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Chapter 41 - Companion Beast Fusion

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 41: Companion Beast Fusion

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    It was quite an ordeal for Zhou Wen to finally return home and be able to game in peace. But just as he sat on the sofa and launched the game dungeon, Li Xuan rushed home.

    “Your door was kicked down by a woman who claimed to be your sister. Her name is Li Weiyang,” Zhou Wen immediately made things clear, afraid that Li Xuan would blame him for damaging his villa.

    However, Li Xuan didn’t heed that at all. In excitement, he asked Zhou Wen in a mysterious manner, “Are you interested in visiting the dimensional zone I previously mentioned?”

    “Are you talking about the dimensional zone that produces organ-type Companion Beasts?” Zhou Wen asked.

    “Bingo. Are you interested?”

    “But we haven’t matriculated! Can we enter now?” Zhou Wen looked at Li Xuan suspiciously.

    “The average person obviously can’t, but I’m no average person,” Li Xuan said as he languidly slapped his chest.

    “Alright, let’s head over.” Zhou Wen was quite intrigued, but it wasn’t that he wanted to enter a dimensional zone. Instead, he wanted to know if the dimensional zone could be installed on his phone just like Guide Ancient City.

    “Bro, can you show me some excitement? I really can’t feel a sense of achievement with that face of yours,” Li Xuan said gloomily.

    “Wow! You’re awesome!” Zhou Wen cried out in a very perfunctory manner as he continued gaming on his phone without looking up.

    “Forget it.” Li Xuan became even more depressed. However, he cheered up almost immediately. Pulling Zhou Wen out, he said, “Pal, I’ll be broadening your horizon today.”

    When they arrived in the yard, Zhou Wen saw a white tiger sprawled outside the villa. It was even bigger and muscular than an ox.

    “Legendary Jade-Eyed White Tiger. How cool is that? I incubated it just today. It was such a harrowing experience…” Li Xuan bragged as his saliva splattered about.

    “With such flaunting, you have no plans on acting any further, right?” Zhou Wen asked curiously.

    Li Xuan’s face sank. “In the past, I wished that things wouldn’t turn nasty among the family, so I didn’t compete with him. Since he doesn’t even want to spare my life, there’s no need for me to stand on ceremony with him. From now on, I’ll become the Li family’s genius, Li Xuan. What should be mine will be mine, nothing less.”

    Zhou Wen gave Li Xuan the thumbs up. Indeed, a genius like Li Xuan didn’t deserve to be hidden. However, he was curious. Li Xuan cultivated in the Invincible Connate Divine Art, so was he to stay a virgin his entire life if he continued cultivating in it?

    “Let’s not touch on such matters. Come on up. Let’s go a joyride. This Jade-Eyed White Tiger is extraordinary. If I use enough resources on it, it has a chance of advancing to an Epic King of White Tigers. That would make it truly terrifying,” Li Xuan said as he jumped onto its back.

    Zhou Wen knew that certain Companion Beasts could evolve, but they were in the minority. Furthermore, evolution required special dimensional materials and very strict criteria.

    Currently, the League was doing research in this respect. There were less than four hundred on the official list of evolvable Companion Beasts. The rest were still being studied.

    Riding on a Companion Beast didn’t feel good in any way. The trembling was intense due to the lack of a suspension. Zhou Wen would rather ride in a comfortable sedan car.

    However, Li Xuan was thrilled. He dashed down the road riding the Jade-Eyed White Tiger, whistling and waving to beauties he passed on the street.

    Zhou Wen suddenly thought of a problem. He whispered into the Legendary stage’s ear, “Li Xuan, what are the criteria needed to incubate a Legendary Companion Egg for those at the Mortal stage?”

    Li Xuan said, “You wish to incubate that Skeleton General, right? I’m warning you not to mess around. Don’t try it just because it seems it’s easy for me to incubate one. Let me tell you seriously that people with such thoughts mostly end up either crippled or dead.”

    After a pause, Li Xuan said smugly, “To incubate a Companion Egg, the most important criteria is to have sufficient Primordial Energy. A typical Legendary Companion Egg needs more than ten Primordial Energy to incubate it. The typical human at the Mortal stage doesn’t have that much Primordial Energy. After being sucked dry of their Primordial Energy, one’s vitality and essence would be drawn in place of Primordial Energy. When that happens, it’s either death or disability. The reason I can incubate a Legendary Companion Egg is because my Invincible Connate Divine Art has cultivated to 9 points of Primordial Energy. Furthermore, I have plenty of vitality and essence that I’m not afraid of being drained. Even so, I had to specially select Legendary Companion Eggs that require relatively fewer Primordial Energy points. Only then can I succeed and survive. It’s almost impossible for others to succeed, unless you aren’t afraid of death.

    “Give up, man. I’m unique,” Li Xuan added smugly.

    What Li Xuan had said served as a warning for Zhou Wen. The latter was obviously afraid of death, but the blood-colored avatar in-game wasn’t. Perhaps he could use the blood-colored avatar to incubate a Legendary Companion Beast.

    With this in mind, he was quite tempted.

    When Zhou Wen thought of this, he took out the Companion Egg and phone from his pocket.

    He was sitting behind Li Xuan and, with him in the way, no one else could see what he was doing. Zhou Wen then attempted to open the mysterious phone’s camera function and aimed it at the Skeleton General Companion Egg.

    To Zhou Wen’s surprise, the camera function was usable. When the camera was pointed at the Skeleton General Companion Egg, a green box appeared on the screen, and with a beep, it focused on the Companion Egg. At the same time, many text and numbers appeared.

    Skeleton General Companion Egg: Legendary

    Life Providence: Oath of City Defense

    Strength: 15

    Speed: 13

    Constitution: 16

    Primordial Energy: 18

    Primordial Energy Skill: Penetrating Pierce (Rank 3)

    Companion Form: General Bone Armor

    Zhou Wen looked at the Skeleton General’s stats in surprise. It wasn’t because the stats were surprising, but that no one was able to run tests before a Companion Egg was incubated; thus, making it impossible to know how good a Companion Beast would be before incubation.

    With just a snap, the phone could list down detailed numbers. It was amazing.

    The same Companion Beast type all had different stats. The higher they were, the better they were naturally. It was especially so with Primordial Energy Skills. The higher the Rank, the more valuable the Companion Beast was.

    While Zhou Wen was looking at the Skeleton General’s stats, his phone beeped again. At the same time, a notification popped up on the screen.

    “Skeleton General and Mutated Vigor Ant have a compatibility score of 47%. Fusion has a success rate of 47%. Proceed with fusion?”

    A ‘yes’ and ‘no’ option popped up on the screen. Without any hesitation, he chose ‘yes.’ Then there was a clicking sound—the sound of a camera’s shutter.

    The phone snapped a picture of the Skeleton General, simultaneously making the Skeleton General Companion Egg in Zhou Wen’s hand vanish into thin air.