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Chapter 208 - Someone Did Not Want To Accept I

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 208: Someone Did Not Want To Accept It

    Yu Siqing stopped smiling. She did not expect Su Cha to be ruled out since she was very popular.

    But she never predicted that she could become number two.

    And if she was not sent to pending, she would almost certainly be the champion. Yu Siqing felt happy that she had taken the champion from Su Cha. But she did not want her to go easily.

    After all the results came out, Yu Siqing said to the production crew, “Is it all fair and just? Is there any vote left or miscounted?”

    Su Cha squeezed her eyes a little.

    The director was puzzled by Yu Siqing’s words. Quan Jia suddenly shouted, “That’s enough!”

    Her scold was loud and startled everyone. They all became quiet.

    On-screen comments were all filled with “Teacher Quan is angry!”

    “Our contest is open, fair, and just. We have watched every contestant’s performance. No one can sabotage it by playing dirty. After all, the audience can tell who is good!”

    Quan Jia was really irritated by Yu Siqing. She almost scolded her by her name. It sounded like Quan Jia was clarifying Yu Siqing’s question and claimed the votes were fair.

    But everyone could tell that she was criticizing Yu Siqing.

    She was angry about Yu’s tricks.

    It was very obvious that she was opposed to Su Cha.

    The contestants who did not want to accept the result could not say anything.

    Yu Siqing kept aiming at Su Cha and finally enraged Quan Jia.

    Now that Quan Jia had said so, Yu Siqing dared not to rebuke, even though she was unhappy.

    Xu Cunjian stood out to mediate and smiled, “Now let’s congratulate the Top Ten and also wish the best of the rest of you. Just keep faith in yourself as you have many other chances in the future. For those who have entered the national contest, we wish you splendid performances in the Imperial Capital!”

    After he spoke, people started to applaud.

    That was the end of the division contest!


    “Su Cha, stay here. Teacher Quan wants to speak with you.”

    After the contest, Le Anqi was so thrilled with Su Cha. She never expected that Su Cha should have a comeback. And Yu Siqing had given her a pass to sow discord between them. Now that she could go to the Imperial Capital together with Su Cha, she was quite relieved and delighted.

    And after the contest, Teacher Quan wanted to speak with Su Cha alone!

    Le Anqi would accompany Su Cha as she waited. But when the officer came to pass the message to Su Cha, she did not hide it from others. Mona and the rest were all disturbed by it. Dong Yishan’s eyes almost turned into a flame-thrower.

    She could no longer pretend to be innocent and naive.

    Jin Mou walked out from the crowd and smiled at her, “Congratulations, Su Cha. We should all step up efforts in the Imperial Capital and try to become the national Top Ten.”

    Su Cha nodded, “Let’s try our best.”

    She said quite calmly and naturally.

    Jin Mou nodded and left.

    The other contestants did not speak with Su Cha before they left as they felt ashamed.

    Le Anqi hummed, “I can see that someone finds this very hard to accept.”