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Chapter 207 - They Could Change Their Minds

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 207: They Could Change Their Minds

    How could Su Cha become number two?

    Everyone was shocked.

    [I’m shocked by her comeback!]

    [What? She has bought the votes, hasn’t she?]

    [It can’t be. Weren’t the audiences chosen randomly?]

    [Even if she could buy the votes, she had no time to arrange it. And why should Yu Siqing aim at her if she has paid?]

    [Wasn’t Jin Mou the one who had been allegedly chosen as the division champion….I knew I can’t trust the gossip!]

    [Hahahaha. If this doesn’t go with an inside story, what else could? How can she pass as a pending contestant and become the number two of the division?]

    [The judges are shocked as well. Didn’t they expect it to happen?]

    [She has definitely bought the votes! Otherwise, there can’t be so many fans of hers. I don’t buy it!]

    [Can’t fans of other contestants vote for her? Su Cha sang so well that I find it natural for other fans to change their minds. It’s better to let Su Cha pass than those who could not sing.]

    [Aha I can’t stop laughing at Dong Yishan’s expressions. She was so happy when Su Cha went to the pending area. No wonder she had slandered Su Cha out of the show. She was so jealous of her!]

    [Hey you! Did Dong Yishan plow your family graveyard or what?]


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    The host was surprised the minute he read Su Cha’s name.

    Out of instinct, he looked in the eyes of the backstage directors, who shrugged and nodded back at him.

    They meant that they did not cheat in it and Su Cha was truly the number two.

    Xu Cunjian and Quan Jia looked at each other in surprise. And the contestants were even more shocked.

    Mona’s smile froze for a second.

    Even though she had become the division champion, she became unhappy when their points were announced.

    Mona: 145 points.

    Su Cha: 105 points.

    She had passed to Top Ten directly and had got 15 points from the judges. In other words, she had got 130 points from 26 audience members.

    Su Cha had gotten 19 audience’s members votes along with the judges’ 10 points.

    If she had not been sent to the pending crowd before because of Yu Siqing, she would have definitely become the division champion.

    Mona found it troublesome.

    She did not outrun Su Cha greatly, so she could be criticized by people in the future that if Su Cha had not been sent to pending, she could never become the division champion.

    A ruthless look flashed on Mona’s face. It disappeared quickly in the camera and hardly anyone noticed it.

    Number three was Jin Mou. Number four was Huang Xiaojia. Number five was Le Anqi…

    Number nine was Dong Yishan.

    Many people were already shocked when Su Cha was announced number two. Dong Yishan’s face lost color when she found that she was number nine.

    The last few contestants did not get many votes because most audiences had voted for Su Cha. Their points could not compare with those of the Top Three.

    Su Cha remained calm and quiet as she stood at the center of the crowd on the stage.

    She was still smiling, which made her look like the most glamorous queen who was as beautiful as the sun and had attracted everyone.

    Her appearance and performance on the stage had won many audiences’ favor. They came to watch other girls and found them incomparable with Su Cha, so they changed to support her.

    The production crew was right. Each contestant had an average number of fans. But fans could change their minds.