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Chapter 276 - My Instructor Tang Said That I Should Traumatize You

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 276: My Instructor Tang Said That I Should Traumatize You

    Once Li Yibo saw that the fight was getting fiercer, he took the chance to move toward them. He wanted to take them down!

    He was not far from them. Hence, he just had to move swiftly and eliminate one of them or if it were possible, two of them!

    After that, even if the other two decided to work together and fight against him, it would not be too difficult!

    Li Yibo moved closer and closer. He got up and moved toward his nearest target, Lu Yao. However, something hit the spot he was at.

    It was a stone. He dodged the stone.

    He turned around and glared toward the direction from where the stone came.

    He did not see anybody!

    And then, he saw a mischievous smile on a face. Li Yibo’s eyes turned dark.

    It was that brat again!

    He had underestimated her. She had not been eliminated!

    But that was fine for him too. Because now, he could eliminate her all by himself!

    Li Yibo quit hiding after he was discovered. He stood up from among the bushes.

    Jian Qi came out as well.

    The four people who were in combat did not think that it would be Li Yibo.

    But when they saw Jian Qi at the side, they did not stop.

    “Sir, you are awake. What a surprise,” Jian Qi teased him.

    Li Yibo got even more upset when he thought about how he had woken up.

    Jian Qi had always been an expert at looking at people’s expressions. When she noticed that Li Yibo seemed upset and uncomfortable, she was even happier.

    “Sir, how did you wake up? Please don’t tell me it was my dear Instructor Tang who woke you up?”

    “Shut up, you little brat!” Li Yibo was furious.

    Jian Qi started laughing hysterically.

    “Are you upset or is it because what I said was true?” Jian Qi smiled. “Let me guess how my charming Instructor Tang woke you up.”

    Li Yibo was grinding his teeth. “Stop your nonsense, little brat. Let’s fight!”

    “How can we nurture our relationship if we don’t talk?” Jian Qi laughed happily.

    “Go look for your Instructor Tang if you want to nurture a relationship!” Li Yibo replied and attacked Jian Qi.

    Jian Qi shifted and dodged his punch. She was still smiling.

    “You’re treating a girl rudely, Sir. You must be single!” Jian Qi smiled. “Do you know that I have been wanting to punch you so badly!”

    Li Yibo sneered at the arrogant girl. “I’m going to teach you on behalf of Instructor Tang today, Jian Qi. I’ll let you know what restrain is!”

    Jian Qi smirked with elegance. “My dear Instructor Tang told me to torture you to death the next time I see you though. He said that I should make you traumatized whenever you hear about the Special Fire Team!”

    Li Yibo. “…”

    “Traumatize me?” Li Yibo gnashed his teeth. “We shall see who’s gonna be the one doing all the traumatizing!”

    This girl was being too arrogant!

    “Sir, you are fated to be single for your entire life.”

    Jian Qi smiled and continued, “Unlike my dear Instructor Tang. He has such a cute little goddess. Is it because you’re jealous and that is why you came here to embarrass yourself?”

    Li Yibo took a deep breath. ‘I must tear this brat to pieces!’