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Chapter 39 - Porcupine Skill

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 39: Porcupine Skill

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    Everyone was reeling with anxiety. Even Gao Yang and Su Mei were shocked.

    Although they had gotten Gu Dian, none of them expected him to be this ruthless. If Li Weiyang were to really suffer any serious injuries, it would only escalate the matter.

    Although she was an illegitimate daughter of the Li family and was never allowed inside the Li family’s house, she ultimately had the Li family’s blood coursing through her veins. It would be impossible for them to ignore it if something really happened to her.

    When Zhou Wen’s voice sounded, it immediately provided a vent for everyone’s tense feelings. Even Li Weiyang and Gu Dian looked over at him.

    “Schoolmate, did you say that we can enter the ring as long as we are students of Sunset College?” Zhou Wen asked Su Mei.

    “That’s right. What do you wish to say?” Su Mei didn’t know what Zhou Wen was getting at.

    “I’ve just been admitted into Sunset College, but I haven’t matriculated. Am I allowed to enter the ring?” Zhou Wen asked.

    He imagined that if Su Mei said no, he could use this opportunity to pull Li Weiyang from the ring and return home early to game.

    Upon hearing that, Su Mei guffawed. “So you are our Sunset College’s junior. I can’t tell that you are a man who knows how to cherish women. But as your senior, I’m giving you the chance to be the hero to rescue the damsel in distress. Go on up if you wish to, but don’t blame me for not warning you if you get injured. University and high school aren’t the same.”

    Gao Yang and company jeered. Anyone that could be admitted into Sunset College was an elite. There were plenty that came first or second in their own cities.

    But so what? After stepping into the college, won’t they all schooled? High school geniuses only lined the bottom at Sunset College. The ones who could really stand out were few and far between. Most ended up drowning in a sea of talent.

    It was especially so for the top students in small cities. Most of them gradually became mediocre once they arrived at Sunset College. It wasn’t that they weren’t outstanding, but there were just too many people who were more outstanding than them.

    Gu Dian happened to be one who stood out from his peers. For a rookie who hadn’t even been matriculated to actually dare challenge Gu Dian because of Li Weiyang was, in their opinion, blinded and driven by lust.

    Gao Yang said with a cheeky smile, “Junior, you do resemble me from a few years ago. It’s fine. Go on up if you want to. As your senior, I’ll give you a chance to show off in front of the beauties.”

    As he said that, he thought to himself,

    The girls on Li Weiyang’s side looked at Zhou Wen worriedly. They were afraid that his sickly body would just die from a single punch from Gu Dian.

    “Senior Weiyang, let me,” Zhou Wen said as he flipped himself into the ring.

    “Don’t mess around. Go down.” Li Weiyang had only pulled him here to add to the numbers. She had zero intention of getting him to fight.

    Furthermore, Gu Dian was just too strong and he didn’t hold back. based on Zhou Wen’s sickly look, it was really possible that he could die from a single punch. As students, they might not be able to extricate themselves from his death, nor could Li Weiyang bear the responsibility.

    Zhou Wen couldn’t be bothered to speak further. He just wished to settle this matter so that he could game in peace.

    Without waiting for Li Weiyang to speak again, he reached out and lifted Li Weiyang up.

    Li Weiyang’s arm was dislocated and she was heavily injured. Unable to put up any resistance, she was lifted up by Zhou Wen.

    “What are you doing? Let me go!” Li Weiyang was embarrassed and enraged.

    Zhou Wen ignored her and directly leaped out of the ring with her. After handing her to the girls, he returned to the ring.

    “We are students of the same school, not some archenemies. There’s no need for us to fight to the death. No one can shoulder the responsibility if an accident happens. Why don’t we change the criteria for victory?” Zhou Wen sized up Gu Dian and said.

    “How so?” Gu Dian spoke very succinctly. His voice didn’t sound like a college student. It was low, gruff, and forceful—akin to a man in his thirties or forties.

    Matched with his fierce looks, Zhou Wen really couldn’t believe that he was a college sophomore if it wasn’t for the Sunset College uniform he was wearing.

    “You let me punch you once. If you take less than three steps back, count me as the loser. Otherwise, I win. What do you think of my suggestion?” Zhou Wen had only said it randomly. Clearly, this disadvantaged Gu Dian.

    However, finding a Strength-measuring device was just too much of a waste of time. Therefore, Zhou Wen had given the suggestion.

    To everyone’s surprise, Gu Dian said coldly without any thought, “Sure.”

    Somewhat surprised, Zhou Wen said with a smile, “Then let’s begin.”

    Gao Yang curled his lips and said, “This rookie even thinks that he has taken the advantage. If he knows what Primordial Energy Skill and Primordial Energy Art Gu Dian cultivates in, he might be crying, much less laugh.”

    “Brother Yang, what Primordial Energy Skill and Primordial Energy Art does Gu Dian cultivate?” Someone beside him was intrigued.

    “It’s not my place to mention what Primordial Energy Art he cultivates in. However, I’m sure all of you have heard his Primordial Energy Skill before.” Gao Yang deliberately acted mystifying.

    “So what Primordial Energy Skill is it?” Su Mei couldn’t hold back her curiosity as she wheedled and nudged Gao Yang’s arm.

    Gao Yang chuckled. “Have you heard of dimensional creatures known as Needle Porcupines?”

    “Brother Yang, are you kidding me? We’ve obviously heard of Needle Porcupines. Although they are at the Mortal stage, they are especially thorny. Not only are their carapace tough, but they are also covered with quills. Unless it’s those Legendary stage seniors, we have to circle around them,” a male schoolmate said.

    “Gu Dian’s Primordial Energy Skill came from a Porcupine Skill from a Needle Porcupine Crystal. If he were to use it, not only will his body be as hard as steel, he will also have the ability to deal thorns1 damage,” Gao Yang said.

    “No way. I heard that Needle Porcupines very rarely drop Primordial Energy Skills, and even if it drops, with the powers of a Needle Porcupine, it will be a Rank 1 or 2 Primordial Energy Skill. How strong can it be?” Su Mei said in disbelief.

    “That’s why people call Gu Dian terrifying. Not only did he have exceedingly good luck to have the Porcupine Skill drop, he even managed to cultivate a Rank 1 Porcupine Skill all the way to Rank 9. Furthermore, he didn’t rely on Primordial Energy Skill Crystals to increase his rank. Isn’t that sick or what?” Gao Yang paused before sneering. “When it comes to Rank 9 Porcupine Skill, I’ve once seen a fourth-year use a Primordial Energy Skill strike Gu Dian, only to have his palm riddled with countless bloody holes as though he had been stabbed by countless steel needles. His hand was almost crippled. It’ll be fine if that rookie doesn’t use any Primordial Energy Skills, but if he does, he’s in for a bad time.”

    Su Mei was delighted when she heard that. She naturally didn’t want Zhou Wen to win, much less hand over the Mutated Ancient War Steed Companion Egg.