultivation!

    Yun Jiuge also raised her fighting spirit. Both her hands spun around like a wheel as she snapped her fingers to cast another purple Spiritual Light which rained like a meteor shower on the hefty eagle.

    "Ouch!" The hefty eagle exclaimed angrily. It spread its wings and charged towards Yun Jiuge like a missile, breaking through the purple light. It was fierce and imposing.

    "How dare you!" Wu Lan shouted, still not noticing the anomaly in the hefty eagle.

    Seeing how it dared to resist, she shot out a black colored chain wanting to help Yun Jiuge restrain it.

    The hefty eagle opened its sharp red beak. A series of small cannon-like red fireballs spewed out from within and instantly burned the black colored chain into molten iron.

    Wu Lan's eyes widened in shock. The iron chain was the Rank Three magical weapon she bought in Wanbao Building during her past travels. She usually used it as a highly effective tool to tie down disobedient Demonic Beasts. She did not expect it to be destroyed this time.

    She only realized at this time that such enormity of strength was at least that of a Golden Core Cultivation.

    The hefty eagle became more furious. The feathers on its body transformed into tongues of flame while its head swelled up by several inches. The fireballs that it shot out were now the size of a fist. The temperature in the entire eagle sanctuary rose.

    The black eagles hovering in the distance were thankful that they ran away quickly. Even Wu Lan could not bear the heat wave and dashed out.

    "Zi Shang, help me stop him!" pleaded Yun Jiuge, seeing how this black eagle was really formidable. Since she did not want to expose the secret of her Lightning Fire Needle and Holy Power, she could only ask Zi Shang for help.

    Zi Shang raised his hands and shot out a Spiritual Power rope to firmly restrain the hefty eagle.

    Yun Jiuge took the opportunity to stamp a Cognitive Slave Mark on the hefty eagle and heard it struggling, "Ouch! There are delicious things to eat here — I don't want to go, I don't want to go…"

    Seems like it was still a glutton through and through, which made things easy.

    Yun Jiuge took out two Cherry Pills and stuffed them into its mouth as she said, "Follow me and you'll have Spiritual Pills to eat everyday."

    "Yummy!" said the hefty eagle. Its eyes lit up the moment it swallowed the Cherry Pills. It immediately behaved and formed a Contract with Yun Jiuge.

    "You'll be called A'dai from now on," said Yun Jiuge, patting its big fat head. She looked up to Wu Lan in the distance and said, "Since I've my mount now, can you take me to Yin Qi Valley to take a look next?"

    "Of course. Let's go now!" Wu Lan had already realized that A'dai was from somewhere else. She did not think much of it except that no matter how good a mount with a Golden Core Cultivation was, it was useless if not well-behaved.

    Wu Lan's big black eagle had a very down-to-earth name, Da Shun.

    It looked majestic and had an Advanced Foundation Establishment Cultivation. One look would tell you that it was an experienced Demonic Beast. On the contrary, Yun Jiuge's A'dai did not feel special.

    With a command from its master, it led the way in front, flying toward the Yin Qi Valley.

    Yun Jiuge sat on A'dai's meaty back while Zi Shang stood behind her in his invisible form.

    Fog lingered in the air above Shiwan Grand Mountain. Using Flying Devices would require Spiritual Eyes to be opened in order to see the way clearly. If they were to fly too high, they would not be able to see clearly; if they were to fly too low, they could easily hit the trees. Having a mount saved them a lot of trouble.

    "Here we are. Yin Qi Valley is over there," Wu Lan said, pointing ahead to a valley with lingering Yin Qi.

    Yun Jiuge got up and saw that the valley was rich with Yin Qi. There were even traces of blood energy within. It looked very ominous.

    "A'dai, go down and have a look," Yun Jiuge ordered.

    "No, it's dangerous," A'dai refused as it circled over the valley. It was not willing to go down.

    Da Shun also appeared to be jittery. In the end, it turned its head and flew away with Wu Lan at a top speed.

    "Forget it, let's go down on our own. A'dai, find a place nearby and wait for me," said Yun Jiuge, patting A'dai's big head. Then she pulled Zi Shang's hand and jumped into the valley.

    The moment they descended into the valley, an indescribably strange smell assailed their noses. A completely gray and hazy place lay before them.

    "Release your White Bone Monkey. There's something strange about this place," Zi Shang whispered.

    "What's so strange?" Yun Jiuge asked as she released her White Bone Monkey.

    Crack, crack, crack.

    After the White Bone Monkey landed, the Soul Fire swung wildly. Its teeth chattered, as if it had seen something terrible.

    "What's wrong? Don't you like Yin Qi the best?" Yun Jiuge asked, feeling baffled.

    "This isn't Yin Qi. It's obviously Demon Qi, okay? Anyway, it's not to my liking. I'm not going to eat it," the White Bone Monkey's consciousness clearly said to Yun Jiuge. Then it shrank into the size of a palm and jumped back into the Magical Bottomless Bag.

    "Hey, hey you, what Demon Qi? What do you mean?" Yun Jiuge was about to grab the White Bone Monkey out for questioning when Cute Little Baby's voice rang out, "Don't force it. The energy here is very messy. There's a mix of Yin Qi, Demon Qi, and Fiendish Qi. It'll turn into a knucklehead if it stays here any longer."

    "How do you know the energy here is messy? Aren't you just a puny Medicine Refinery Cauldron?"

    "Little Grass told me so, master. Have you forgotten him?" Cute Little Baby replied, somewhat disgruntled. It had raised Little Grass to honor its master. If he disrespected Little Grass, it would be the same as disrespecting himself.