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Chapter 96 - Rock Qilin Companion Egg

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 96 Rock Qilin Companion Egg

    Zhou Wen wasn’t the kind of person who would rob for no good reason. Although he thought of doing so, he didn’t actually do it.

    However, he still used the phone’s camera app to aim it at a Companion Egg placed on a stall but he didn’t press the shutter button.

    Although he didn’t snap the photo, the phone’s screen still showed the Companion Egg’s stats.

    Stone Warrior: Legendary

    Life Providence: Stone Contract

    Strength: 16

    Speed: 13

    Constitution: 16

    Primordial Energy: 12

    Talent Skill: Stone Blast Punch

    It was a Legendary Companion Egg with very ordinary stats and nothing outstanding. However, the mysterious phone’s feature delighted Zhou Wen.

    Dimensional crystals did not have numbers in real life, but technological methods could be used to roughly measure their power. This allowed them to roughly tell the level of dimensional crystals.

    However, Companion Eggs could not be measured at all because the same type of Companion Eggs gave almost the same figures even when measured using a device. To get a Companion Beast with excellent stats depended on luck.

    With the mysterious phone’s feature, he could directly see the Companion Egg’s stats. That way, he didn’t need to count on his luck and directly choose a Companion Egg with excellent stats for incubation.

    The Companion Eggs sold at Dragon Gate Grotto were basically at the Legendary stage and were few in variety. Most stalls only sold two types.

    One of them was a Stone Warrior and the other was Stone Qilin. Other than those, it was rare to see other types.

    “Boss, are there any other Companion Eggs besides the Stone Warriors and Stone Qilin?” Zhou Wen asked curiously.

    The boss shook his head impatiently and said, “No, Dragon Gate Grotto produces plenty of these. The other Companion Eggs have an extremely low chance of dropping. They are almost unobtainable. Even if someone obtains one, they won’t sell it cheaply.”

    Before Zhou Wen could ask further, he heard someone beside him say, “The Stone Warriors and Stone Qilins are the most common dimensional creatures in Dragon Gate Grotto. The probability of them dropping Companion Eggs is also very high. In Luoyang, those at the Legendary stage will have two Companion Beasts but don’t think little of them just because they are common. In fact, excellent-grade Stone Warriors and Stone Qilins are rather powerful and useful Legendary Companion Beasts.”

    Zhou Wen turned his head and realized that the person who spoke was Wang Lu.

    Wang Lu continued, “An excellent-grade Stone Warrior is top amongst its peers in terms of Strength and Constitution. They are just a tad slower. However, the might of its Stone Blast Punch is very powerful. It’s a Companion Beast with extremely strong offensive ability. A Stone Qilin is even stronger. A typical Stone Qilin has a Primordial Energy Skill that can harden one’s skin by turning it to stone, but if one can obtain a Stone Qilin that has Qilin Dominance Body, they will be a powerful existence among the top-ranking Legendary Companion Beasts.

    After Wang Lu said that, the stall owner gave her a thumbs up and said, “This young lady is an expert. She even knows about Qilin Dominance Body. That’s right, Stone Qilin with Qilin Dominance Body are indeed excellent among Legendaries, but despite the numerous Stone Qilin Companion Eggs, the number with Qilin Dominance Body are one in a thousand. They are just too rare.”

    With that said, the boss chuckled and pointed at a stone egg on his stall’s counter. “I only have one Stone Qilin Companion Egg. Lady, do you want to try your luck?”

    Wang Lu smiled and shook his head. “Although Stone Qilins are strong, they don’t look very cute. It’s not the type I’ll like, so I think I should forget it.”

    Out of interest, Zhou Wen used his phone’s camera to take a look at the Stone Qilin Companion Egg. Then, he was surprised to discover that the stats of the Stone Qilin egg had the talent skill of Qilin Dominance Body.

    Is it that coincidental? Zhou Wen found it unbelievable. He carefully took a closer look and indeed, there was the Qilin Dominance Body Primordial Energy Skill. Furthermore, the other stats were pretty good. It was likely one of the most excellent Stone Qilins.

    “How much is a Stone Qilin Companion Egg?” Zhou Wen asked.

    “If you are paying in cash, 150,000 and you have yourself a deal.” When the boss saw that Zhou Wen was a student of Sunset College, he expected him not to have any high-valued dimensional crystals, so he only reported the price in terms of the League’s currency.

    Zhou Wen shook his head with a wry smile. It was useless even if he knew that the Stone Qilin egg was an excellent-grade egg. He didn’t have the money to buy it even if he added up all the money in his accounts since it didn’t even reach 10,000.

    Wang Lu suddenly said, “Zhou Wen, if you want this stone Qilin Companion Egg, why don’t you make a deal with me? Do me a favor and I’ll help you buy it.”

    “What deal?” Zhou Wen asked, puzzled.

    “I saw the video of you killing the word-engraved Demonized General. You were really impressive, so I hope that you can help me complete my homework mission,” said Wang Lu.

    “Do you still need to spend money to hire someone to help with your homework mission?” Zhou Wen looked at Wang Lu in puzzlement.

    Wang Lu was a special admissions student at Sunset College, so she was definitely not weak. She could even be said to be an extremely strong person amongst her peers. It was hard to believe that a special admissions student like her, needed help in a homework mission.

    Wang Lu smiled and said, “If it’s just a simple homework mission, I naturally don’t need your help. However, I want to get first place in class and even break the records. This requires


    “What is your homework mission?” Zhou Wen asked after some thought.

    “It’s to kill a Fairy in Lotus Flower Cave with a party of fewer than four people. There is no time limit, but the previous record is 56 seconds,” Wang Lu said.

    “How much time do you have left?” Zhou Wen asked again.

    “There are still six more days.” Wang Lu counted with her fingers.

    Zhou Wen nodded and said, “Alright, deal.”

    Wang Lu’s goal was exactly the same as his. Zhou Wen had to go to the Lotus Flower Cave anyway. It was best if he could download Dragon Gate Grotto as a game dungeon; otherwise, he had to enter the Lotus Flower Cave and kill a Fairy himself. He wanted to see if he could get the Dragon Gate Fairy Skill’s Primordial Energy Skill Crystal. Making a trade with Wang Lu in passing wouldn’t affect his plans.

    Wang Lu was very straightforward. Upon hearing Zhou Wen agree to the trade, she directly bought the Stone Qilin egg for 150,000. She didn’t even blink her eyes or ask for a discount. It delighted the boss so much that he couldn’t even contain his joy.

    Zhou Wen didn’t stand on ceremony either. After receiving the Stone Qilin egg, he placed it in his backpack.

    “Do you want to head to the Lotus Flower Cave now?” Zhou Wen asked. He felt extremely responsible when it came to mercenary jobs.

    “I’d like to make a trip to the Old Dragon Cave first. If you have nothing to do, why don’t we go take a look together?” Wang Lu invited.

    “I’ll pass. This is my phone number. Call me before going to the Lotus Flower Cave.” Zhou Wen gave Wang Lu his phone number.

    Wang Lu was somewhat taken aback. It was her first time seeing such an insensitive man as Zhou Wen.

    This person is really interesting. Wang Lu didn’t mind and turned to head to the Old Dragon Cave.