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Chapter 473 - The Person She’s Looking For Is You

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 473: The Person She’s Looking For Is You

    “Then have you seen her before? What does she look like? What magic weapon does she use and what are its characteristics?” Yun Jiuge fired off questions like a cannon.

    “I haven’t seen her before. These were all conveyed to me by my father in his last words,” Wu Lan said. She shook her head and sighed. If she had seen the woman, she would have definitely fought her to death.

    Yun Jiuge frowned and secretly transmitted to Zi Shang, “After talking for so long, we still have no useful clues.”

    “Who says we’ve no useful clues? I already know who the woman at the Divine Temple is looking for,” Zi Shang replied.

    “Who is it?” Yun Jiuge asked in surprise.

    “Are you really dumb or are you pretending to be dumb? The person she’s looking for is you!” Zi Shang said, looking Yun Jiuge up and down.

    “Are you kidding?” Yun Jiuge exclaimed. She didn’t feel that she had anything to do with being noble, mysterious, or beautiful. And definitely not with making one fall in love with her at first sight.

    “Not your present self, but your past self,” Zi Shang said. In Yun Jiuge’s past life, she was a Goddess in the Canglan Continent.

    “Okay, why is she looking for my past self?” Yun Jiuge asked. She felt uneasy. It’d better not be another ill-fated relationship!

    “If I haven’t guessed wrongly, that woman should be the Princess of the Ling Clan, your previous handmaid, Yue Ling’er,” Zi Shang said in a low voice.

    “Ling’er,” Yun Jiuge murmured. The image of a beautiful, kind, and gentle woman’s face immediately surfaced in Yun Jiuge’s mind.

    In the Celestial Palace, Yue Ling’er was the most loyal to her and was even more loyal than Wan Sha.

    “I remember that before I was reincarnated, she had already returned to the Ling Clan to inherit the throne,” Yun Jiuge said. She had personally written a letter to Yue Ling’er, permitting her to leave her post early.

    “That’s right. She returned to the Ling Clan, but not long after, she killed herself,” Zi Shang said. Wan Sha had told him this in private.

    “Impossible!” Yun Jiuge answered in disbelief.

    Even if Yue Ling’er missed her, she would have tried to find her reincarnation instead, like Wan Sha. How could she possibly have killed herself?

    “Why would I lie to you? Wan Sha had gone to the Ling Clan to investigate, but unfortunately, nothing was found,” Zi Shang said with a serious expression on his face.

    “No wonder those devouring powers look familiar. It turned out to be the resentment left behind by Ling’er after her suicide,” Yun Jiuge said, finally accepting this fact.

    The Ling Clan was a peace-loving race. Although their fighting prowess was not great, no one dared to offend them. This was because after their deaths, they would leave behind very strong powers such as the cursing power and devouring power.

    “Now we can’t deal with this situation by fighting, but only use our wits. We must find a way to eliminate her resentment,” Zi Shang said solemnly.

    Currently, Yue Ling’er possessed a Spiritual Body, which was immortal. Even if Yun Jiuge used the Holy Flames to kill her, it would be of no use.

    Her remaining resentment would not be gone.

    Previously, Yun Jiuge could have used her Holy Power to remove it, but now, it was impossible to do so.

    “I don’t even know what her resentment is about, so how can I eliminate it?” Yun Jiuge asked. In her memory, Yue Ling’er was someone who was stubborn and did not change her mind easily.

    Although she would unconditionally obey any orders she received, her opinion about a matter would not change. Thus it would be difficult to eliminate her resentment.

    “I’m guessing her resentment was about wanting to stay with you,” Zi Shang said and sighed slightly.

    At that time, the men and women surrounding the Goddess were all desperate to get Yun Jiuge’s attention. Even Zi Shang was no exception.

    “She’s become an Earthbound Spirit and cannot leave Empress Mountain,” Yun Jiuge said with a sigh.

    She actually liked Yue Ling’er very much and didn’t mind her staying by her side forever.

    It was just that her resentment had spread through Shiwan Grand Mountain and was there to stay.

    “You must solve this by yourself. I can’t help you,” Zi Shang said. He could help Yun Jiuge fight and kill, but couldn’t help her unravel the problems relating to other women.

    “You want me to find her by myself?” Yun Jiuge said, a little flustered. The memories she had were all of her past life. In this life, she and Yue Ling’er were strangers, and she had no confidence to deal with her.

    “If she sees me with you, I’m afraid that things will not go well,” Zi Shang said and smiled bitterly. Ling’er looked soft and weak but was actually easily jealous. If she saw him, it would only make things worse.

    “Okay, I’ll go find her and ask her why she committed suicide,” Yun Jiuge gritted her teeth and said. She didn’t believe that Yue Ling’er, who was mentally strong, would commit suicide for no reason and leave behind so much resentment.

    “No, you mustn’t ask her this question,” Zi Shang said firmly.

    “Why?” Yun Jiuge asked. How was she going to eliminate her resentment without understanding the cause of her death?

    “Yue Ling’er’s cursing power hasn’t spread widely yet, indicating that she still retains a certain level of rationality. What if you arouse her painful memories and cause her to go out of control?” Zi Shang said. He had ever encountered a scenario where the Ling Clan’s resentment went out of control. Destroying Shiwan Grand Mountain would be a piece of cake by then.

    “Okay, I’ll go find her first and then see how it goes,” Yun Jiuge sighed as she spoke. No matter what, she had to resolve the grievances from her past life.

    “Before that, you’ll need to get the Five Poison Sect to return what they’ve taken,” Zi Shang said with a cold gaze.

    Although Yue Ling’er had a lot of shortcomings, she was not a bully. If she had asked the Five Poison Sect to help her with something, she would have compensated them fairly. She was definitely not as overbearing and vicious as Wu Lan had described.

    “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure they return it,” Yun Jiuge said. If the Five Poison Sect hadn’t been so greedy, how could they have provoked Ling’er into losing control? She would make them pay for all of this.

    “Miss Yun, what’s the matter?” Wu Lan asked. She saw that Yun Jiuge had drifted off in the middle of her sentence, and couldn’t help but wave a hand in front of her.

    Yun Jiuge came back to the present and looked coldly at Wu Lan.

    “Why is Miss Yun looking at me like this?” Wu Lan asked. Yun Jiuge’s stare made her scalp tingle.

    “Wu Lan, you’re still insisting on hiding things from me? Hasn’t the current outcome of Five Poison Sect taught you a lesson?” Yun Jiuge said and laughed mockingly.

    “I don’t understand what Miss Yun means?” Wu Lan said as her eyes flickered. Her heart was beating fast. Had Yun Jiuge discovered something?

    “If you hand it over now, I might not kill you. Otherwise…” Yun Jiuge answered. Remembering those black eagles in the eagle sanctuary, she decided to give Wu Lan another chance.

    “Miss Yun, you must have misunderstood. My father only left behind his final words and nothing else,” Wu Lan tried to argue. Yun Jiuge didn’t want to listen to her any longer and said, “I’ll give you one night to consider. Either you can keep the treasure and die, or you can help your followers find a way out. Make your decision!”

    After speaking, Yun Jiuge went straight to the Ice Stone Building.

    She found Yin Shili on the third floor, mediating cross-legged. His face was still extremely pale.

    Ye Yu was squatting on the side, guarding him. When Yun Jiuge came back, he immediately asked, “So, are Wu Lan and her sister dead yet?”