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Chapter 106 - Entering Mount Laojun Again

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 106 Entering Mount Laojun Again

    Zhou Wen felt a little troubled, but he couldn’t think of a way to chase the antelope away. All he could do was let it occupy his couch.

    I’ll take my time to think of a solution. Zhou Wen returned to his room and closed the door before lying in bed. Only then did he take out his mysterious phone and open the Mount Laojun dungeon.

    He wanted to see if he could enter Great Pure Temple in-game again and choose another talisman.

    The last time he entered Small Buddha Temple in-game, he got Truth Listener from it. Later, he went to Small Buddha Temple in real life, but he didn’t discover anything. He did not even awaken the three-faced Buddha.

    Zhou Wen believed that it was likely that the three-faced Buddha had sensed Truth Listener on him, so the chance to choose wasn’t given.

    Therefore, Zhou Wen first placed the wooden talisman he had chosen to the side and locked it up in a box. Only then did he turn on his phone and enter the game dungeon of Mount Laojun.

    The environment of the game’s Mount Laojun dungeon was identical to the real Mount Laojun. But the dungeon started directly from the spot with the cow statue which had the elderly man riding on it.

    The moment the blood-colored avatar entered the game, it stepped through the Central Heaven Gateway.

    Zhou Wen didn’t switch to the Wordless Monument’s Primordial Energy Art in the beginning. Instead, he used the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra, but once he entered, grass grew crazily on him with nothing capable of stopping it.

    He hurriedly switched to the Wordless Monument’s Primordial Energy Art, allowing the blood-colored avatar to gradually return to normal.

    It indeed shares the same logic with Small Buddha Temple. One has to master the corresponding Primordial Energy Art to enter as they please or death awaits them. Zhou Wen had roughly understood the rules of the mysterious lands.

    Unbeknownst to Zhou Wen, people with Buddhist and Daoist physiques could enter Small Buddha Temple and Mount Laojun unscathed without practicing the respective Primordial Energy Arts.

    The reason Zhou Wen needed to master the Primordial Energy Art to come and go freely was that he didn’t have a special physique. It was solely because the Lost Immortal Sutra’s power confused those terrifying existences, allowing Zhou Wen to retrieve the benefits that only people with special physiques could obtain.

    Furthermore, the real difference between Zhou Wen and those with special physiques was that those with special physiques, like a Buddhist body, could only enter a place like Small Buddha Temple. They were no different from ordinary people when entering Mount Laojun, so there were no benefits to be reaped.

    The Lost Immortal Sutra’s powers allowed Zhou Wen to mimic all kinds of physiques and obtain the benefits he couldn’t otherwise obtain.

    The Mount Laojun pavilions in-game were above the clouds, making them look like a heavenly palace.

    Zhou Wen didn’t just casually walk around. His memory was pretty good, so he still remembered the path that the antelope had taken while leading him. He followed the route according to his memories.

    However, he had only walked a short distance when he saw an immortal crane with a red top. The immortal crane was standing on a rock railing by the side of the bridge, its snow-white feathers seemingly engraved from jade. It suffused a glittering divine glow, an obvious indication that it wasn’t an ordinary creature of Earth.

    The game seems a little different from reality. I didn’t see any other dimensional creatures when I followed the antelope! Zhou Wen looked warily at the immortal crane, unsure if it would attack him.

    While Zhou Wen was pondering over it, reality gave him the cruelest answer. The immortal crane opened its mouth and sucked at the blood-colored avatar.

    Zhou Wen hurriedly controlled the blood-colored avatar to summon its Companion Beasts to engage in battle, but he had no chance. The blood-colored avatar and its Companion Beasts were sucked into the immortal crane’s mouth before the game screen went black.

    The immortal crane is probably a top Epic creature, right? Zhou Wen helplessly put down his phone. The immortal crane was simply too powerful and Zhou Wen’s present Strength was insufficient for him to challenge it, or rather, he was unqualified to fight it. Making another trip was useless.

    I’ll do some research and see what uses that wooden talisman has. Zhou Wen had already given up on entering Mount Laojun. There was no way he could gain anything from that area before he advanced to the Epic stage.

    Taking the wooden talisman out of the box, it felt warm to the touch. It was as if a refreshing energy was emitting from it, jolting his mind.

    How do I use it? Zhou Wen attempted to circulate the Wordless Monument’s Primordial Energy Art before injecting his Primordial Energy into the talisman.

    When using the item forms of his Companion Beasts, this was typically how it was done. All Zhou Wen could do was give it a try.

    However, the moment his Primordial Energy entered the wooden talisman, the runes on it lit up. Then, Zhou Wen felt like the wooden talisman had turned into a huge pump that was draining his Primordial Energy as it flowed to the wooden talisman.Read the next chapter on our


    Zhou Wen felt pain all over his body as his mind nearly exploded. In an instant, his Primordial Energy was completely drained.

    Zhou Wen was too familiar with this feeling. It was the feeling of incubating a Companion Egg.

    Could it be that… The wooden talisman is actually a Companion Egg! Just as this thought surfaced in Zhou Wen’s mind, the wooden talisman in his hand transformed into a sliver of refreshing energy that imprinted on his palm.

    The excruciating pain vanished at that moment as Zhou Wen slumped to the ground, panting heavily.

    Although it was only for a brief moment, Zhou Wen felt the fat in his cheeks disappear and his eyeballs were almost tearing out of his sockets.

    Thankfully, he recovered a lot faster after cultivating the Wordless Monument’s Primordial Energy Art. Even if he didn’t use Primordial Energy Crystals, his Primordial Energy would recover quite significantly after some rest. It made Zhou Wen feel a lot better.

    When he raised his palm, he saw a leaf tattoo. The leaf was green and looked like jadeite. There were some crystal-clear white veins in it that looked like they were formed from frost.

    Zhou Wen already had information about the Companion Beast appear in his mind. This information was typically only obtained after contracting a Companion Beast. Based on the very vague information, he had no way of understanding the Companion Beast in detail.

    Thus, he still took out his mysterious phone and dripped a drop of blood onto the screen before looking through the blood-colored avatar’s stats.

    Indeed, there was an additional Companion Beast on the blood-colored avatar’s stats.

    Banana Fairy: Mortal (Evolvable)

    Strength: 11

    Speed: 11

    Constitution: 11

    Primordial Energy: 11

    Talent Skill: Grand Yin Wind

    Companion Form: Fan

    Its stats are the same as Truth Listener, but why is there only one talent skill? Truth Listener at least has four. For a Companion Beast of the same grade, there should be at least two or three, right? Zhou Wen was somewhat disappointed.

    Although this Companion Beast could evolve to the Mythical stage in the future, who knew how long it would take to nurture it. Its present stats were still more important. A single skill was clearly inferior to having four skills in terms of usefulness.

    With this in mind, Zhou Wen summoned the Banana Fairy to see what kind of Companion Beast it was.