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Chapter 38 - Are We Continuing?

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 38: Are We Continuing?

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    Li Weiyang was rendered speechless. It wasn’t that there weren’t any students that were stronger than Gu Dian in Sunset College. Those that ranked in the top twenty in the school’s internal examinations were basically at the Legendary stage. They were naturally stronger than Gu Dian.

    However, Li Weiyang didn’t have any close ties with those seniors. They weren’t necessarily going to provide their help without any reason if she recruited them. Furthermore, with the battle about to begin, it was too late.

    Gao Yang and Su Mei had never mentioned letting Gu Dian fight. Clearly, by letting him step forward now, it was to prevent Li Weiyang and company from having the time to find more reinforcements.

    “Sis Weiyang, what do we do now?” A girl looked at Li Weiyang worriedly.

    Li Weiyang clenched her teeth. “At this juncture, I can only try my best.”

    “Sis Weiyang, perhaps we should just forget it. We don’t want the Companion Egg. Gu Dian is so terrifying. It won’t be good if he flares up and injures you,” a girl said.

    Although the girls were somewhat unwilling, they persuaded her to relent.

    “We can’t let those two f*ckers, Gao Yang and Su Mei, walk off with all the benefits.” Li Weiyang just couldn’t let it go seeing Gao Yang’s and Su Mei’s smug looks.

    After taking off her denim jacket and throwing it to a girl, Li Weiyang walked over to the ring with a heavy expression.

    The fighting ring of the Companion Beast Arena was actually meant for Companion Beasts. This was because combat had many indeterminable factors and was extremely dangerous. Therefore, the League didn’t promote private battles.

    However, battles between Companion Beasts were greatly encouraged. Every city had numerous Companion Beast Arenas—facilities that allowed human experts with Companion Beasts to use their companions for battle.

    Companion Beast competitions had already become a huge industry in the League. Many humans with powerful Companion Beasts had become celebrities with an influence that far exceeded those entertainment celebrities of yesteryear.

    After all, having strong companions meant powerful strength for themselves. They were genuinely the best among humanity.

    Although Zhou Wen didn’t pay too much attention to Companion Beast competitions, he also knew several Companion Beast celebrities due to the advertisements that were everywhere.

    For example, the number one Companion Beast in the world was the Epic stage Verbis Diablo Holy Angel that was known by all. The person who owned her had naturally become a top celebrity.

    Of course, this ranking of first place only included those who participated in Companion Beast competitions. There were definitely powerful Companion Beasts who had never participated.

    Zhou Wen heard that when Legendary experts went on expeditions in the dimensional zones, they would mostly fight with their Companion Beasts. Unless necessary, no one wished to engage the battle in person. After all, they only had one life. The death of a Companion Beast wasn’t the end, but it wasn’t the same for humans.

    Furthermore, a person could control multiple Companion Beasts. This made them far stronger than fighting alone.

    Li Weiyang got into the fighting ring and stood opposite Gu Dian. Although Li Weiyang stood at 1.7 meters, making her rather tall among girls, she appeared petite in front of Gu Dian.

    “Gu Dian, can you not intervene?” Li Weiyang glared at Gu Dian and asked.

    “No,” Gu Dian answered very directly without any hesitation.

    Li Weiyang wasn’t one to drag things out. Without a word, her long legs produced terrifying strength, appearing in front of Gu Dian in a few steps. She leaped up and exerted immense strength with a twist of her waist, throwing out a kick. It struck out like a bolt of lightning, hitting Gu Dian in the neck.

    Zhou Wen nodded secretly. Li Weiyang was indeed pretty good, far stronger than Xu Miantu. Furthermore, her kick was clearly a Primordial Energy Skill. That strike alone was enough to snap a human-sized tree.

    However, Gu Dian didn’t react, despite being hit by such a kick, allowing Li Weiyang to cleave down at his neck with her long blade-like leg.

    There was a loud thud and everyone was alarmed. Gu Dian remained standing there, having received Li Weiyang’s strike. Yet, his neck didn’t even move.

    Although Gao Yang and Su Mei knew that Gu Dian was strong, they never expected him to be this terrifyingly strong. Faced with Li Weiyang’s Primordial Energy Skill kick, he had taken on the blow without dodging. His body hadn’t even trembled once.

    Li Weiyang was equally shocked, but she didn’t hesitate. Clenching her teeth, she turned her body and did a back kick, throwing out four kicks from her long, but strong, legs like a butterfly.

    Gu Dian stood there like a tower, taking Li Weiyang’s four kicks without defending or dodging. From beginning to end, he stood there motionless without Li Weiyang injuring him at all.

    When Li Weiyang was about to kick the fifth time, Gu Dian finally moved. His hand shot out like lightning and grabbed her leg in midair.

    The next moment, Gu Dian held up Li Weiyang’s leg and, like throwing a sandbag, smashed Li Weiyang onto the ground.

    With a loud thud, Li Weiyang’s body bounced half a foot in the air after hitting the ring and then fell.

    Although the ring’s surface was covered with a special rubber material that provided powerful dampening force, it still didn’t stop Li Weiyang from spewing out a mouthful of blood. She didn’t manage to get up immediately.

    “Gu Dian, you really don’t know how to go easy on girls. How can you treat such a beauty in this way?” Su Mei said gloatingly.

    Gu Dian ignored her and asked Li Weiyang, who was struggling to get up, “Are we continuing?”

    “Yes. Why not? I haven’t lost.” Li Weiyang struggled to her feet, the corners of her mouth stained with blood. Her arm had been dislocated from the throw, but she continued speaking stubbornly.

    “Sis Weiyang, stop it. We don’t want the Companion Egg…” A girl was on the brink of tears.

    However, Gu Dian didn’t care. Just as Li Weiyang made it clear that she could continue, he dashed towards her like a tank. Grabbing her by the head, he pressed her down onto the ring.

    Li Weiyang’s face hit the ground and although the rubber surface provided some dampening, Gu Dian was just too strong. By exerting some force, he made her nose bridge and brow ridge crack. Blood began flowing everywhere.

    “Are we continuing?” Gu Dian looked at Li Weiyang and continued asking.

    Li Weiyang’s face was covered with blood. She propped herself up with one hand on the ground, making several bids to exert strength to stand up, the look in her eyes tenacious.

    A timid girl was about to cry. Zhou Wen could tell that Li Weiyang would continue based on the look in her eyes.

    Zhou Wen frowned slightly.

    He hadn’t had any intention of bothering with this matter, but he couldn’t bring himself to watch Li Xuan’s sister being brutally tortured having received free board and lodging from him.

    “Wait a moment,” Zhou Wen said before Li Weiyang could even reply.