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Chapter 277 - He Can’t Beat Me One-on-One

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 277: He Can’t Beat Me One-on-One

    Li Yibo had had enough of her. He kept quiet and attacked Jian Qi. His movement was fast and swift!

    Jian Qi bent over and dodged him. She began fighting him seriously!

    Li Yibo was not someone easy to fight against.

    She also promised Little Tang Tang that she would properly torture Li Yibo after what had happened in the office. Li Yibo was really a nuisance!

    She had not even bullied Tang Jinyu, how could she let someone else do it first!

    In the midst of the fight, Li Yibo noticed Jian Qi’s bare arms and frowned. “Where is your wristband?”

    Jian Qi smirked. “You guess!”

    Li Yibo was irritated. “Have you been eliminated?”

    “You guess!”

    Li Yibo. “…”

    Guess your head!

    Li Yibo frowned. Since there was no wristband, he did not have to worry about eliminating her. He just needed to teach her a lesson and make sure she would stay humble!

    And be less arrogant!

    The fight between the two was different from the fight between the other four.

    Lu Yao and the others were more focused on getting rid of each others’ wristbands. Hence, they were not too harsh on attacking each other.

    However, the fight between Jian Qi and Li Yibo was more serious. When Li Yibo could not find the wristband, he just wanted to teach Jian Qi a lesson and show her what a real close combat fight was!

    Jian Qi had the same idea in mind.

    But her goal was simple. She just wanted to take Li Yibo down with her punches!

    Meanwhile, everyone else in the surveillance room was excited watching the two of them fight.

    “What is Big Sister Qi doing?” Crocodile gasped, “She is challenging him all by herself!”

    Lightning held his chin. “But Big Sister Qi is not losing to him though!”

    Feng Yi was proud. “How would my goddess give it up so easily?”

    Surprisingly, Crocodile did not tease him. He looked at the screen. “This fight is going to end soon!”

    Just as the fight was going on with Lu Yao and the others, there were people fighting at two other places as well!

    As the people were spectating, the fight at the other two places had come to an end.

    The fight with Lu Yao and the freshman had also come to an end.

    Lu Yao won against the veterans. He activated the wristband on his opponent first, and then went over to help the freshman to activate the other veteran’s wristband!

    They both won.

    Hence, the final six had been produced!

    Three freshmen and three veterans. It was a surprising result!

    But that also meant that the freshmen were strong!

    After Lu Yao and the freshman had won, they walked toward Jian Qi. Jian Qi knew that they wanted to help her and she stopped them, “The both of you should get some rest. I’ll fight Sir for a while. I’ll make him realize that he can’t beat a soldier from the Special Fire Team even if it’s one-on-one!”

    At first, Li Yibo thought that it might be a challenge to fight three people at once. But he was surprised that the girl had the guts to not ask for assistance!

    That attitude was really arrogant and irritating!

    Lu Yao and the freshman looked at each other. Since there were only six of them left, the fight was over. Hence, they just let her be!

    They stopped moving.

    The two veterans smiled at the side, “Bravo, Big Sister Qi!”

    Tang Jinyu looked at the scene, he frowned. He commanded his subordinates, “Get those three veterans to gather there!”

    Tang Jinyu then turned around and left.