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Chapter 287 - Everything Is in Order

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 287: Everything Is in Order

    Lu Jiahao did not dare to scold her further. After all, his insulting skills were not up to par when compared to Ning Meng and so, he did not dare to stay any longer. As his eyes swept through the room, he caught sight of God, and coldly laughed. "Hey brother, I can't wait to see you in action later!"

    ‘Let's see how you are going to bury your head into the ground when you lose badly in your very first match!'

    After Lu Jiahao had left with his people, CM's team members looked at God in astonishment.

    "The son of the owner of ET calls you brother?"

    God did not want to explain much and just closed his eyes halfway. "Yes."

    CM's team had a good camaraderie among themselves. They had managed to recruit a few kids who had no interest in fighting amongst each other. Each of them had joined for the sole purpose of playing in the match, and everyone had noticed the obvious tension between God and Lu Jiahao. Hence, each of them quietly resolved to give their best efforts to win back God's reputation.

    The competition was about to start, so Ning Meng headed over to the VIP area in front of the audience. She was sat in the middle of the second row. After she had settled down, only then did she notice that her surrounding was rather empty. Since he had an important conference at six, it was normal to expect Huo Beichen not to come. After all, work was more important compared to a match like this.

    As she was thinking about this, she began playing with her phone. Just as the competition was about to start, the area grew dim, and Ning Meng turned to see Huo Beichen bending over to sit next to her. Ning Meng's eyes gleamed in that instant.

    The lights in the auditorium were now turned off, and in the dark, the flashing lights blurrily lit up his face, increasing the mysterious air that shrouded him.

    "Sorry I came late."

    She managed to catch his attractive husky voice amongst the hustle and bustle of the auditorium.

    Ning Meng quickly waved her hand. "You're not late at all! It's just started!"

    After Huo Beichen had sat down, he leaned toward her and whispered to ask, "How are the preparations for your team?"

    Her ear tingled where his breath had brushed against, and she went numb as his words traveled from her ear straight into her heart. She held her breath and blinked, blurting out some nonsense to suppress her anxiousness.

    "Everything is in order, all that's missing is your kiss!"

    His expression froze when he heard this. Soon enough, he smiled slightly and looked at her deeply with his glowing eyes. At this point, a roar erupted in the auditorium, and a person on the side alerted Ning Meng. "Hey, both of you are caught on camera!"

    Ning Meng was stunned and looked toward the big screen. Indeed, she saw that Huo Beichen and her were displayed right there on the screen. Ning Meng had always been a bold person, and so, she smiled and greeted the camera.

    A beautiful lady like her naturally caused the audience to cheer louder, and amidst the rowdiness, Ning Meng noticed on the screen that Huo Beichen was looking at her solemnly. She turned her head to look at him as well, and when their eyes met, the auditorium suddenly erupted into a deafening roar.

    Ning Meng was confused. "Lord Chen, what are they cheering for?"

    Although they both looked charming, they were not celebrities and were only normal citizens. Something like this should not trigger a reaction as big as this!

    He quietly laughed and leaned next to her ear. "Did you know that there is this tradition in every E-Sports competition?"


    "If the camera catches a couple sitting together, they need to kiss."

    Ning Meng's eyes widened and she looked at him as though she had been wronged. He raised his arm and pressed against the back of her head with his big hand.

    "Meng Meng, now, everything is in order."