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Chapter 63 - I’ll Give You Three Months

Let Me Game in Peace
     The weather was pretty good today. Zhou Wen brought a chair over and rested in the courtyard, suntanning while gaming.

    As school hadn’t officially started, there weren’t any training or missions assigned yet. Zhou Wen led a rather pleasant life.

    He had been constantly trying to slay the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus alone, but he had failed.

    Thankfully, all his efforts had not been in vain. He managed to have an ordinary Buddha Heart Lotus Companion Egg drop, but it was quickly fed to the Silver-Winged Flying Ant.

    The typical Companion Beast only needed to depend on its master, absorbing the Primordial Energy that emitted from its master’s body for survival. It could also slowly recover from its injuries without needing to eat anything. At best, it would absorb some Primordial Energy Crystals, allowing it to quickly recover Primordial Energy.

    However, the Silver-Winged Flying Ant needed to swallow Companion Eggs or Companion Beasts or the game would constantly notify him that it was in a hungry state. In the beginning, Zhou Wen ignored it, but later, the game indicated that the Silver-Winged Flying Ant would vanish in twenty-four hours if it remained in a prolonged hungry state.

    Therefore, Zhou Wen had no choice but to feed it the Buddha Heart Lotus Companion Egg to alleviate the pressing matter at hand.

    Zhou Wen gamed in the yard, half leaning back. His neighbor, An Jing, had finished morning cultivation and had walked out of the cultivation room to the balcony on the second floor. Hoping to look far into the distance to relieve stress before continuing her cultivation, her gaze subconsciously swept towards the courtyard beside hers. Immediately she saw Zhou Wen gaming in the courtyard while sunbathing. Immediately, her mood turned foul.

    Even if it’s as Mom said, that his talent is better than mine, so what? A person’s talent cannot decide his achievements. What right does a person who has engrossed himself in games to avoid reality-even after suffering a tiny setback-have to fight me for the Mythical Companion Beast? Besides, his talent might not be better than mine. An Jing watched for a while before heading downstairs, muttering to herself, “Mom, watch and see. I’ll prove that I’m better than Zhou Wen. I totally have the ability to fight for the right to possess a Mythical Companion Beast by myself. There’s no need for Zhou Wen.”

    “Zhou Wen.” Zhou Wen was having a great time grinding when he suddenly heard his name. He turned around and saw that someone was standing quietly in the other courtyard by the fence, staring at him.

    “What’s the matter?” Zhou Wen gave An Jing a look before lowering his head to continue staring at his game screen.

    “That Sun Strafe Art is real. You can cultivate it.” An Jing paused for a moment before saying, “If you don’t believe me, give a call to Uncle Feng. He will help you verify its authenticity.”

    Zhou Wen was unconcerned about the authenticity of the Sun Strafe Art as he could no longer cultivate it anyway.

    “Why did you give it to me?” Zhou Wen asked as he gamed.

    An Jing looked at Zhou Wen and said, “You must feel indignant about losing to me last time, right?”

    “Not at all. You beat me fair and square,” Zhou Wen said in passing. He really didn’t want to have any connection with An Jing. It was best if they could be like strangers.

    The words An Jing had originally prepared were swallowed. Feeling a little uncomfortable holding it, she bit her lip and said, “I’ll give you three months to cultivate the Sun Strafe Art and advance to the Legendary stage. With your foundation, three months should be enough. We will then fight another match. If you still haven’t advanced to the Legendary stage within three months, I won’t show any mercy.”

    After pausing for a moment, she added, “Don’t say that I’m bullying you. I’ll get someone to deliver you Primordial Energy Crystals and other cultivation necessities. Whatever Primordial Energy Skills you need can be given to me as a list. I’ll try to get them for you. Remember, you only have three months.”

    Zhou Wen felt that An Jing was being unreasonable. He frowned and said, “I admit defeat. You win. There’s no need to go through so much trouble.”

    He neither wanted to take advantage of the An family nor did he want to waste time competing with An Jing again. It was meaningless to him and defeating her brought him no benefits.

    “You have to fight. Remember, I’m only giving you three months. I definitely won’t show you any mercy when the time comes.” After saying that coldly, An Jing turned around and left. She was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to hold herself back from beating Zhou Wen with how detestable he looked.

    “Why must you fight with me?” Zhou Wen felt puzzled. If An Jing hated him because of Ouyang Lan’s remarriage, she could have beaten him right there and then without going through all that trouble.

    “I want to prove that I’m better than you.” After finishing her sentence, she walked into her dormitory without looking back.

    Zhou Wen was somewhat baffled. When it came to who was better, Zhou Wen only had a little fame in Guide City. However, An Jing was publicly known as a genius in Luoyang. She had advanced to the Legendary stage at the age of thirteen and Zhou Wen still hadn’t advanced. The difference between the two was almost unbridgeable.

    Do all people from noble families have such odd tempers? Li Xiubai can scheme to kill his younger brother for a qualification. An Jing is likewise ridiculous. Zhou Wen shook his head slightly.

    He had no intention of fighting An Jing, much less cultivate the Sun Strafe Art. As for advancing to the Legendary stage in three months, he was still working hard towards that. Of course, he wished to advance to the Legendary stage within three months, but the Lost Immortal Sutra was somewhat weird, making it difficult to make any prior estimates.

    An Jing returned to her small building and couldn’t help but head for the balcony on the second floor. She secretly shot a glance at Zhou Wen and saw that he was still sunbathing and gaming. He didn’t seem to feel any sense of urgency after what she had said or any intention to work hard. She couldn’t help but bite her lip.

    After An Jing finally left, Zhou Wen didn’t manage to game for long before someone came to his door. Furthermore, there was not one but four people.

    Zhou Wen looked up and saw four people, three of which he didn’t know. One of them was Gao Yang who had a grudge against him because of Li Weiyang.

    Zhou Wen originally imagined that Gao Yang and company were here for revenge, but to his surprise, Gao Yang greeted him with a smile when he saw Zhou Wen sitting in the yard. “Zhou Wen, still remember me? I’m your fourth-year senior, Gao Yang.”

    “Why are you looking for me?” Zhou Wen continued gaming, having no intention of inviting them in.

    Gao Yang didn’t get angry as he continued chuckling. “You really don’t become close unless you fight. What happened wasn’t a big deal. If I had done anything wrong, I’d apologize to you today. Let’s ignore who was right or wrong and just bury the hatchet, alright?”

    Gao Yang naturally wouldn’t make up with Zhou Wen for no good reason. The typical student who watched the video of Li Xuan and Zhou Wen battling the blood-patterned Buddha Heart Lotus would feel that Li Xuan was formidable; thus, overshadowing Zhou Wen.

    However, those who were truly keen knew that Zhou Wen’s role in the battle far exceeded Li Xuan’s.

    Li Xuan was indeed strong, but there were still other students at Sunset College that were as strong as him. After all, Li Xuan hadn’t advanced to the Legendary stage and there were many students at the Legendary stage. They could replace Li Xuan’s role in the battle.

    As for Zhou Wen, no other student could replace him.