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Chapter 540 - Dr. Xiao Fang Can’t Leave!

Medical Master
     Fang Qiu went forward to feel his pulse.

    As he did it, Fang Qiu’s expression gradually changed, and he frowned slightly.

    After feeling the pulse, he found that this middle-aged man’s physical function was already very weak, and he was exhausted to this extent. He must have suffered great pain during the period when he was ill. Otherwise, it was impossible that he wore himself out to this extent.

    “Poor parents in the world.” Fang Qiu sighed from the bottom of his heart.

    Seeing that Fang Qiu finished feeling the pulse and frowned again, the boy suddenly became nervous. He looked at Fang Qiu with hope and asked in a panic and fearful tone, “Fang… Dr. Fang, can you cure my father?”

    “Yes, I can.” Fang Qiu nodded and patted the boy on the shoulder, indicating him not to worry.

    “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

    Without extra words of thanks, the boy immediately knelt down when he heard Fang Qiu’s answer. He kept expressing his gratitude to Fang Qiu while kowtowing heavily to Fang Qiu.

    “All right, all right.” Fang Qiu hurriedly helped the boy up and said, “Don’t worry. I am a doctor. It’s my duty to treat patients as a doctor.”

    After helping the boy up, Fang Qiu said, “I’ll treat your father now.”

    Upon hearing that, the boy hurriedly stepped aside.

    The others also retreated to the door. In front of the one-meter-wide corridor at the foot of the bed, all the space on the left side of the bed was left to Fang Qiu.

    No one dared to speak.

    As usual, Fang Qiu took a deep breath and slowly reached out his hand to press the patient’s stomach gently.

    Then he immediately mobilized his internal Qi and channeled it into the patient’s body.

    Different from the previous treatments, this time, Fang Qiu didn’t immediately cure the patient. Instead, he first used his internal Qi to nourish the patient’s whole body, mobilizing the patient’s Qi and guiding it to expand so as to restore the patient’s physical function.

    When it was almost replenished, he began to use the methods of strengthening vital Qi to eliminate the pathogenic factors and promoting blood circulation for removing blood stasis to cure the patient.

    Everyone just watched quietly, and no one dared to speak.

    Next to him, the boy directly stayed in the corner and looked at Fang Qiu with his hopeful eyes. His breathing was so light because he was afraid of disturbing Fang Qiu.

    Just like that, the boy maintained his state of extreme nervousness for 40 minutes.

    Forty minutes later, “Phew… ”

    Fang Qiu, who was covered with sweat, finally took back his palms that were pressed on the patient’s stomach. He let out a long breath and said, “It’s done.”

    “Really?” The boy came forward in surprise.

    “Yes,” Fang Qiu said with a smile.

    At this time. “Oh.”

    On the bed, the patient suddenly covered his stomach with both hands and frowned.

    As the crowd saw this, their faces changed.

    Was there something wrong? Didn’t Fang Qiu cure him?

    Was there really a problem?

    However, the patient said, “I’m so hungry.”

    To everyone’s surprise, the patient opened his mouth and said, “I haven’t had an appetite for several days. Why do I feel like my stomach is empty now? I’m so hungry.”

    “I, I’ll go to cook some noodles.” The boy was shocked for a moment, and then quickly ran out to cook noodles.

    A short while later, he carried a big bowl of noodles to the room.

    The boy’s father took it, blew it cold, and started to eat it. Soon, he finished all the noodles.

    In the end, he wiped his mouth with his hand as if he hadn’t had enough.

    “Dr. Xiao Fang, thank you, thank you.” After eating noodles, the patient propped himself up and was about to get out of bed to thank Fang Qiu.

    “It’s okay.” Fang Qiu nodded and stopped the patient from getting out of bed. At the same time, he said, “Although the disease has been cured, you still need to rest for a few days because your body has worn out during the time when you were sick.”

    The middle-aged man replied, “No, my son just went to college. How can I rest at home? I have to work to make money.”

    “Do you want to help your son, or do you want to harm him?” Fang Qiu shook his head and said, “Only when you get well will your son focus on study. You are just cured now. What should you do if you don’t completely recover and go out to work and cause other diseases? You want your son to worry about you all the time? Do you want to have another illness and let your son drop out of school for you? Don’t you want him to go to college?”

    “I… ” The middle-aged man had nothing to say.

    The boy cut in, “Dad, Dr. Fang is right. You should have a good rest. My college entrance examination is over. I can take care of you at home during this period, and I can also go out to work. As long as you can get well, I am willing to do anything for you. If you don’t listen to Dr. Fang, I won’t go to school anymore.”

    “All right. All right.” The middle-aged man gave a wry smile and said, “I’ll just rest, okay?”

    Upon hearing that, everyone laughed.

    Fang Qiu also smiled.

    But at this moment. “Dong!”

    The boy suddenly knelt down and said to Fang Qiu, “Dr. Fang, I don’t know how to thank you. It’s you who saved my dad’s life. I can only kowtow to you.”

    After that, he began to kowtow to Fang Qiu again.

    “Don’t.” Before his head was about to hit the ground, Fang Qiu directly lifted the boy’s forehead with his palm and then helped him up. He said, “I don’t need you to thank me, and you don’t need to kowtow to me either. It’s my duty to save people, and what you should do is to study well and be filial to your father in the future. If you can do it, it’ll mean that I don’t save this person for nothing.”

    “Okay, I’ll listen to you.” The boy nodded heavily and said, “I’m going to apply for a TCM college. I must learn from you and save more people when I have the ability in the future.”

    Fang Qiu nodded with a smile. “Great.”

    Everyone was happy and harmonious at the moment.

    At the door, Director Li Huawen also laughed.

    This material was perfect. Wasn’t it a good topic for the audience?

    After Fang Qiu finished seeing the patient, the group of people returned to the Puji Clinic on the same route they came.

    On the way, more and more villagers followed them.

    “Look, now even those who don’t know you recognize you. How can you record the show like this?”

    Looking at the group of people behind him, Li Huawen forced a smile helplessly.

    “That’s true.” Fang Qiu nodded.

    He knew the reason why the show did this was to record the fifteen participants’ consultation without the effect of fame and fortune. Things would be different if they were affected.

    “How about this.” Li Huawen said as he walked, “There’s nothing we can do in this place. I’ve already asked someone to find a new place for you, and then we’ll go there directly. But because we’ve spent so much time here, I’m afraid that after we change the place, we’ll have to finish the shooting for another day.”

    Fang Qiu nodded. “Okay, no problem.”

    Back to the clinic, the covert cameras which were installed in the clinic had almost been taken away. Li Huawen got on the car first. Fang Qiu got on the car with his PD and VJ and prepared to leave.

    However, although all the people had got in the car, the car couldn’t move at all.

    Everyone took a look and found that the people in the town blocked the road directly.

    What was more, they were using the huge-crowd strategy!

    “You can’t go. Dr. Xiao Fang can’t go.”

    “Don’t take Dr. Xiao Fang away.”

    “Yes, it isn’t easy to have a powerful doctor in our Qimen town. How could we let him go?”

    “Today we’ll block the road. Let’s see who can take Dr. Xiao Fang away!”

    When Fang Qiu went to treat the boy’s father, Feng Xuexin was ready to take over the job of seeing patients. When the townspeople saw this, they knew that the program team was going to take Fang Qiu away, so they hurriedly called everyone over. Almost all the people in the town were gathered here, which caused this road to be blocked.

    Some people thought that these people were not enough to block the road. Others even deflated their car.

    This time, Li Huawen and the staff of the show were stunned all of a sudden.

    How could they do this?

    The PD asked, “What should we do now?”

    The director said helplessly, “Why don’t we call the police?”

    “Even if the police came, it would be hard to explain this situation.”

    The PD arched his eyebrows and said wryly, “Moreover, it will take them at least a few hours to get here if we call the police now. If the police of this town are sent here, it’s useless. But if we wait for the city police to come, I’m afraid that all the tires of our car will be deflated.”

    Director Li Huawen was speechless. “What else can we do?”

    “Why don’t we offer free treatments here?” Fang Qiu suddenly said, “Although I don’t know your real intention, since we are all here and I am a doctor of Chinese Medicine, I can’t leave my patients behind.”

    “Well, this…” Director Li Huawen thought for a while.

    He knew that if he really did it according to what Fang Qiu said, it would be very difficult to control the whole situation, and there would be a huge amount of material.

    But at the same time, this would be a very big gimmick.

    Perhaps, if they did according to what Fang Qiu said, the ratings of the last two episodes might really exceed 8%.

    Thinking of this, Director Li Huawen nodded and said, “It seems that this is the only way.”

    Since it had been decided, they had to go all out no matter how difficult it was.

    Li Huawen said, “Since you are the one to offer this, it’s up to you to decide on your free clinical treatments. When do you want to start?”

    Fang Qiu said, “Anytime.”

    “All right.” Li Huawen nodded, opened the door, and went off. Looking at the people who surrounded them tightly, he said, “Since everyone is so enthusiastic to keep us here, then we won’t leave. An hour later, Fang Qiu will offer free treatments at the Puji Clinic. If you have the medical history book recently, I suggest you bring it here.”

    Upon hearing that, everyone was so ecstatic.

    Everyone started to shout in unison. “Powerful doctor! Highly-skilled doctor…”

    Fang Qiu and the staff of the show had to get off and return to the Puji Clinic again.

    After that, the news that Fang Qiu was going to see patients for free in the Puji Clinic quickly spread throughout the town. Each family in the town was packing up and rushing to the clinic as long as there were patients in their families who were not feeling well.

    When Fang Qiu and the others returned to the clinic, they saw that Feng Xuexin had just put on his white coat and was ready to see patients.

    “What’s going on?” As Feng Xuexin saw Fang Qiu, his eyes immediately widened. He said with a depressed face, “Why are you back again? Are you leaving or not? Just tell me. Fang Qiu, you’re going to be an uncle now. Do you think it’s meaningful to torment your nephew like this?”

    “I’m not leaving.” Fang Qiu gave a wry smile and said, “Now I can’t leave even if I want to. I’ve discussed with the director and decided to stay and see patients for free for three days.”

    “Honey!” Feng Xuexin’s eyes lit up. He shouted to the backyard at once, and then quickly took off the white coat that he had just put on. Then he directly pulled out the suitcase from the back of the medicine cabinet, seeming that he was going to set off immediately. He said to Fang Qiu smugly, “I know you can’t leave now. Ha-ha. See you three days later.”

    After that, he took Yang Fang who already packed up and was ready to walk out of the backyard and left the clinic.