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Chapter 49 - Silver-Winged Flying An

Let Me Game in Peace
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    After leaving the An family, a chauffeur took Zhou Wen home. He didn’t see An Jing again.

    Why would Ouyang Lan deliberately try to win my favor? With the An family’s power, there’s no need for her to do so. Zhou Wen saw that the An family’s compound had proper soldiers guarding it. This was a treatment few families in Luoyang enjoyed.

    He wasn’t convinced that Ouyang Lan was simply trying to build better ties with him just because of Zhou Lingfeng.

    After all, Zhou Lingfeng left him to his own devices, so there was no need for her to do something as troublesome as this.

    Completely perplexed at this development, Zhou Wen decided not to vex over the matter. After all, he was just a poor kid and Ouyang Lan likely couldn’t benefit much from him no matter how she schemed.

    After returning to Li Xuan’s villa, he found it empty. Over the past few days, he seldom saw Li Xuan at home.

    Zhou Wen sat on the sofa and took out his phone to launch the Ant Nest dungeon once more. As he had only quit the game and the blood-colored avatar remained alive, there was no need for him to waste a drop of blood to enter the game.

    The blood-colored avatar appeared at the spot he had quit where there were a number of Vigor Ants crawling around him. Zhou Wen summoned the Mutated Vigor Ant and got the blood-colored avatar to ride on it before storming off.

    The Mutated Vigor Ant was just too powerful. Not even Vigor Ants posed a threat, even Mutated Vigor Ants could be cleaved apart with one swipe.

    After leaving a wake of destruction and slaying a Mutated Vigor Ant, Zhou Wen heard a notification sound. Originally imagining that a dimensional crystal had dropped, through observation he realized it was only a Mutated Vigor Ant Egg.

    “Discovered Mutated Vigor Ant. It has a compatibility score of 73% with the Mutated Skeleton Ant. Proceed with fusion?”

    Zhou Wen chose no because the last fusion hadn’t brought about any excellent effects. He had no idea if a fusion might end up making the Mutated Skeleton Ant weaker; therefore, he chose not to.

    After choosing ‘no,’ the Mutated Vigor Ant Egg automatically entered an incubation mode. In turn, Zhou Wen felt his Primordial Energy flow towards the Companion Egg.

    This time, the incubation was very successful without having his Primordial Energy drained. He took a look at his stats in-game and realized that he still had two Primordial Energy left.

    After the Mutated Vigor Ant had finished incubating, it turned into an ant tattoo that appeared on the back of his right hand. Perhaps due to the Mutated Skeleton Ant on his left hand, this new Companion Beast had chosen the right.

    Mutated Vigor Ant: Mortal

    Strength: 7

    Speed: 4

    Constitution: 7

    Primordial Energy: 2

    Talent Skill: Vigor Divine Fist (Rank 2)

    Companion Form: Boxing Glove

    This Mutated Vigor Ant’s stats are far worse than the first one. It’s not of much use to me. Unfortunately, I can’t take out things that drop in-game. Otherwise, I could sell them for money. Zhou Wen felt a little depressed.

    Despite so, he was still happy that something had dropped. After all, this was rare to begin with.

    Due to having his Primordial Energy expended, Zhou Wen didn’t head straight for the Silver-Winged Flying Ant. He first circled the region and killed large numbers of Vigor Ants, using the Primordial Energy Crystals that dropped to replenish his Primordial Energy.

    After refilling his Primordial Energy to 10, Zhou Wen headed for the spot where the Silver-Winged Flying Ant was.

    When he saw the Silver-Winged Flying Ant from far away, it flapped its wings and flew over, its speed so fast that it left behind after-images on the screen.

    Without hesitation, Zhou Wen summoned the Mutated Vigor Ant and made it deal with the nearby ordinary ant horde. As for the Mutated Skeleton Ant, he had summoned it out as his Companion Form.

    Blood-red bones appeared on his left arm as though he had an exoskeleton. It enveloped his entire left arm, including his hand, turning into a fearsome bracer.

    The bracer could not only serve as protection, it even had quite a number of bone spikes that made it even more terrifying.

    Almost at the instant the bracer took form, he felt a force pump into his left arm, condensing its Strength and making it more robust. He had the feeling that his single punch could blow through a mountain.

    The Silver-Winged Flying Ant arrived at the next instant. Its silver transparent wings rapidly flapped, streaking a curve across the air like a silver bolt of lightning. Its claw stabbed towards the blood-colored avatar’s chest.

    Zhou Wen had fought the Silver-Winged Flying Ant multiple times, so he knew it very well. Upon seeing its actions, he knew where it was attacking. Without waiting for it to complete the attack, he took a sidestep and turned his body, using his left hand, which was protected by the bracer, to deliver an Ashen Palm strike.

    At this close distance, with Ashen Palm’s explosive speed, Zhou Wen imagined that it was in the bag. To his surprise, silver streams of light shot out from above the Silver-Winged Flying Ant’s four transparent wings.

    The Silver-Winged Flying Ant, which was already exceedingly fast, had its speed increase significantly. At such close proximity, Zhou Wen’s Ashen Palm failed to keep up with his opponent’s speed. He was just a sliver short of hitting its body.

    Instead, the Silver-Winged Flying Ant’s claw directly stabbed into the blood-colored avatar’s chest in that fluid motion. There was no chance for the latter to even struggle as it died on the spot.

    “A flying-type Primordial Energy Skill?” Looking at the blackened screen, Zhou Wen was excited instead of being sad.

    The Silver-Winged Flying Ant had never used Primordial Energy Skills before. However, he had managed to force it to use it, meaning that Zhou Wen felt that he had a chance of defeating it.

    After all, Primordial Energy Skills required Primordial Energy. The Silver-Winged Flying Ant couldn’t keep using it. As long as he figured out a way to stall for time, it wouldn’t be impossible for him to slay it.

    Furthermore, since the Silver-Winged Flying Ant had a flight-type Primordial Energy Skill, this was undoubtedly good news for him. They were relatively rare and were very useful.

    With something to look forward to, Zhou Wen worked even harder. He used a syringe to draw some blood and dripped it on his screen, reviving the blood-colored avatar and immediately sending it do battle.

    When he came in front of the Silver-Winged Flying Ant again, Zhou Wen lasted an additional three seconds. The third time he fought it, he used positioning and Ashen Palm that threatened the Silver-Winged Flying Ant, successfully dodging its use of the Primordial Energy Skill twice.

    Zhou Wen exchanged the repeated deaths for combat experience as he slowly approached his goal of killing the Silver-Winged Flying Ant.

    Finally, he confirmed that the Silver-Winged Flying Ant could only use its Primordial Energy Skill twice. This was its limit. As long as Zhou Wen could dodge the greatest threat twice, he would have the chance of defeating it.

    During his seventh encounter with the Silver-Winged Flying Ant, he successfully dodged the two critical instances and found an opportunity to deliver Ashen Palm, striking at the thin waist of the Silver-Winged Flying Ant.