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Chapter 288 - One More Kiss!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 288: One More Kiss!

    Ning Meng had never in her wildest dreams imagined that there would be such a tradition in an E-Sports competition, and her eyes widened as she saw the man beside her slowly bend his head down. As he drew closer toward her, she could even see his facial hair. Just as he was about to kiss her, a strange thought popped into her mind.

    ‘What brand of skincare does Lord Chen use? Why is his skin so well-maintained?’

    As soon as she thought about this, she felt his warm lips drop down onto hers. Since they were in front of a crowd, this kiss was light and short, lasting for two seconds before he let go. The crowd broke into such a loud cheer that Ning Meng flushed red in embarrassment.

    ‘Do the people who come and watch E-Sports matches really like to play around like this?’

    Her whole body was slightly frozen. Although she was quite a shameless person, she could not stand the attention any longer. Looking at the big screen, she noticed that the cameraman was being mischievous and the screen was still focused on her.

    Hadn’t it been over half a minute already?

    Ning Meng’s eyes widened as she clasped her hands together and showed a begging posture. Huo Beichen chuckled out loud at the side and kept laughing quietly. The host on stage interacted with the crowd.

    “Since the cameraman is not shifting his focus, does that mean that we need another kiss?”

    As soon as he said that, the crowd cheered along, “One more kiss! One more kiss!”

    Ning Meng was rendered speechless and buried her face into her hands. Huo Beichen on the other hand was calm throughout. His ears were slightly red, but he faintly said, “Let’s not. She’s embarrassed.”

    After he said this, he took the opportunity to raise his arm to allow Ning Meng to hide her face against his chest, his eyes lightly sweeping over toward the camera lens. When the cameraman saw that he was faintly glaring at him, he was shocked into guilt and finally changed his focus onto another person.

    Ning Meng still had her face buried in her hands and nervously asked, “Is it over?”

    Huo Beichen saw that she was still hiding her face and smiled in satisfaction. He felt her hair brush against his cheek and used his arm to hold onto her head, slowly answering, “Hang on, let me take a look!”

    When he lifted his head to look at the big screen, it was displaying the participants who had just entered the auditorium. As God was a new challenger and he looked quite handsome, the screen paused on him for a few seconds. God was standing frozen on the spot, looking at the big screen. He seemed to be shocked by what he saw and his eyes showed a slight sense of loss, however, he quickly went back into a smile.

    He was wearing CM’s white team shirt, looking more exquisite than the average celebrity. This had caused the crowd to ask, “Who is this? He’s so good-looking!”

    Huo Beichen chuckled in his heart. Looks like God was quite tactful. If he still had those unrealistic imaginations of being with Ning Meng, he would have to execute a plan to make Ning Meng maintain a distance from him. As he was thinking about this, the lady in his embrace asked again, “Is it over yet?”

    Huo Beichen’s icy cold eyes from earlier slowly melted and he patted her head, tangling her hair around his slender fingers. When he was satisfied, only then did he answer her, “Yeah.”


    Ning Meng breathed a sigh of relief and raised her head. As she had been cooped up, her face was warm and she used her hand to fan herself while her eyes darted around the area.

    “Sigh. They must have focused on us for at least two minutes. Why did they need to do that for so long?”

    Huo Beichen remained silent. Just as she was about to say something else, someone passed by.

    Lu Jiahao glared at her in resentment. “Mrs. Huo?” His voice carried a sinister air.

    “So, you’ve been looking for men to play with behind Mr. Huo’s back, huh? And obviously out in the open at that?”