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Chapter 467

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 467: The Secret of the Divine Temple

    "Who says so? I'd never forget Little Grass!" Yun Jiuge answered. She wouldn't admit that she had long forgotten about the Fiendish Demon Fetus.

    "That's good then," Cute Little Baby said. He didn't doubt her. Gesturing in an old-fashioned manner, he said, "At this time where Little Grass is needed, please release him quickly!"

    "Can he really do it?" Yun Jiuge asked. Her impression of Little Grass was still that of a baby.

    "Of course," Cute Little Baby said, sounding confident.

    Yun Jiuge released the Little Grass and saw that the baby had already turned one year old.

    Little Grass had red lips, white teeth and delicate facial features. He looked rather similar to Yun Jiuge. His body was chubby and white and he wore only a grass skirt around his waist. His two fat feet were bare.

    "Master," Little Grass said as he waved his little stubby hand and hugged Yun Jiuge's calf.

    "Come here, quickly put on your clothes," said Yun Jiuge as she guiltily took out a piece of cloth woven with spiritual silk.

    This fat kid had been around for so long, yet she didn't even prepare clothes for him. How careless of her.

    "There's no need to, Little Cauldron has prepared my clothes," Little Grass replied and sashayed his body. The grass skirt around his waist turned into a green jumpsuit.

    "It's uncomfortable — I don't like it," said Little Grass. Within seconds the green jumpsuit turned back into a grass skirt.

    This child liked being au naturel.

    "If you're not comfortable, then don't wear it!" Zi Shang said. He saw that Little Grass looked like Yun Jiuge and immediately liked him as well.

    "Thank you, King," Little Grass said, smiling at Zi Shang and fawning over him.

    "Clothes are trivial. The most important thing now is to find Yin Shili. Little Grass, can you help us find him?" Yun Jiuge asked. She still remembered why they had come to the valley.

    "I'll give it a try," Little Grass replied. He waved his small hands, and black Demon Qi swayed back and forth, making Yin Qi in the valley ripple.

    A strange buzzing sound came from the depths of the valley, spreading over in waves.

    "The person you're looking for is in that cave. However, there are a lot of small insects inside. Follow me closely, I'll bring you in," Little Grass said while clapping his hands.

    "Aren't you afraid of those little insects?" Yun Jiuge asked, baffled.

    "With master around, I'm not afraid of anything," Little Grass replied as he shook his head. The fats on his cheeks wobbled.

    "That's good. Lead the way then, I'll cover your back!" Yun Jiuge said. She took out the Lightning Fire Needle. If anything went wrong, it would immediately rescue Little Grass.

    "Don't be afraid. This little guy is pretty amazing!" Zi Shang assured Yun Jiuge. He patted her tense arms and pulled her to follow behind Little Grass.

    Though Little Grass looked fat, he ran very fast. With the pattering of his two short legs against the ground, he rushed into a cave deep in the valley.

    The cave was deep and long, and it kept going downward. The deeper they went inside, the stronger the strange smell was.

    "Little Grass, slow down," Yun Jiuge said. She looked anxiously at Little Grass's figure running further and further away.

    Zi Shang raised his hand and flicked a thin, purple colored spirit thread to latch onto Little Grass's fat arm. As they followed him through a series of turns, they arrived at an expansive cave.

    The cave was full of mist, and visibility of the surroundings was poor.

    "Ahh, there are so many insects here… It's disgusting!" Little Grass screamed.

    Yun Jiuge and Zi Shang quickly rushed over and saw that the walls and roof of the cave were full of gray stone insects.

    They were about the size of a thumb, and had the appearance of a stone, with a white spot in the middle. They densely enveloped the surface of the walls in a revolting way.

    "These are Mountain Borer Insects which have been cursed," Zi Shang said. He immediately cast a Defense shield.

    "Little Grass, come back quickly," Yun Jiuge immediately called Little Grass back.

    "I'm going to kill these bad insects," Little Grass said as he clapped his palms. A black Demonic Flame fell onto the little gray bugs.

    With a loud bang, gray gas instantly ignited.

    The stone insects screamed and struggled. While their gray shells became burned by the Demonic Flame, their white center actually expanded and swallowed the flames. Their bodies rapidly increased in size.

    "These insects can actually devour Demon Qi," Zi Shang remarked with a serious expression.

    Little Grass's Demonic Flame and Demonic Power were part of the heavenly and earthly energy. If these stone insects could devour energy, it was also possible for them to devour his Demon Qi.

    "Let me try," Yun Jiuge said as she took out her own Holy Flame. Gold and white flames landed on the little insects.

    The white flames were extinguished in an instant, but the golden flames completely burned all of the insects.

    "They can only devour my White Bone Flame, but they can't deal with the Holy Flames," Yun Jiuge said, feeling slightly relieved. If these insects could devour the Holy Flames, it would be really terrifying.

    Zi Shang was not so relaxed.

    If his Demonic Flame could not solve this issue in front of them, how could he be deemed qualified to stand at Yun Jiuge's side to protect her?

    "Die, die!" Little Grass shouted, furiously attacking the stone insects. Some of them were killed, but some of them evolved instead.

    In a moment of inspiration, Zi Shang said to Little Grass, "How about changing your method? Don't hit them, but instead, steal their vital energy."

    "What?" Little Grass asked. He looked at Zi Shang with a confused expression.

    "Just like what I'm doing," said Zi Shang. He took his purplish-black Demonic Flames and transformed it into the shape of a mouth with sharp teeth that devoured the little insects and wrestled for their vital energy.

    The Demonic Flame mouth was unable to cope at first because of the large number of insects, but it soon found its momentum and started destroying them.

    "In the law of the jungle, only the strongest survive," Yun Jiuge muttered in realization.

    "Seize it, seize it!" Little Grass said. Little Grass, who was originally the Fiendish Demon Fetus, heavily depended on devouring to grow. It had a natural instinct for it.

    He waved his small hands, and the Fiendish Demon Qi in his body condensed into the shape of a demon king, competing with those little insects for energy.

    The insects that had been robbed of their energy turned into stones and were smashed by Little Grass.

    "I'll take care of Little Grass. You go find Yin Shili!" Zi Shang instructed, knowing that Yun Jiuge was worried about him.

    "Okay, I'll go look over there. Call me if there's anything," Yun Jiuge answered. She saw Little Grass having a good time killing the insects and left feeling assured.

    "Yin Shili, where are you?" Yun Jiuge shouted as she walked.

    "I'm here," Yin Shili's faint voice rang out from the corner.

    Yun Jiuge walked over and saw that Yin Shili was bound by countless white silk threads, as if he was trapped in a large white cocoon.

    "Are you okay?" Yun Jiuge asked. She wanted to cut the cocoon with the Wicked Blade but did not expect the Wicked Blade to turn into scrap iron the moment it grazed the white cocoon. This devouring power was terrifying.

    "These silk threads have the power to devour. Don't worry about me, just leave," Yin Shili said. His voice was so weak that it seemed like he could hardly hold on any longer.

    Yun Jiuge thought for a moment. She slowly condensed her Holy Power into a small golden knife, and plunged it into the large white cocoon. The cocoon finally peeled open, revealing Yin Shili's dark face.

    "Aren't you afraid of this devouring power?" Yin Shili said in shock.

    "This devouring power isn't that daunting after all. As long as you exert greater strength than it, you can counter-devour it instead. What's that on your body anyway?" Yun Jiuge said. She stared at Yin Shili's blackened body, not daring to hold him.