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Chapter 469

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 469: Sealed Memories

    Yun Jiuge secretly released the gray moth. Before the moth could speak, she sternly warned, "You'd better listen to my command and act accordingly. Don't act rashly, or else I'll take away your Spiritual Pill."

    "Why the hostility," Feifei asked, feeling belittled. It had done nothing wrong, and even after turning so ugly after being sealed, it didn't even say a word.

    "I'm not being hostile. Just reminding you that this is the stronghold of the enemy. If anything happens to you here, your master would likely kill me!" Yun Jiuge said.

    Empress Temple had something mysterious and tantalizing that attracted these small creatures, so she was afraid that Feifei would suddenly defect. A life was at stake, so she couldn't treat this lightly.

    "I'll definitely be obedient and won't let you get into trouble with Master," Feifei immediately promised.

    "Good. Do you still recognize those two people below?" Yun Jiuge said, pointing to Jun Yichen and Luo Tian who were chatting.

    Feifei stopped on the wooden shelf, glanced at them seriously, and answered, "I recognize them — they're the Masters of Xiao Ming and Xiao Hong."

    "Can you find Xiao Ming and Xiao Hong?" Yun Jiuge asked nervously.

    "Let me see," Feifei said and flapped its wings. Faint fluorescent light scattered into the surroundings.

    Some of it fell on Jun Yichen and Luo Tian who were starting to walk out, and some circled about the walkway.

    "Xiao Ming and Xiao Hong are not with their masters. They're over there," Feifei raised its wings and pointed forward.

    "Let's go take a look," Zi Shang said decisively.

    "Okay," Yun Jiuge said with a nod. Everything was too strange. She had to figure out the truth as soon as possible.

    Zi Shang gently removed the gray wooden lid and slid down quietly to the ground. He surveyed the surroundings before looking up at Yun Jiuge saying, "There isn't anyone around. Come down!"

    Yun Jiuge also jumped down. The entire white jade walkway was empty, and there were no traces of anyone.

    "I'm going to make us invisible, let's go!" Zi Shang said and patted Yun Jiuge.

    The Demon Qi on their bodies flashed simultaneously and they disappeared.

    "There's still Feifei," The empty corridor sounded with Yun Jiuge's voice.

    "I'll suppress its seal first, then it'll naturally become invisible," Zi Shang said. He clasped his fingers together and Feifei's gray body immediately disappeared, revealing its true body of a black-and-white butterfly.

    Feifei hadn't seen its beautiful real body for a long time, so it momentarily danced up and down. It then flapped its wings to let the white color spread all over before gradually disappearing.

    "Quickly take us to find Xiao Hong and Xiao Ming," Yun Jiuge urged.

    "This way," Feifei answered, flapping its wings and moving forward.

    Yun Jiuge followed it through the corridor and found that the temple was very magnificent, with white jade sculptures everywhere. There were not many decorations, but it was very stylish, and felt somewhat familiar.

    Feifei turned a corner in the corridor and flew to the left, finally coming to a room.

    This room was made of mahogany wood with numerous animal patterns inscribed on the surface. But the room had no decorations. In the middle stood a huge wall with a large, human-faced Legendary Venomous Insect perched on it.

    Its face was delicate and lovely, while its eyes were closed. It kept its black wings folded on both sides. There were golden human-face patterns all over it, which made it look mysterious and strange.

    Outside, a Parasite Beast coiled in the shape of a red dragon stood silently. It had the head of a deer, a body of a snake and five claws as luscious red as rubies.

    The two Parasite Beasts were beautiful and spectacular, complementing each other like an exquisite work of art.

    "Xiao Ming, Xiao Hong!" Feifei exclaimed, flying up and down around the two Parasite Beasts. It finally stopped on Xiao Ming's head and told Yun Jiuge sadly, "Their souls are gone."

    "How could this have happened?" Yun Jiuge said. She reached out and stroked the two Parasite Beasts. They felt as cold as rocks.

    The last time she saw them, the Life's Origin Parasites had arrogantly claimed that they wanted to be the number one Legendary Venomous Insects. Xiao Hong still looked like a spider back then.

    Now, the two highly evolved Parasite Beasts had become mere ornaments.

    "Their souls have already been taken away. Looking at their current state, Jun Yichen and Luo Tian probably also have a part of their souls missing," Zi Shang said. He did a thorough investigation before coming to a conclusion.

    "Is it that person from Empress Temple again?" Yun Jiuge said and gritted her teeth, itching for a fight with that person.

    "Probably. But that person isn't here today," Zi Shang replied, having done a Cognitive sweep and found good news.

    "We'd better hurry to find Luo Tian and Jun Yichen and question them thoroughly," Yun Jiuge said. She turned around and left the room, following Feifei to find Jun Yichen and Luo Tian.

    Both of them lived in a house in the outer part of the White Jade Temple. It seemed as if they had just finished their meal and were drinking expressionlessly.

    Zi Shang appeared from behind them and toppled them with two hand knives.

    "Ask Luo Tian first," Yun Jiuge said as she picked up Luo Tian. After waking him up, Zi Shang used his Demonic Eye to question him.

    Luo Tian had completely forgotten the past, not even remembering his name. He only said that he was Zhang Bao, someone who became a temple guard through selection.

    His daily job was to patrol the temple, take meals in shifts, have a few drinks with friends, and chat. It was an ordinary and mediocre life that did not provide any clues.

    "Even the soul of his memory is missing. These memories have been input by someone else," Zi Shang said as he shook his head, feeling helpless.

    "Ask Jun Yichen now," Yun Jiuge said. She woke Jun Yichen up, but his answer was exactly the same as Luo Tian's, just that his name was Li Wei.

    "Li Wei?" Yun Jiuge couldn't help but think of her loyal guard who was good at divination and astronomy. Could they be related to one another?

    "Do you still remember your Life's Origin Parasite?" Zi Shang threw Jun Yichen another question.

    "Life's Origin Parasite, Life's Origin Parasite…" Jun Yichen's blank expression finally showed some movements. He frowned as if trying to remember.

    "Its soul was taken away by someone. If you want to rescue it, you must find the mastermind behind all this," Zi Shang said as he increased the intensity of his Demonic Eye.

    "Xiao Ming, Xiao Ming…" Jun Yichen trembled. His teeth chattered as he finally muttered two words, "Ye, Yu."

    "Ye Yu did this?" Yun Jiuge thought as she regained her senses. But then it still seemed impossible — that guy was still cursed and lying in a coffin.

    But wait, he had a Legendary Venomous Insect called the Black Dictator which hadn't appeared yet.

    "No, no …" Jun Yichen gasped for breath, sweating all over. He then fainted.

    Zi Shang's Demonic Eye suddenly stopped moving. He pulled Yun Jiuge and ran out, saying, "That person's back."

    "Good that the person's back," Yun Jiuge said dauntlessly. As long as the mysterious person was defeated, they could rescue Luo Tian and Jun Yichen.

    " You don't even know if the person is a man or woman, human or ghost. How can you fight against it?" Zi Shang said. It wasn't that he was scared but more of him realizing that things weren't so simple. They should not act rashly before conducting a thorough investigation.

    "Okay!" Yun Jiuge replied. She propped up the circle of Holy Power and quickly rushed forward together with Zi Shang.

    She had to admit that Zi Shang was right. Now that they couldn't deal with the cursing power or the devouring power, it was not a wise move to rashly fight the mastermind behind all this.

    They'd better rescue Ye Yu first and get to the bottom of things before taking further action.