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Chapter 69 - Strange Temple Hall

Let Me Game in Peace
     Zhou Wen was already very familiar with Underground Buddha City. He rode on the Silver-Winged Flying Ant to the lotus pond at full speed before killing the Mutated Buddha Heart Lotus.

    For others to kill the Mutated Buddha Heart Lotus, they needed to wait for one to travel through the dimensional rift; however, Zhou Wen simply needed to revive his blood-colored avatar and refresh the dungeon, allowing the game to reproduce a new Mutated Buddha Heart Lotus. He could practically kill it an infinite number of times.

    Killing the Mutated Buddha Heart Lotus was extremely easy for Zhou Wen now. After following a standard set of steps, it was killed.

    Ding! An item dropped out of the lotus accompanying the crisp, melodic chime.

    A Companion Beast! Zhou Wen was overjoyed for he never expected it.

    However, he was currently unable to incubate Legendary Companion Beasts. The thing he could do was use the blood-colored avatar’s death to create an incomplete one just like the Silver-Winged Flying Ant.

    There was little meaning to doing so. Zhou Wen already found it difficult enough to rear a single Silver-Winged Flying Ant, so another one would probably bankrupt him.

    When the blood-colored avatar picked up the Buddha Heart Lotus, the system gave the fusion notification.

    ‘Mutated Buddha Heart Lotus and Silver-Winged Flying Ant have a compatibility score of 3%. Mutated Buddha Heart Lotus and Mutated Skeleton Ant have a compatibility score of 5%. Proceed with fusion?’

    Fusion my ass. Zhou Wen felt depressed. The compatibility score was so low that the chance of a successful fusion was no different from striking the lottery. There was no need for him to take the risk.

    If only I could take the Mutated Buddha Heart Lotus out of the game. Zhou Wen spent some time studying if it was possible, but there was no such function to be found.

    However, Zhou Wen also realized that he couldn’t sell it if he brought it into reality. It would be difficult to explain how he had obtained a Mutated Buddha Heart Lotus Companion Egg.

    Using the mysterious phone’s function, Zhou Wen directly checked the Companion Egg’s stats.

    Mutated Buddha Heart Lotus: Legendary

    Legendary Life Providence: Turbid Waters Clear Lotus

    Strength: 15

    Speed: 13

    Constitution: 12

    Primordial Energy: 18

    Talent Skill: Blood-Patterned Buddha Aspect

    Zhou Wen felt somewhat disappointed after seeing that. The Mutated Buddha Heart Lotus wasn’t too terrible in stats compared to the typical Legendary Companion Beast; however, compared to how potent a Mutated Buddha Heart Lotus was, this Companion Beast’s stats were nothing laudable.

    It was especially so for the talent skills. The Mutated Buddha Heart Lotus should have four Primordial Energy Skills, but this one only had one. Clearly, these weren’t the stats an excellent Companion Beast should have.

    Zhou Wen had been somewhat hesitant in the beginning, but he no longer had any doubts now. He chose not to proceed with the fusion and fed the Mutated Buddha Heart Lotus to the Silver-Winged Flying Ant.

    He originally imagined that the Silver-Winged Flying Ant wouldn’t need to be fed after becoming an adult, but he soon realized that he was wrong. The Silver-Winged Flying Ant not only needed food, but it needed more than before.

    After feeding the Mutated Buddha Heart Lotus to the Silver-Winged Flying Ant, there weren’t any obvious changes other than the slightly hungry notification disappearing.

    I can always wait till I have an excellent-grade Mutated Buddha Heart Lotus drop before incubating it. Zhou Wen naturally wished to have a Mutated Buddha Heart Lotus Companion Beast with maximum stats.

    After all, he had plenty of time to grind the Mutated Buddha Heart Lotus in the future, so getting one was only a matter of time and luck.

    After slaying all the Buddha Heart Lotuses in the pond, he didn’t obtain any ordinary Buddha Heart Lotus Companion Eggs and headed straight for Small Buddha Temple.

    After entering Small Buddha Temple, Zhou Wen switched his energy circulation from the Lost Immortal Sutra to the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra. Then, he controlled the blood-colored avatar to head into the temple hall.

    The Buddha statue still wore a ferocious expression as it stared at the blood-colored avatar, but this time, the latter didn’t immediately die.

    I’ve succeeded. The Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra is really related to this temple hall. Zhou Wen was delighted as he continued proceeding forward with the blood-colored avatar. Finally, he saw what was inside the temple hall.

    The temple hall had many Buddhist murals; however, they were different from the murals Zhou Wen had seen in the past. The murals here looked like scenes from hell.

    There were ox-headed demons being thrown into boiling oil as well as bird-headed and human-bodied monsters having their tongues pulled out. There were also imps who were sawn into two. The entire temple appeared creepy and terrifying as though it was a punishment chamber in hell.

    And the Buddha statue was very different from the typical one. Other than its ferocious face, it also had two other faces.

    It had three faces on one head, with the one facing Zhou Wen looking ferocious. As for the faces on the sides, the left one looked similar to the ordinary Buddha statue with a benevolent look and smile.

    However, the right face was even stranger than the front-facing face. It was a crying face with bloody tears at the corner of its eyes. There was a sliver of melancholy amidst the ferociousness.

    What Buddha is that? Zhou Wen was alarmed and puzzled, he had never heard of any three-faced Buddha in the little he knew of Buddhism.

    The temple didn’t have a sign, nor were there any signs indicating the name of the Buddha statue. The entire hall was empty except for the Buddha. There weren’t any dimensional creatures either.

    Amidst Zhou Wen’s puzzlement, he saw the Buddha statue’s six eyes light up with a golden glow. Then, the statue which appeared to be carved from stone slowly suffused a golden halo, making it appear gilded.

    Zhou Wen was alarmed as he tried to get the blood-colored avatar to retreat. There was definitely something sinister due to the anomaly. Although death in-game wasn’t true death, Zhou Wen didn’t wish to waste a drop of blood.

    However, before Zhou Wen could retreat out of the hall, the six eyes shone out like a torchlight, illuminating his body. Then, he saw the Buddha statue speak.

    However, the words said were soundless. Instead, they appeared onscreen in text form.

    ‘My pious child, a Buddhist representative that walks the land, you shall earn the grace of Buddha. You can choose one of the three Buddhist-type creatures as your guardian.’

    As the text appeared, the two arms of the Buddha statue’s gilded body raised up slowly. In his palms, swirls of light condensed and gradually formed three Companion Eggs.

    The three Companion Eggs were resplendent with golden light as though they were emitting a strange Buddhistic glow.

    That nice? A Companion Egg is given directly? Is it the same for the Small Buddha Temple in reality? Zhou Wen was alarmed as he carefully sized up the three Companion Eggs.

    They were glowing with golden light as though protected by the Buddhistic glow. The only difference was the size, making it obvious that they were not the same Companion Beast.

    Zhou Wen tried to use the phone to check the three Companion Eggs’ stats, but failed. All he could do was try his luck.