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Chapter 34 - Murmuring

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 34: Murmuring

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    Zhou Wen was slightly surprised. He hadn’t advanced to the Legendary stage, but all his stats had risen by 1 point, from 9 to 10.

    This increment of one point left Zhou Wen somewhat amazed. This was because 9 seemed to be the limits of the Mortal stage. If one didn’t advance to the Legendary stage, absorbing dimensional crystals with values of 10 or more was useless.

    This had already been proven when he absorbed the 13-valued Speed Crystal. However, the appearance of the Lost Immortal Sutra had broken that limitation.

    The moment he thought of it, he realized that the thirteen violet metallic sheets had vanished at some point in time.

    Beside him, Li Xuan was still in cultivation while the driver ahead was isolated from them by a transparent bullet-proof glass. It was impossible for them to have taken the Lost Immortal Sutra away.

    Zhou Wen searched everywhere for the Lost Immortal Sutra’s violet metallic sheets to no avail.

    Zhou Wen frowned slightly, unsure if the loss of the Lost Immortal Sutra was a good or bad thing.

    But since he couldn’t find it, Zhou Wen didn’t force it. Seeing Li Xuan still cultivating his Invincible Connate Divine Art, he raised his phone and began gaming. However, killing ordinary Vigor Ants and Mutated Vigor Ants were of little meaning. He quit the game after playing for a while, leaning into his seat and sleeping.

    If the typical person wanted to sleep, it wasn’t something that could happen at will. However, Zhou Wen was different. If he wished to sleep, he could quickly fall asleep anytime, anywhere. Even if perilous situations were all around him, he could still fall asleep.

    This was a type of talent that not everyone was capable of.

    The reason Zhou Wen decided to sleep now was to figure out if he would still suffer from sleep paralysis after mastering Lost Immortal Sutra.

    Shortly after he fell asleep, Zhou Wen felt his heart race again. He felt stifled in the chest as though something was pressing down on him.

    Zhou Wen was stumped. He had already cultivated the Lost Immortal Sutra, but the anomaly of sleep paralysis remained.

    Not only had it not been removed, but it had appeared to have worsened. Zhou Wen could vaguely hear strange murmurings by his ears. They didn’t sound like they came from the mortal world, appearing in an oxymoronic manner of being extremely far and extremely near. He couldn’t figure out what was being said as they sounded like the ravings of devils in hell.

    In this turbid half-sleep state, Zhou Wen snapped awake from the abnormal state of sleep paralysis only when Li Xuan nudged him awake.

    However, unlike the last two instances of sleep paralysis, Zhou Wen didn’t have the discomfort of having the urge to vomit. He had only broken out into a cold sweat. He felt refreshed when the wind blew on him, giving him a better state of mind.

    “Sunset College follows the management model of a partially-restricted state. After we matriculate, we will have to stay in dorms. Even I’m no exception. Before that, why don’t you stay at my place?” Li Xuan got out of the car and took Zhou Wen to a villa.

    After the dimensional storms, due to Luoyang being rich in pan-dimensional resources, it quickly became a first-tier city of the League’s East District. This area was also the most flourishing area in the city, so every spot was worth its weight in gold. People who could live in such villas were both rich and noble.

    Zhou Wen wasn’t surprised that Li Xuan could live in a place like this. What left him surprised that apart from Li Xuan’s driver, this massive villa didn’t have a single servant.

    “Don’t tell me you clean such a huge place alone?” Zhou Wen asked while sitting on the sofa.

    “There were a few servants in the past, but I managed to get rid of them. After all, I don’t want outsiders to know of certain matters.” Li Xuan took out a beverage can from the refrigerator and threw it at Zhou Wen. He then continued with a smile, “Besides, I seldom return here. As a profligate scion, I naturally have to spend my nights out. That matches my persona. As for you, feel free to stay here. After school begins, I’ll think of a way to get the school to assign us the same dorm.”

    “Aren’t there any single-person dorms in school?” Zhou Wen frowned slightly. He had been used to living alone from a young age. Besides, he needed to game, so it would be better if he lived alone.

    “No. The League has always been thinking up means to nurture our teamwork. Be it in the combat test of having four people a team or the team assignments during university, it’s all built on this premise. It’s especially so for Sunset College which has a military background. The management style is also partially militaristic. It’s impossible to get a single room. Even An Jing has to live in a group dorm,” Li Xuan said.

    “An Jing has also entered Sunset College?” Zhou Wen was slightly taken aback.

    “Definitely. Her elder brother is Overseer An Tianzuo, one of the military brass. She definitely will attend Sunset College which has a militaristic background.”

    Having said that, Li Xuan looked at Zhou Wen with a cheeky smile. “Bro, tell me. How the hell did you offend An Jing? She even especially transferred to Guide High School to beat you up. An Jing would never have done something like that in the past.”

    Zhou Wen thought and asked Li Xuan, “Do you know Ouyang Lan?”

    “Of course, if one doesn’t know Ouyang Lan in a place like Luoyang, they would have lived here for nothing,” Li Xuan said with a smile. “Don’t tell me you offended Ouyang Lan? Then you are truly unlucky. It’s no wonder An Jing came over to beat you up.”

    Zhou Wen shook his head. “I didn’t offend Ouyang Lan.”

    “Then why did you mention her?” Li Xuan looked at Zhou Wen, baffled.

    Zhou Wen asked again, “Has something happened to Ouyang Lan recently?”

    “Yes. Who in Luoyang City doesn’t know that Ouyang Lan has remarried? However, there wasn’t any grand wedding. Only a few close relatives and friends were invited for a gathering. Outsiders don’t even know what kind of man Ouyang Lan has married. I heard it’s a translator with the surname Zhou…” Having said that, Li Xuan’s eyes widened. He looked at Zhou Wen and asked, “Your surname is Zhou as well… Don’t tell me that there’s some relationship between the two of you?”

    Zhou Wen shook his head without a word. Li Xuan felt his curiosity itching at him but was helpless with Zhou Wen refusing to speak.

    After Zhou Wen took up residence in Li Xuan’s place, he went to his room and immediately called Zhou Lingfeng.

    Zhou Lingfeng was his father, not his son. It wasn’t his prerogative to question Zhou Lingfeng’s decisions. Therefore, Zhou Wen had never delved deep into his thoughts before.

    In fact, Zhou Lingfeng had never overturned Zhou Wen’s decisions. He hadn’t even participated or given his advice on something as major as attending university. This had seemingly become something tacit between the father-son duo.

    Zhou Wen called Zhou Lingfeng to inform him that he was in Luoyang and would be attending school at Sunset College.

    “Son, you’re done with the college entrance exam? How did you do?” Zhou Lingfeng’s voice sounded over the phone, sounding lethargic.

    “Not bad. I applied for Sunset College. If nothing surprising crops up, I’ll be attending school at Sunset College in the future,” Zhou Wen said.

    “Sunset College? Isn’t that in Luoyang? Come over and live with me then,” Zhou Lingfeng said.

    “There’s no need to. I’ll be staying at a friend’s place for the time being. I’ll be living on-campus once I matriculate.” Zhou Wen didn’t wish to have any ties with the An family.

    Zhou Lingfeng didn’t force him. “Alright then. If there’s anything, just tell me. I’ll make sure to help you. You are already in college, so you aren’t young anymore. I’ll give you a bit more living allowance in the future.”

    Zhou Wen didn’t reject it but asked, “Dad, where do you obtain the Sun Strafe Art from?”