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Chapter 52 - Liz’s Plan

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 52: Liz’s Plan

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    Zhou Wen left Li Xuan’s place and walked along the road. It was a really nice neighborhood, but there weren’t any large-sized supermarkets. Zhou Wen navigated using his phone and discovered that the nearest supermarket was about a kilometer away.

    Zhou Wen wasn’t averse to walking, but he didn’t wish to waste time on walking.

    He believed that wasting time was no different from wasting life, so he took out the mysterious phone and gamed while walking.

    Liz, who had received Qiao Siyuan’s orders to bring Zhou Wen back, had already dispatched men to watch Li Xuan’s place.

    Upon seeing Zhou Wen leave the house, a subordinate whispered, “Director Liz, shall we head over and take him away?”

    Liz rolled her eyes. “Zhou Wen enjoys a special status. We mustn’t allow others to discover that he was taken by us. And there are cameras everywhere in that upscale neighborhood. We’d be exposed if were to directly take him away?”

    “Then what should we do?”

    Liz impatiently waved her hand. “Head back now. Leave this to me.”

    After chasing away all her subordinates, Liz combed her wavy blonde hair and thought,

    Liz wasn’t in a hurry. She waited until Zhou Wen left the upscale neighborhood before she started her red convertible sports car. When she saw a stretch of road without any cameras, she drove over.

    She deliberately stopped her car beside Zhou Wen, and flicked her blonde hair, exposing the snow-white, supple skin of her shoulder. She then shot Zhou Wen a glance with an expectant and alluring look.

    That kid will be groveling at my feet seeing a sports car matched with a beauty like me. Having this thought, Liz’s look and posture became even more seductive as she wore a faint mesmerizing smile.

    But soon, her smile froze. Zhou Wen walked as he gamed on his phone, his head lowered. He didn’t even look at her and walked past the car, wasting all of her efforts to present her beauty.

    Liz fumed with anger, but she still maintained her mesmerizing pose. She then shouted with a voice that could make any man swoon, “Handsome, mind giving me a hand?”

    As she spoke, Liz blinked her eyes, preparing to send his heart into a flutter. As long as Zhou Wen looked at her, she planned to sweep him head over heels.

    Liz maintained her coquettish pose while waiting for Zhou Wen to turn around. However, he didn’t even hear her. He continued walking forward without any intention of turning back.

    “Handsome… Handsome…” Liz resisted the urge to pull Zhou Wen back and beat him up. She deliberately shouted charmingly a few times.

    However, Zhou Wen was completely engrossed in his game, ignoring Liz completely. He didn’t know that Liz was shouting at him since he hadn’t heard his name.

    Liz finally realized that her strategy had failed when she saw Zhou Wen extending the gap between them.

    Liz gritted her teeth, adamant about not giving up. She floored the accelerator, taking the sports car in front of Zhou Wen again.

    This time, Liz didn’t make the same mistake. She got out of the car, stood in Zhou Wen’s way, putting one hand on the car. Her other hand twirled her hair as she posed in a most charming and alluring manner, accentuating her exquisite curves to the fullest.

    Zhou Wen had no choice but to move his gaze from the phone when he realized that something was in his way. He saw Liz when he looked up.

    “Handsome, can you help me?” Liz asked, blinking her eyes.

    Liz thought hatefully, having already prepared her lines. Once Zhou Wen answered her, she would invite him to get into the car and take him back with her.

    “No.” However, Zhou Wen’s single-word answer instantly left Liz’s words stuck in her throat.

    After speaking, he bowed his head and stared intently at his screen. Then he circled around Liz and walked past her.

    The corners of Liz’s eyes twitched as flames nearly spewed out of her eyes. Plumes of fiery anger nearly tore out of her busty chest.

    Liz thought hatefully as she turned around slowly and sat back in her car.

    The sports car’s engine roared like the rage in her heart. The red sports car was like an unbridled mare on the plains as it drove straight for Zhou Wen who was by the side of the road.

    Since soft tactics didn’t work, Liz decided to switch tactics. She planned on taking Zhou Wen back with her by creating an accident.

    Controlling the strength and spot to hit with a car was nothing for a peak-Legendary like Liz. If she wanted his left leg broken, there was no way his right leg would be broken.

    Liz floored the accelerator pedal as strange patterns surfaced over her skin. Faint swirls of light extended from her body and enveloped the car.

    Her eyes flickered with excitement. She didn’t believe that she would miss; given the close distance, the car’s speed, her maneuvering, and Zhou Wen’s engrossment in his game.

    Zhou Wen didn’t seem to notice. He remained gaming, even when the sports car was very close to him. However, when the car ramped up the curb, Zhou Wen finally reacted and saw the sports car slamming towards him.

    Liz floored the accelerator in hate as she slammed over with the car.

    Just as she was about to succeed, Zhou Wen’s back suddenly grew four transparent silver wings and a silver stream of light flashed over the silver wings. Zhou Wen’s figure instantly retreated in violation of the ordinary laws of physics, dodging the sports car.

    The sports car missed Zhou Wen and collided with an electricity pole by the side of the road. While the pole snapped, the car’s head was dented. Components were left flying everywhere.

    “Hello? Is this the traffic police? There’s an accident here…” Zhou Wen took out his ordinary phone and called the police hotline.

    Liz glared at Zhou Wen viciously and reversed the car onto the road. Then, she sped off in a blink of an eye.

    Zhou Wen watched in astonishment as the sports car vanished from his sight, leaving a gloomy look in his eyes.

    Clearly, the sports car was targeting him instead of just having an accident. Furthermore, he had already recognized the female driver. On the night he had met Jing Daoxian, she was one of those pursuing the latter.