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Chapter 99 - Ancient Imperial Sutra

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 99 Ancient Imperial Sutra

    Although the Mutated Lotus Flower Ant was very strong, its own Primordial Energy was limited. It wasn’t able to keep using Primordial Energy Skills. However, even if it didn’t use any Primordial Energy Skills, the Mutated Lotus Flower Ant and the Silver-Winged Flying Ant could easily kill a Fairy Monkey.

    Fairy Monkeys often produced dimensional crystals, but they were mostly Speed Crystals. Occasionally, it would drop some Primordial Energy Crystals, allowing Zhou Wen to replenish the Mutated Lotus Flower Ant’s Primordial Energy.

    Now, Zhou Wen believed that the Primordial Energy Crystals were rather useful. He only had two Companion Beasts at the moment, but he already needed plenty of Primordial Energy Crystals to replenish his Primordial Energy. In the future, with more Companion Beasts, the Primordial Energy Crystals would be even more useful.

    Unfortunately, there’s nothing like a storage bag in the game. Otherwise, I could store up the Primordial Energy Crystals and use them when needed. Just as Zhou Wen was thinking about it, he heard a chime.

    After a Fairy Monkey was killed, a dimensional crystal dropped. Zhou Wen took a closer look and saw that it was a crystal with the words Fairy Monkey on it. He was delighted.

    Fairy Monkeys typically only had one Primordial Energy Skill, which was Dragon Gate Fairy Skill. He had never heard of there being a second Primordial Energy Skill. Now that a Primordial Energy Skill Crystal dropped, it was definitely Dragon Gate Fairy Skill.

    Zhou Wen controlled the blood-colored avatar to pick it up.

    Wisps of white light floated out of the crystal and drilled into the blood-colored avatar’s body. Zhou Wen also felt a strange power surge from his phone into his body. It opened up a strange aura circulation path that allowed him to feel light as though he could fly at any moment.

    As Zhou Wen had expected, this was the Dragon Gate Fairy Skill’s Primordial Energy Skill Crystal. The information regarding it also surged into Zhou Wen’s brain at the same time, giving him deep knowledge about the Dragon Gate Fairy Skill.

    ‘Attained Dragon Gate Fairy Skill (Rank 6)’

    With Dragon Gate Fairy Skill, I can attempt to storm Fire God Platform. Zhou Wen was delighted. As he was about to leave Dragon Gate Grotto, he suddenly saw a dimensional creature burrow out of the lotus flower situated at the Lotus Flower Cave’s ceiling.

    Zhou Wen originally imagined that a Fairy Monkey had appeared and planned on killing it before leaving, but upon careful inspection, he realized that it wasn’t a Fairy Monkey, but a female fairy with fluttering clothes.

    The fairy had a graceful figure, and her silk ribbons were dancing in the air. Although she did not have any wings, she was able to spiral and fly in midair, completely defying the laws of physics.

    Is this a real Fairy? Zhou Wen looked enviously at the beautiful Fairy. There was some discomfort using wings to fly, so it was better to fly freely like a Fairy.

    The Fairy spun a few times before flying towards the blood-colored avatar.

    Zhou Wen hurriedly controlled the Mutated Lotus Flower Ant and the Silver-Winged Flying Ant to charge forward in battle. However, the beautiful Fairy waved her hand gently, sending a ribbon to sweep over like a white python. Even the Silver-Winged Flying Ant’s Silver Wing Flash failed to dodge the ribbon that resembled a living creature. The blood-colored avatar and the two Companion Beasts were soon coiled together.

    The Fairy in the air pulled and tightened the grip on the ribbon, rupturing their bodies and causing the game screen to instantly darken.

    What a terrifying Fairy! Zhou Wen marveled inwardly.

    He didn’t continue gaming as he put away his phone. He planned on returning to his dorm before dripping blood and making a trip to the Fire God Platform. He wanted to see if he could rush up Fire God Platform with a Rank 6 Dragon Gate Fairy Skill and see what was engraved on the stone monument.

    After returning to his dorm, Zhou Wen eagerly launched the Ancient Imperial City dungeon. He dripped his blood to be reborn and rode the Silver-Winged Flying Ant towards the Fire God Platform.

    This time, Zhou Wen was fully prepared. He rushed up the stairs on the Silver-Winged Flying Ant’s back, dodging all the firebirds without killing them. The higher he charged, the more firebirds appeared.

    Previously, Zhou Wen could only rely on the Silver-Winged Flying Ant’s flight, but now, the Dragon Gate Fairy Skill had also given him a pretty good ability that allowed him to hover in midair.

    Just as a firebird was about to hit the blood-colored avatar, the blood-colored avatar leaped up in the air and spiraled in midair like a giant bird. It circled around the firebird and avoided its attack before landing on the Silver-Winged Flying Ant’s back.

    Although the Dragon Gate Fairy Skill didn’t allow for true flight, it could allow one to hang in midair for a short period of time, making one look cool and elegant.


    With the blood-colored avatar rushing past the furthest he had reached last time, the Fire God Platform’s flames surged into the sky as flocks of firebird-like clouds descended upon him, their numbers inestimable.

    I’m dead! Zhou Wen knew that no matter how agile he was, it was impossible for him to charge through the dense flock of firebirds. All he could do was try his best.

    The lotus flower on top of the Mutated Lotus Flower Ant’s head exploded like a bomb, turning into a rain of blood that killed many nearby firebirds. Taking the moment when the pressure of the firebirds lessened, the Silver-Winged Flying Ant charged into the sky and broke through the firebirds’ encirclement.

    However, there were too many firebirds. They immediately gathered together and blocked their path.

    The Silver-Winged Flying Ant spread its wings and charged towards the firebirds, colliding with the firebirds at the head of the flock. As for the blood-colored avatar, it leaped up under Zhou Wen’s control and circled above the sky like an eagle.

    One firebird after another was dodged by the blood-colored avatar as it reached an unprecedented height. Through the holes in between the firebird flock, he saw half of the stone monument.

    Zhou Wen’s sharp eyes immediately saw that the largest three ancient characters on the stone monument were “Ancient Imperial Sutra.” And when he saw the three words clearly, a ball of fire seemed to rise within him.

    However, the moment he saw those three words, the blood-colored avatar was inundated by the flock of firebirds. The game screen quickly turned black.

    It’s impossible for me to rush up with a technique that imbues me with alacrity. However, I can now see a part of the stone monument. If my movement skills are better, I can hold on for a longer period of time. I’ll then be able to memorize parts of the monument’s content. This way, I don’t have to reach the peak. Zhou Wen held his phone as he thought.

    He felt that this idea was feasible, but his movement skills were still lacking. He wanted to last longer and see more of the content, so he needed a higher ranked movement skill.

    After some thought, Zhou Wen decided to continue grinding the Lotus Flower Cave. Peeking at the Ancient Imperial Sutra could wait until he first grinded a Rank 9 Dragon Gate Fairy Skill.

    While Zhou Wen was trying his best to grind Fairy Monkeys, the first homework mission that Wang Fei assigned finally came to an end. Although some students were unable to complete their homework mission, they were not expelled. They only had some homework points deducted.

    Wang Fei convened a meeting with all her students and announced her second homework mission. It was for them to visit Mount Laojun to look at the Wordless Monument.

    When the mission was announced, Wang Fei gave Zhou Wen a meaningful glance—this mission had originally been prepared for him.