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Chapter 55 - Heart Meditation’s Use

Let Me Game in Peace
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    Only when Gu Dian put the kitten aside did Zhou Wen see another three cats on the grass patch to the side. Two of them were kittens and one of them was an adult. Clearly, this group of four was a family. The mother cat was sunbathing in the sun with her three kittens.

    By the side of the grass patch were two bowls. One of them had water in it and the other had cat food. It was obvious that they had been prepared by Gu Dian.

    After putting down the kitten, the look in Gu Dian’s eyes turned extremely cold. He glared at Zhou Wen like a devil and coldly said, “You’re dead if I hear any rumors spreading.”

    His devil-like looks and bone-chilling voice would probably frighten Zhou Wen at any other time. However, the scene of Gu Dian raising the kitten high kept flashing across his eyes. Zhou Wen just couldn’t bring himself to feel any fear.

    “Don’t worry. I’m not a gossipy person.”

    “That better be the case,” Gu Dian said coldly. Ignoring Zhou Wen, he bent down and picked up the two bowls. After taking another glance at the four cats who were frolicking on the grass, he turned and left.

    After taking a few steps, Gu Dian stopped and said without turning his head. “Also, don’t you attempt to harm them; otherwise, you’re dead.”

    After saying that, Gu Dian took huge strides and left.

    Li Xuan said that not only does Gu Dian look fierce, but that he’s extremely bad. It’s said that he’s willing to do anything awful as long as he’s paid. Now from the looks of it, he might not be as bad as the rumors say. To be so close to cats which are naturally wary of others, to the point of letting him get so close to the kittens, he’s probably not as evil as the rumors say. Zhou Wen glanced at the four cats and thought to himself.

    In present times, animals like dogs and cats were no longer as cherished as in the past. After all, they were only for aesthetics. In contrast, Companion Beasts had magical powers. People were more willing to spend money on them.

    In the past, all kinds of valuable pet cats and dogs had mostly turned into strays. They were no longer doted on by humans.

    With the time changing, many things changed as well. In the past, figures who could fly or have tremendous strength were extolled for being capable of becoming Legendaries. Their tales were spread to this day because few humans in the past had such powers.

    But in this day and age, it wasn’t difficult to have tremendous strength if one could advance to the Legendary stage. Now, almost everyone could become as legendary as those people from the past since the Legendary stage was no longer rare. As long as one cultivated hard, they would definitely advance to the Legendary stage as long as they weren’t without any aptitude.

    However, to advance from the Legendary stage to the Epic stage wasn’t simple. This required talent, Primordial Energy Arts, resources, and the combination of all kinds of factors. It wasn’t achievable simply through hard work.

    After all, those people who had their names put into the annals of history to be extolled in poems and songs were basically close to mythical existences.

    Back when Zhou Wen cultivated Ascetic Meditation, he had planned on advancing to the Legendary stage during college. Such a speed made him a genius among humans.

    However, his Ascetic Meditation had already been replaced by the Legendary stage. To advance to the Legendary stage with the Lost Immortal Sutra wasn’t a simple endeavor to begin with.

    Zhou Wen had been repeatedly studying Lost Immortal Sutra recently and he discovered that it was very different from the typical Primordial Energy Art.

    In typical Primordial Energy Arts like Ascetic Meditation, advancement was in fact breaking one’s shackles. Humans had the limits of their Strength, Speed, Constitution, and Primordial Energy shackled, so consuming no amount of supplements was of any use. The stats just wouldn’t continue rising.

    Only after breaking those shackles would a human’s upper limits be unlocked. While being able to continue raising one’s stats, one would also obtain a Life Providence that was related to one’s aptitude. It was commonly known as Legendary Life Providence.

    However, after Zhou Wen’s repeated studies of the Lost Immortal Sutra, he didn’t see any descriptions regarding the breaking of those shackles.

    Therefore, Zhou Wen still hadn’t figured out how he could use the Lost Immortal Sutra to advance to the Legendary stage.

    After going through quite a hassle to find the on-campus supermarket and buying the daily necessities he needed, he returned to his dorm to unpack it. Once he was done with all of that, he then began grinding.

    Since it was unlikely for him to have any progress with Ant Nest any time soon, Zhou Wen chose to enter the Underground Buddha City.

    He spent some time grinding the Buddha Heart Lotuses at the lotus pond, but not a single Companion Beast dropped. Instead, his Mutated Skeleton Ant was devoured by the gargantuan blood-colored Buddha Heart Lotus.

    Zhou Wen then controlled the blood-colored avatar to Small Buddha Temple. Before climbing up the stone steps, Zhou Wen got the blood-colored avatar to activate his Primordial Energy Skill—Heart Meditation.

    The stretch of road in front of Small Buddha Temple was extremely bizarre. Death seemed to be the only outcome no matter how he traversed it. He still hadn’t found the reason why that was the case.

    Using Heart Meditation was a last-ditch effort. He felt that since Heart Meditation came from the Buddha Heart Lotus, it was possible that using it worked.

    To Zhou Wen’s surprise, the blood-colored avatar, which would usually die once it arrived at a spot where it could see the Small Buddha Temple’s signboard, didn’t die this time. It could still move higher and progress forward.

    Does Heart Meditation really work? Even Zhou Wen was surprised.

    He made the blood-colored avatar proceed forward and indeed, nothing happened the entire way. However, Heart Meditation was a Primordial Energy Skill which expended Primordial Energy while it was in use, at a rate of two points a minute.

    By climbing up the stone steps in such a way, there was still quite a distance from Small Buddha Temple before his Primordial Energy was completely drained.

    The moment Heart Meditation wasn’t in effect, the blood-colored avatar collapsed to the ground and the game’s screen went black.

    Since he knew that Heart Meditation worked, Zhou Wen eagerly revived the blood-colored avatar and made it come in front of the Small Buddha Temple’s stone passageway.

    Zhou Wen activated Heart Meditation and made the blood-colored avatar run towards the Small Buddha Temple at full speed. However, it died once again when its Primordial Energy was drained about ten meters away from its destination.

    With my present speed, the time Heart Meditation can be in effect isn’t enough for me to rush into Small Buddha Temple. Do I have to wait until I’ve advanced to the Legendary stage and have plenty of Primordial Energy before I can rush in with Heart Meditation? But I’ve no idea how long it will take before I advance to the Legendary stage…

    Primordial Energy Skills like Heart Meditation that continuously expend Primordial Energy expend less Primordial Energy at higher ranks. I wonder if it’s the same with Heart Meditation? Currently, Heart Meditation is at Rank 7. If I can grind a Rank 8 or Rank 9 Heart Meditation, perhaps I might have a chance of entering Small Buddha Temple.

    Since he had nothing else to do, Zhou Wen continued grinding Buddha Heart Lotuses with a try-and-see attitude, hoping to receive something.

    After repeated grinding, Zhou Wen realized a pattern. The blood-colored Buddha Heart Lotus was always submerged underwater in the beginning. Only after Zhou Wen cleaved some of the Buddha Heart Lotuses around the middle of the lotus pond would the blood-colored Buddha Heart Lotus rise above the water surface in rage.