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Chapter 472 - The Truth Behind The Curse Of Five Poison Sec

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 472: The Truth Behind The Curse Of Five Poison Sect

    “I don’t know what her name is. I only know that she’s very beautiful and has a nice fragrance. Just smelling her fragrance makes me want to follow her,” Black Dictator said. If she hadn’t been so cruel in capturing Xiao Ming and Xiao Hong, Black Dictator would have almost abandoned Ye Yu to leave with her.

    “A beautiful woman with a nice fragrance?” Yun Jiuge asked. She remembered that the woman from Empress Temple had a beautiful silhouette as well.

    But even if she knew that the Nascent Soul Cultivator was a woman, she still didn’t know how to deal with her!

    “Wu Lan once said that the Divine Temple was built after her father had received instruction from the Gods. She should have some news about that woman,” Zi Shang said. He had already vaguely guessed something but needed further confirmation.

    “What if Wu Lan is unwilling to tell us? Can your Demonic Eye deal with her?” Yun Jiuge asked. Wu Lan was not only a Golden Core Cultivator, but there was also more to her than met the eye. Such a person could not be easily controlled by the Demonic Eye.

    “I don’t just have the Demonic Eye,” Zi Shang said coldly. If Wu Lan was unwilling to cooperate, he did not mind using some extreme means.

    “Okay!” Yun Jiuge said and nodded. In this situation, they had no time to slowly get to know Wu Lan.

    “Wait, you’re not going to kill Wu Lan and her sister, right?” Ye Yu asked, belatedly realizing what they meant.

    “We’ll see what they say,” Zi Shang said. He wasn’t going to kill her, but who knows what else he might do.

    “Miss, Wu Lan and her sister aren’t bad people. Let me talk to them,” Ye Yu offered. After all, he was their benefactor — surely they would give him some face!

    “You?” Yun Jiuge asked. She looked Ye Yu up and down and shook her head saying, “No offense, but if you knew what they’ve done before, you wouldn’t say that.”

    “What have they done?” Ye Yu said, suddenly nervous.

    “They treated your corpse as a minion, with no respect at all, and used your blood for its magical powers. If I’d arrived a few days later, who knows how many body parts you’d have left,” Yun Jiuge said, trying to intimidate Ye Yu.

    She didn’t want Ye Yu to be a burden while she was dealing with Wu Lan.

    “How could they be so vicious,” Ye Yu said, deeply hurt. He had risked his life to save them, yet they just treated him as a test subject. It didn’t feel good to be used like that.

    “You really don’t know how to judge a woman, just be more careful next time!” Yun Jiuge said and patted Ye Yu’s shoulder sympathetically.

    “Miss, you’ve misunderstood. I didn’t mean it that way,” Ye Yu said frantically. He had saved Wu Lan and her sister out of good intentions and not for any other purposes.

    “I’m just kidding, Wu Lan and her sister aren’t your type anyway. Just stay here and continue pretending to be unconscious. Don’t let them see through you. Also, help me take care of that person on the second floor,” Yun Jiuge said. Yin Shili was so weak that even a child would be able to kill him, thus Yun Jiuge was worried about leaving him alone in the Ice Stone Building.

    “Who’s that person on the second floor?” Ye Yu asked.

    “Yin Shili, the Sect Leader of Yin Corpse Sect. He was struck by the devouring power and is now very weak. He needs someone to protect him,” Yun Jiuge said in a low voice.

    “Don’t worry, I’ll look after him,” Ye Yu replied and nodded.

    “I’ll leave it to you then,” Yun Jiuge said. She then jumped down from the third-floor window and quietly went to the bamboo building in the middle of the valley.

    At this time, Wu Lan had just finished the task of isolating the valley and was resting. When she saw Yun Jiuge entering, she was taken aback and asked, “What brings Miss Yun here?” Why hadn’t Wu Ya warned her in advance?

    “I collected some cursing power in the valley just now, and specially brought it to you to have a look. I hope it helps,” Yun Jiuge said. She took out the jade bottle filled with cursing power removed from Ye Yu.

    Wu Lan immediately took a step back, as if Yun Jiuge had just taken out a bottle of poison.

    “Don’t be nervous, this bottle is specially made by our Yin Corpse Sect. It won’t let the cursing power escape,” Yun Jiuge said. This bottle was a Yin Qi bottle modified by Zi Shang which was useful in storing the cursing power safely.

    “Sorry, I’m just frightened by these strange powers,” Wu Lan said. She sighed and smiled embarrassedly.

    “It’s a good thing that Miss Wu Lan is alert,” Yun Jiuge replied and put the jade bottle down on the table.

    Wu Lan gingerly opened the jade bottle and found that it did contain the cursing power. She said in surprise, “Miss Yun, since you can make such a bottle, you must be a way to deal with the cursing power.”

    “That’s right, I do have a way. But whether or not I’ll help you depends on your sincerity,” Yun Jiuge said casually.

    “Whatever Miss Yun needs, just tell me. As long as I, Wu Lan, can do it, I won’t reject you,” Wu Lan said without hesitation.

    “I just want to know what happened when your father received instruction from the Gods. Please tell me what happened thoroughly,” Yun Jiuge emphasized. “This matter is very important and is related to the survival of Shiwan Grand Mountain.”

    “Miss Yun, I only heard my father mention it briefly, so I don’t know what happened exactly,” Wu Lan said and shook her head.

    “Miss Wu Lan, I’ll be honest with you. Actually, I’ve already been to the Divine Temple on Empress Mountain, and there’s a woman who seems to be a Nascent Soul Cultivator. The cursing power and devouring power are of her doing.

    I’ve every intention to help you deal with her, but your attitude makes me feel like it’s not worth the risk,” Yun Jiuge said while watching Wu Lan’s expression.

    Seeing her slightly moved but still a little hesitant, Yun Jiuge stood up and said, “Since I can make a bottle to contain the cursing power, I naturally have a way to leave Shiwan Grand Mountain safely. Since you’ve no sincerity, I shall bid you farewell.”

    “Miss Yun, please wait,” Wu Lan said and quickly stopped Yun Jiuge. She couldn’t let her only possible savior leave like this.

    “Miss Wu Lan, what’s the matter?” Yun Jiuge asked, raising her eyebrows.

    “Miss Yun, I can’t hide this from you any longer. Actually, it had nothing to do with instruction from the Gods. It was a woman with a high cultivation level that forced my father into helping her build the Divine Temple.

    That woman was ruthless and cruel. She not only stole the treasures accumulated by Five Poison Sect over hundreds of years, but she also deliberately made things difficult for my father by asking him to find someone,” Wu Lan said.

    When Wu Lan mentioned that woman, she gritted her teeth. Her face was grim and full of hatred.

    “Who did she ask you to find?” Yun Jiuge asked.

    “She asked us to find a noble, mysterious, and immaculately beautiful woman. She said that this woman was the most perfect person in the world and that everyone would love her at first sight.”

    With sadness and indignation, Wu Lan asked, “Miss Yun, do you think there’s such a woman? I don’t even think God would fit that description!”

    “If there’s such a magical woman, I’d also want to see her,” Yun Jiuge said and shook her head. She also felt that the woman was deliberately making things difficult for the Religious Leader of Five Poison Sect.

    “Because my father failed to help her complete the task, in a fit of anger, she turned everyone in the Five Poison Sect into stone statues,” Wu Lan said. Her eyes were red, and she couldn’t help crying. She begged, “Miss Yun, that woman is a lunatic. Please help me destroy her and save the Five Poison Sect!”