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Chapter 251 - Goddess Su

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 251: Goddess Su

    “Big Boss, where have you been lately?”

    After all the other key employees of the company had left the conference room, Luo Qi quickly got to work. Although she was the head of the creative design department, she dressed like a young girl. When she winked with her beautiful eyes, she looked as lively as a 17- or 18-year-old girl.

    “President Xiao went to bathe himself in urine!” Zhang Dashan joked.

    Bathe… Bathe in urine?

    Luo Qi, Li Zimeng, and Lin Chongdong were all stunned. They knew what a bath was, but bathing in urine? What did that even mean? Thinking of what they seen meant, they were disgusted.

    Xiao Luo gave Zhang Dashan a menacing glare. She thought, What the heck is this fella trying to do?

    Zhang Dashan awkwardly stuttered a few nonsense words before finally saying, “Not bathing in urine but hitting on a girl [1]. I twisted my tongue just now and mispronounced it.”

    Ah, hitting on a girl!

    Luo Qi and the others were relieved. It was a good thing that Xiao Luo was hitting on a girl. Had he really gone bathing in urine? How pungent would that smell be?

    Luo Qi pouted and seemed sad as she said, “Big Boss, why are you hitting on girls? What if I let you hit on me?”

    Eh, what is going on?

    Lin Chongdong inhaled deeply. The illicit affair between Xu Guansong and Guo Fu had just been exposed. Were President Xiao and Luo Qi also having an illicit affair that was about to be exposed?

    “President Xiao, as the boss of the company, everything you do represents the image of the company. I feel that you have taken things too far.” Li Zimeng was obviously jealous. After speaking a few words, she turned to leave the conference room.

    “Big Boss, you make us so sad, hmmph!”

    Luo Qi also left like a little girl in a fit of pique.

    Damn, what is happening now?

    Lin Chongdong was stunned. Why had the two pretty ladies in the company gotten upset after learning that President Xiao had been hitting on a girl? Could it be a love triangle with Luo Qi and Li Zimeng falling for President Xiao at the same time?

    Damn, surely not, right? This is such hot gossip!

    He suddenly realized that Xiao Luo was looking at him.

    He couldn’t help but shiver and awkwardly laugh. “President Xiao, I… I don’t know anything…”

    Xiao Luo quickly defended himself. “Lin Chongdong, it is not as you think. Nothing is going on between me and them.”

    Lin Chongdong hurriedly agreed. “Yes, yes, yes. There is definitely nothing between you and them. Rest assured, President Xiao, I will take it to my grave and never spread any word about it. I still have work to do, so please allow me to take my leave.”

    After speaking, he respectfully left.

    Xiao Luo’s mood turned gloomy. He wasn’t sure what had just happened. What did that he mean by bringing it to his grave and never spreading any word about it? There really was nothing between him, Luo Qi, and Li Zimeng.

    “Goddamnit, what is this? How did such a big misunderstanding even come about?”

    Zhang Dashan felt that the situation was unfair. He said with a hint of pity, “Old Xiao, I feel that what you have done will soon be known throughout the company.”

    Xiao Luo looked at him menacingly and thought, Wasn’t it exactly because you were spouting nonsense?

    “F*ck, why are you looking at me like that? I was just talking nonsense to liven up the atmosphere. What the heck do I have to do with you being misunderstood by Lin Chongdong as having a relationship with the two pretty ladies of the company?” Zhang Dashan defended himself, feeling very wronged.

    Looking at his expression, which made him seem as innocent as could be, Xiao Luo wanted to send him flying into a wall with a kick.


    That night, Xiao Luo bought a table full of liquor and food. He invited Feng Wuhen and the others to have steamboat in his rented apartment.

    The air on the top floor was very fresh. A slight breeze blew, but they didn’t feel cold since they were eating steamboat and drinking liquor.

    Tang Ren and Xiao Ruyi still had to work, so they didn’t come. Xiao Luo had asked them to come to his company more than once. Although Tang Ren looked rather dumb, he more or less had his own proudness as a man and insisted on working in the hospital. He liked his job as a doctor.

    Xiao Ruyi followed her husband. She was also determined to continue working as a nurse at Tang Ren’s side.

    Xiao Luo sat on the bench and drank a cup of beer. He lifted his head to look at the night sky. The past few months had seemed very surreal. It was as if he was in a dream. Five months ago, he was just an engineer toiling laboriously in the Huahai Corporation. Now, he was the boss of Luo’s Workshop.

    Even though Luo’s Workshop was nothing when viewed in the context of the entire nation, in the small city of Jiangcheng, it was already among the top 20 companies.

    Feng Wuhen suddenly stood up. He held his glass of liquor with both hands and extended them toward Xiao Luo. “Brother Xiao, if not for you, we five would have long since been hacked to death by the members of the Dragon Gang. We wouldn’t have been able to find a living in Jiangcheng anyway, so we would have probably starved to death by now. Brother Xiao, you are our benefactor. I, Feng Wuhen, will never forget about the help you have given us!”

    The other four also stood up, holding their glasses in both hands. Their expressions were serious, and their gazes respectful.

    Finally, the five of them said in unison, “Brother Xiao, we drink to you!”

    Xiao Luo stood up and patted Feng Wuhen on the shoulder. “I don’t like melodramatic people, so don’t act that way with me from now on.”

    As he spoke, he tilted his head backward and finished his drink in one gulp.

    “Yes, Brother Xiao.”

    Feng Wuhen and the others moved in unison, emptying their glasses in one gulp.

    “What the heck! Eat your steamboat. There’s no need for overly affectionate words. If you all really want to thank Old Xiao, you all can take on the task of cleaning up after we finish the steamboat.”

    Zhang Dashan ate a slice of beef and asked, “Oh yeah, why didn’t you all manage to buy the beef pizzle I wanted? Didn’t I tell you all that you must absolutely buy that?”

    “Brother Zhang, we visited a few wet markets but didn’t see anyone selling that,” Feng Wuhen said with a frown.

    “Duh, the supply for such a nutritious thing as beef pizzle far exceeds the demand,” Zhang Dashan said. “I will gladly admit defeat if you can buy it without placing an advanced order with the butcher selling beef.”

    Feng Wuhen didn’t say anything. Either way, he hadn’t bought it. He continued eating as if nothing had happened. He was totally unconcerned about it.

    Little Five rather sheepishly said to Zhang Dashan, “Brother Zhang, it is not called beef pizzle but bull penis.”

    “Bull penis your head. I just feel like calling it beef pizzle or bull balls. Can you do anything about it?” Zhang Dashan raised his voice.

    Everyone was speechless.

    Having filled his stomach and drunk enough, Zhang Dashan began scrolling on the friends’ circle on his phone and reading entertainment news. After having spent some time in Jiangcheng, Feng Wuhen and the others had also become addicted to their phones. After clearing the table, they happily took out their phones to just like Zhang Dashan.

    Zhang Dashan suddenly banged the table and yelled in immense disappointment, “Damn, Su Li, the national goddess, has come to Jiangcheng to host a concert. How did I not know about this!”

    “Stop being so jumpy. Are you looking for a beating?”

    Xiao Luo gave him an angry look. Zhang Dashan’s banging the table had almost caused the teacup he placed at the edge of it to tip over. If it had tipped over, the tea inside would have spilled onto his trousers.

    “Beating your ass, come. Just read this piece of news. Goddess Su came to Jiangcheng for a concert in front of 50,000 people on the 30th last month.” Zhang Dashan held the phone up for Xiao Luo to see.

    Xiao Luo sarcastically asked, “Are you giving up on Huang Ruoran?”

    “Of course, I want Sister Huang, but I also want my idol,” Zhang Dashan said. “Goddess Su is a real goddess, a celestial being that can only be worshipped from afar with no blasphemy allowed. I’ve watched all her movies and shows. All the characters she has played are very memorable. Even my mom is one of her super fans. She told me how to pick a significant order according to what Goddess Su is like. Last time, she even asked me to become a crowd actor in the movie Goddess Su was filming simply because she wanted an autograph from Goddess Su.”

    [1] A Chinese pun. “Pao niao” means “bathing in urine” while “pao niu” means “hitting on a girl.” The two sound similar.