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Chapter 84 - Headless Angel

Let Me Game in Peace
     Headless Angel wasn’t a Companion Beast with offensive traits. Its body appeared like a holy halo that floated in front of Liz.

    Liz extended her hand and beckoned, causing the Headless Angel’s body to quickly transform into a white crucifix that landed in Liz’s palm.

    The crucifix suffused a holy glow that made Liz appear like a goddess with it in hand.

    Zhou Wen finally understood why Liz hadn’t been killed by Small Buddha Temple’s mysterious force. It was likely due to the Headless Angel’s protection.

    He didn’t hesitate to turn around and flap his wings to fly towards Small Buddha Temple.

    The wings the Silver-Winged Flying Ant manifested gave Zhou Wen Speed that was in no way inferior to a pinnacle Legendary. He instantly rushed to the entrance of Small Buddha Temple at the end of the stone stairs.

    Zhou Wen originally didn’t wish to risk entering Small Buddha Temple in real life, but now wasn’t the time to consider that. All he could do was enter to seek refuge.

    “Continue running and I’ll cut off your legs.” Liz’s voice was cold as she held the Headless Angel’s crucifix. Like a panther, she chased after Zhou Wen with a sword in her hand. She then slashed it at Zhou Wen’s thigh like it was a whip.

    Liz had previously held back due to her qualms with regards to the An family.

    However, the death of the four officers had triggered Liz’s rage. All she wanted to do was take Zhou Wen back alive. She had zero other scruples.

    The strike was exceedingly fast as the sword beam instantly arrived behind Zhou Wen.

    Summoning the Silver-Winged Flying Ant with clenched teeth, he made it watch his back as he rushed into Small Buddha Temple.

    At the same moment Zhou Wen rushed into Small Buddha Temple, he heard a creaking sound behind him. When he looked back, he saw the Silver-Winged Flying Ant’s two foreclaws cleaved apart by Liz. Even its forehead had a bloody gash that was seeping blood.

    Reality wasn’t a game, so the Silver-Winged Flying Ant couldn’t be revived if it died. With a thought, Zhou Wen summoned it back as he continued running into the temple hall at full speed.

    Without the Silver-Winged Flying Ant’s wings to help him, his speed was much slower.

    The environment inside the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra was identical to the game. The first thing he saw when he entered the Small Buddha Temple’s compound was the stone monument with the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra inscribed on it.

    In reality, the stone monument looked even more ancient and spartan as though it had suffered the ravages of time. The mottled exterior made it look even more rugged as if there was an indescribable charm to it.

    Zhou Wen couldn’t be bothered with it. He circulated the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra as fast as he could before rushing into the temple hall.

    Liz followed closely behind as she slashed her sword at Zhou Wen’s thigh again without any hesitation. It was as though she wanted to lop off both of his legs.

    Even without turning his head, Zhou Wen was able to know that the sword beam was already behind him, due to Truth Listener.

    He leaped without any hesitation towards the temple hall.

    In midair, he felt the bottom of his feet become chilly. His sports shoes were made of high-tech cloth and had their soles sliced off. Even some of the flesh on the sole of his feet wasn’t spared. The bleeding of his soles was rather harrowing.

    However, Zhou Wen had finally rushed into the temple hall and landed on the stone panes.

    Buddha, please watch after me. Let the forces in this temple be effective against that woman; otherwise, that mad woman will definitely lop off my legs. As Zhou Wen retreated inside the temple, he prayed silently.

    Under the Headless Angel crucifix’s protection, the forces of Small Buddha Temple seemed to lose all its original mystery, being completely useless against Liz.

    Liz held the crucifix in one hand and sword in the other, dashing straight inside the temple hall.

    However, at the instant one of her legs breached the temple hall’s interior, the three-faced Buddha statue inside suddenly widened its eyes.


    The holy crucifix’s glow instantly exploded like a red-hot metal piece being shattered by a sledgehammer. The glow of the crucifix seemed to splatter like liquid and instantly became dim. It even seemed incomplete.

    As though she had suffered a tremendous blow, her body flew backward and slammed into the stone monument, her mouth spewing out blood.

    Liz struggled on the ground and failed to get to her feet.

    Zhou Wen was delighted and surprised by this, almost to the point of giving the statue a thumbs up and expressing his deepest feelings: ‘You’re awesome.’

    Without thinking further, he summoned the injured Silver-Winged Flying Ant—its front claws had been sliced off and its head injury was serious. Thankfully, it hadn’t died.

    Zhou Wen instructed it to conjure Magical Needle and shot at Liz.

    At this stage, if he could retain everyone, Zhou Wen would still have the time to escape from Luoyang and into the unknown dimensional zones.

    However, if he allowed Liz to escape and gather more people for a second wave of attacks, he probably wouldn’t have a chance of escaping

    Liz could hardly move due to her serious injuries, but she was able to summon a Companion Beast that resembled both a tiger and a lion. It picked her up and dodged the Silver-Winged Flying Ant’s Magical Needle before rushing out of the temple.

    Zhou Wen immediately carried out his pursuit, but the Silver-Winged Flying Ant was too injured and unable to maintain its companion form. Hence, he wasn’t able to catch up with her.

    When he rushed to the stone staircase, the Legendary Companion Beast had already run far away with Liz.

    Despite seeing that he couldn’t catch up to her, he continued pursuing while giving Li Xuan a call, explaining the entire situation to him.

    He didn’t hope that Li Xuan could help him resist the bureau; he only hoped to get some suggestions from him.

    Zhou Wen was still a student, so he had limited horizons. Furthermore, he knew little about the bureau and wasn’t sure what was his best option.

    Liz was enraged as she endured her injuries, rode the Companion Beast out of Underground Buddha City and headed for the school’s entrance.

    Zhou Wen resisting arrest was already a serious crime. She believed that she now had every right to mobilize the forces of the bureau to openly capture Zhou Wen without worrying about the An family.

    “Immediately inform the Minister…” As Liz rushed out of the school gates, whilst trying to order the bureau officers outside the school to contact Qiao Siyuan, she suddenly stopped, stunned.

    She saw the officers who often appeared high and mighty standing silently by the roadside with their heads bowed. Beside them were a row of soldiers aiming their rifles at them.

    And on the road opposite them, there was a black sedan car. Beyond the rolled-down windows in the backseat, she saw a handsome man sitting there. He was looking straight at her.

    “An Tianzuo!” Liz couldn’t help but tremble when she saw the man.

    Back when she was in the vice-chancellor’s office, she had claimed that she didn’t care if he came and would continue carrying out whatever she needed to do. However, when she actually saw An Tianzuo, everything was different.

    This ridiculously young man had authority in the League that made even her uncles steal glances at him. Although she was about the same age as him, their level of accomplishment was on completely different levels.

    “Overseer.” Liz endured her pains and came off the back of her Companion Beast, bowed at An Tianzuo, and forced a smile.