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Chapter 56 - Silver-Eyed Golden-Feathered Hawk

Let Me Game in Peace
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    With the Silver-Winged Flying Ant’s wings, Zhou Wen flew directly above the lotus pond to battle the blood-colored Buddha Heart Lotus. Although he died plenty of times, it wasn’t without return.

    Zhou Wen was rather familiar with the few moves available to the blood-colored Buddha Heart Lotus—knowledge he had gained from repeated deaths. Although he was temporarily unable to slay it, he knew of a way to kill it. He just wasn’t powerful enough; thus, preventing him from actualizing his strategies.

    “Zhou Wen, quickly get up. It’s great that we matriculated early. Otherwise, we would have missed a great show.” Li Xuan called him on the phone early in the morning.

    “What great show?” Zhou Wen put down the phone and stretched before asking.

    “Didn’t I mention that the Legendary stage students are purchasing powerful Companion Beasts capable of flight? They plan on slaying the blood-colored Buddha Heart Lotus today. Let’s head over to take a look,” Li Xuan suggested.

    “Alright.” Zhou Wen was also interested in watching battles at the Legendary stage.

    He got out of bed, washed up, and headed out, meeting Li Xuan at the entrance of the Four Seasons Garden.

    Li Xuan had clearly been waiting for a while, pulling him to head for Ancient Inlet the moment he saw Zhou Wen come out. As they ran, he said, “Quick! We’ll miss the show if we are late.”

    Zhou Wen learned from Li Xuan that the person who planned on killing the blood-colored Buddha Heart Lotus was a famous third-year senior in Sunset College, Yang Lie. He was a mighty figure who had advanced to the Legendary stage.

    Apparently, he had spent a large sum of money buying Legendary Companion Eggs and had tried means to speed up the incubation in order to slay the blood-colored Buddha Heart Lotus. As soon as that was done, he rushed for the lotus pond.

    After the two entered Underground Buddha City, they rushed to the lotus pond, where there were many students surrounding the pond. They had clearly heard the news and were here to watch Yang Lie battle the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus.

    Just as the duo arrived, a man ran over.

    “Brother Xuan, Brother Wen!”

    “Xu Miantu, you also applied for Sunset College?” Zhou Wen recognized the person.

    Xu Miantu scratched his head in embarrassment, seemingly unable to verbalize his reasons. By the side, Li Xuan scolded him in a bemused state, “Dude, just say it. It’s not like it’s something disgraceful. In fact, Xu Miantu should have been matriculated last year. However, to help me in the examination, he deferred his application to Sunset College by one year.”

    Xu Miantu chuckled and said, “A genius like Brother Xuan didn’t even need my help. I was just ignorant.”

    Just as the trio began having a conversation, they heard an uproar.

    “An Jing’s here.”

    “An Jing from the An family?”

    “Who else could it be? Tsk, she indeed lives up to the rumors. She’s really a beauty.”

    “I heard that she advanced to the Legendary stage at the age of thirteen. She’s extremely talented and she comes from a formidable family. She has the money, the talent, and the looks. It’s like the Creator favored her when creating her.”

    Zhou Wen traced the students’ gaze and looked over. Indeed, he saw An Jing arriving on a white horse. However, it didn’t have any wings, so it wasn’t a White-Winged Flying Horse.

    Yang Lie, who had been surrounded by people, walked over to An Jing.

    This gave Zhou Wen a chance to see him. He stood at more than 1.80 meters. His sword-like brows and starry eyes made him look sharp. Beside him was a black leopard with one eye, making it look extremely odd.

    “An Jing, you came just in time. Regardless of what drops today when I slay the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus, I’ll be giving it to you as a matriculation gift,” Yang Lie said with a spirited look.

    Many students revealed a teasing smile when they heard him. It was obvious that Yang Lie was expressing his interest in An Jing.

    However, Li Xuan said in contempt, “Although the Yang family is rather famous in Luoyang, it’s not of the upper class. Besides, they have many businesses that rely on the An family’s power in Luoyang. This punk is probably up to no good by expressing his interest in An Jing. However, it’s probably in vain. No matter how blind the An family is, they wouldn’t fancy the Yang family.”

    “Brother Xuan, I believe you are the only one qualified to be with An Jing in all of Luoyang,” Xu Miantu said with a chuckle.

    Li Xuan spat at that thought and said, “An Jing is an arrogant woman. She also has a bad temper. That cold demeanor of hers isn’t fun at all, so it’s useless no matter how beautiful she is. Only an idiot will marry a woman like her.”

    With that said, Li Xuan glanced at Zhou Wen and said with a mysterious, furtive smile, “Besides, I understand the rationale of not hitting on a friend’s sister.”

    Zhou Wen couldn’t be bothered to refute and he pretended not to hear it.

    Xu Miantu had no idea of Zhou Wen’s relationship with the An family, so he failed to understand what Li Xuan meant. Puzzled, he looked at them blankly.

    An Jing sat on the white horse with no intention of getting off. She said in a calm tone, “I don’t need any gifts. Besides, you won’t be able to slay the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus either.”

    Yang Lie wasn’t angry when he heard that. Instead, he guffawed and said, “Then let’s have a bet. Why don’t you accept my present if I succeed in slaying the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus?”

    “No,” An Jing replied without any hesitation.

    “You’re afraid of losing?” Yang Lie said provocatively.

    “You won’t be able to slay the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus, so the bet can’t even be established. There’s no need for it.” After An Jing said that, she rode the white horse to the side of the lotus pond.

    Yang Lie felt embarrassed, but due to her extremely special identity, he didn’t dare flare up at her.

    “Alright, I’ll show you that I’m capable of slaying the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus,” Yang Lie said. He spread his arms and two Companion Beasts were summoned out by him.

    They were two Silver-Eyed Golden-Feathered Hawks, but they were much larger than the typical hawk. Their wingspans reached more than ten meters and with a flap, they shot out like a golden beam of light. They then spiraled above the lotus pond like two golden clouds.

    A Silver-Eyed Golden-Feathered Hawk swooped down and extended its claws like a phantom, instantly grabbing a Buddha Heart Lotus.

    “Silver-Eyed Golden-Feathered Hawk. And there’s two of them. This fellow sure is willing to make the investment,” Li Xuan curled his lips and said.

    Silver-Eyed Golden-Feathered Hawks were rare Legendary Companion Beasts. They were only found in the dimensional zones of the Heavenly Lake of the Heavenly Mountain. However, there were many dimensional zones in the Heavenly Mountain’s vicinity, so it wasn’t easy to reach the Heavenly Lake itself. Furthermore, Silver-Eyed Golden-Feathered Hawks were rare in number. They also lived on cliffs, making it difficult to kill them and have a Companion Egg drop.

    If one’s luck wasn’t good, even experts at the Epic stage would return empty-handed.

    Seeing the students look at his pair of Silver-Eyed Golden-Feathered Hawks in envy, Yang Lie felt slightly pleased with himself. Without any hesitation, he ordered the hawks to attack the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus.

    When they rushed at the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus from the flanks, the latter sensed the threat and shot out twenty to thirty blood-colored lotus seeds that hurtled towards the two hawks.

    As the blood-colored lotus seeds were about to hit the hawks, they showed no intention of dodging. They continued flying forward and released a golden glow over their feathers as though they were emitting light themselves.

    Boom! Boom!

    When the blood-colored lotus seeds exploded on the golden feathers and splattered into bloody water, they rolled off as if the golden feathers were nonstick. The hawks weren’t damaged at all.