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Chapter 262 - I Have No Intention of Sleeping in Separate Rooms (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 262: I Have No Intention of Sleeping in Separate Rooms (2)

    Gu Yu wasn’t expecting her to have such an extreme and adverse reaction and had no prior warning. Thus, Xu Weilai managed to push him aside.

    Xu Weilai watched as the man’s visage darkened visibly. His eyes turned cold and his browed shot together. As he stared at her, the atmosphere around them thickened with a sense of danger. Uncontrollably, a layer of cold sweat appeared on her back.

    Her mind had been in too much of a turmoil for her to be in the mood to engage in intimate relations with Gu Yu, and she had pushed him aside subconsciously.

    Every time in the past, no matter how much she struggled, she had always been unable to push him off. In the end, he had always taken advantage of his inherent physical superiority as a male to have his way with her.

    She never expected to succeed in pushing him off so easily that time around.

    By then, she was all too clear about something—if Gu Yu’s mind was set on doing something, he would never take no for an answer. The memories of his brutality and torment surfaced involuntarily in her mind and the color slowly drained from her face.

    Gu Yu continued glaring intently at Xu Weilai’s face. He could clearly sense her resistance, and it stirred a bloodthirsty resentment within him.

    He hated seeing Xu Weilai reject him, and he wasn’t going to allow her to reject him! Her rejection served only to rip his wounds open and remind him of the hurt she had caused him three years ago. It made him lose his sense of reason and control.

    Gu Yu’s eyes were soon blurred by fury. He reached out and held her wrists together forcefully. He dragged her over and forced his body on top of hers.

    Xu Weilai’s hands were clamped above her head, and her struggling legs were also held in place by him. Her entire body was rendered immobile.

    With his anger radiating from him, he kissed her on her lips… and suddenly felt… that her initially warm lips had turned to ice. In fact, her lips seemed to be trembling.

    Gu Yu froze at that very moment. His lips were pressed against Xu Weilai’s for a long while. But instead of continuing to force his kiss on her, he slowly raised his head.

    He had to obtain everything he wanted, and that was no exception…

    Except, as he gazed at Xu Weilai’s face that was white with fear, the ball of fury that had threatened to erupt in his chest suddenly disappeared like a puff of smoke.

    Just exactly when had Xu Weilai’s opinions and preferences begun mattering more to him than his own?

    Xu Weilai had assumed she was going to be doomed. Unexpectedly, after Gu Yu’s lips left hers, he stared at her in silence for a while before pushing himself up and getting off the bed. He strode into the bathroom, and water could soon be heard running inside.

    She lay on the bed breathing heavily. When she had finally recomposed her emotions, she turned her head to look at the closed door of the bathroom.

    So… Gu Yu had let her off that night? He had clearly been very angry, and yet had let her off? This was the first time something of this sort had happened since their marriage began!

    When it came to that, Gu Yu had never backed off simply because she said no. However, this time around, he had really not touched her…

    Although she had managed to escape that time, Xu Weilai couldn’t stop herself from feeling even more anxious…

    When Gu Yu emerged from the bathroom after his shower, a chilly aura surrounded him. He glanced at the small bundle that was asleep and huddled at the edge of the bed, and annoyance laced his eyes. He didn’t return to the bed to sleep and instead walked out of the bedroom.

    On the balcony of the study, he lit a cigarette. He gradually regained his composure and pulled his cell phone out to dial a call.